2014 October to December

AJW emails from visitors



We have received several wonderful emails expressing appreciation for the site.  Those that are not too personal are published in this section for the encouragement of our visitors.

To those who have sent us emails in support of this work, we thank you, and we want you to know how important your emails are to our entire body of Christ.

December 31, 2014

Hello Family, we've gotta do better in 2015, yes we're thinking BIG, something like 50 million new sons of the Kingdom. And we are ready cause we can smell it from here, something’s always cooking in the Kitchen of God. Happy New Year!

December 31, 2014

[From a former District Overseer] Dear wonderful Brother and Sister, my wife and I would like to say something to you we have never had the opportunity to say and that is, are you ready? "Happy New Year!" That's right. That's our first, and we hope many more to come! God bless you both!

December 31, 2014

[From the Administrative Director of a recovery mission] Hello my friend, its been awhile. To refresh your memory, I used to say: “You came and have changed our world.”  That's right. It’s [a pastor] from [a Downtown Los Angeles Mission.] My brother, I hope this email finds you in good health! We here wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and may God keep blessing the Ministry you do so well. You remember that little cheap sign we made in crayons? Well now it's a permanent plaque that reads "All you need is the plain and open teachings of Jesus." We will never forget you my brother, and our success rate is still at 89% no return rate, so it truly the message my brother. Hey God bless you and keep bringing the Goods

FROM THE AUTHORS: We are told that before adding ‘the plain open teachings’ to the curricula at this mission, there was a success rate of less than 50%.

 December 29, 2014

[From a former Circuit Overseer] [Regarding Experiment No. 6 on The Urantia Book on The ChristExperiment .org] Hello Dear Brother and Sister, I've been reading the interesting section on Jesus masterful life and it's thrilling to say the very least! It's detail is so vivid that if not true you'd have to be the best Hollywood writer in the history of histories, I kept referencing portions with the accounts in the Bible and it really makes the bible come alive. Now I know some people who don't read it with an open mind will automatically complain, be skeptical and just plain old fearful that there could be more. Oh say it ain't so dear Watson! But it's way more moving and enlightening than the "Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" book, that's for sure.

My regret is that I wish I had the brain of my youth so that I could keep up with the other information contained in Parts 1-3 but what I did appreciate and so did my wife is the first paper on the Universe Father, dear friends it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The only thing I or we could say was Amen over and over again. So if you receive some slack for introducing extra-non biblical material, don't let it stop you from sharing with us what might help us as extended family members to get a firm grip on the real life! I've talked with brothers in Mexico, the [United Kingdom] and in Canada, and we're having lively discussions about the book. Not anything negative, just lively in the sense of us talking over one another on various things Jesus did, wanting to discuss this point and that point. So thank you friends for taking the gigantic leap of faith because to us you leaped and landed on your feet! Take care.

December 28, 2014

[From a former Elder] Hello brothers, I'm a, I guess, former elder of the [Watchtower Bible & Tract Society] and a one time pioneer for 18 years, all of which were full of good times and wonderful memories. So I'm not about to blast the people nor am I going to be unappreciative for many friends and dozens of schools produced by the Organization to help develop our ability to shepherd the flock of God effectively. So all of these types of privileges I even now appreciate. However, none of these privileges pertains to my everlasting life so here is where the plot thickens, let me explain briefly.

Almost 3 years ago I was doing some secular work and I got into a conversation with a homeowner. One thing lead to another and eventually the partaking of the emblems came up. Now in the past I would give your basic [Jehovah’s Witness] answers speaking about the 144,000 and so forth. But for some strange reason, this time my mind went totally blank. I couldn’t for the life of me think of a scripture or what we believed, so I made up something and said I'll have to speak to you at another time. So being totally embarrassed I went home and studied and researched everything known to man on the subject of partaking, the emblems, anointing...etc. And while doing my research something started happening, you know the phrase "I was blind but now I see."  Well that's what was happening to me. Every scripture read where it was personal, it was not “they” or “you” or “them. It was "I" every time, and it was then at that time I goggled ‘partakers of Christ’ or something to that effect that eventually lead me to your website.

I started reading all the articles in the Brotherhood section, and back in those days they were coming out almost weekly. And with each article, I began to grow and as I grew I changed  how I thought, how I saw the future, how I saw others, and so forth. Then I partook at the memorial and oh was I challenged. But it didn't matter, my feet were set and then feeling the way I did, and the way I do, I finally stepped down. So brothers I finally want to thank you for your encouragement over the years, and I pray that you continue doing what you’re doing because it's a real blessing dear friends.

December 27, 2014

Hello brothers, your site ROCKS! I've got some buddies who told me about your desire to wake up [Jehovah’s Witnesses] and that's so cool. And I love that you believe everybody's got a shot at Heaven if they do God’s will. More power to you friends, keep on keepin on!

December 25, 2014

Dear AnointedJW, my family and I went today to serve at a food bank where we served dinner for 300 families and then boxed 500 boxes of groceries for needy families, and dear friends, my wife and two teenage sons are going back this weekend because the feeling is something beyond words. If you've ever volunteered at a Convention or Assembly, I'd like you to multiply that joy times 100 then you'll be getting somewhat close to the feeling we all had. It was the most "Good Samaritan" feeling we've ever felt. It was an honor serving others and it made my family proud to do it out of respect for God the Father and his Son Jesus. Thank you friends for inspiring such a beautiful way of "doing good toward all," so may God bless you and continue directing your work.

December 21, 2014

[From a former Elder] Good Afternoon friends, we had another really successful day in the field of serving! We fed about 60 less fortunate brothers and sisters and while they ate we ministered to their spirits with scriptures and we read the article What Prevents Me? We could see in their eyes a true acceptance for what they were receiving so that was satisfying to say the least. And let me also chime in about Experiment #6. Wow, wow, wow! What a pearl of high value you've delivered with the possibilities of a New Revelation and boy could we use one so we can get off the proverbial treadmill, so Bravo dear friends. And by the way the Posters are outstanding!! We love you and appreciate working in the field as partners in Christ. God bless you All.

December 21, 2014

Dear Brothers, I would like to say that the introduction that you gave to the Urantia Book is very good and I have been a reader of it since 1997. It was in the Bethel Library in the 124 building on the top floor back in the 70's when I was there. I am sure the Writing Department used it in some of their writing. I remember reading in one of the books about John the Baptist and it seemed like the account was right out of the Urantia Book. I know some from Bethel that knew Ray Franz that are knowledgeable about it. Glad you are getting such a great response about it. Take Care.

December 14, 2015 - NOTE FROM AUTHORS: We have received a report that there is a very, very large number of brothers and sisters in China, and growing rapidly, who have accepted the plain and open teachings of Jesus are being about the Father’s business.  Welcome to all these new sons of the kingdom!

December 13, 2014

[From a former Elder] Another brother and I went to assist at a clothing drive for a homeless shelter that was recently shut down unannounced due to the bridge that crossed over to the shelter being torn down. The shelter housed approximately 700 people. No plans were made to move the inhabitants to a new location. They were simply put out! At this time in New England temperatures can easily hit 18 degrees and much lower with wind chill factor. When I told my wife about the clothing drive, she went to [a local store] and purchased the items in particular they were requesting and bought primarily men and women’s underclothing and socks. The brother who came with me took it upon himself to purchase similar items for donation. Not only was clothing provided but a group of very talented musicians from the New England Conservatory of Music put on a free concert held inside this historic church building to provide some entertainment for the unhoused. Afterward everyone was invited to the potluck. Both the brother and I have experienced joy of heart from this kind of giving. We cannot perform the kind of miracles Jesus did, but we certainly can help feed and clothe our brothers knowing that Jesus ministered in this way as well.

December 13, 2014

[From a former Elder] Brothers I'd like to thank you and Jehovah for this site. With the encouraging emails, I finally did the right thing and I’m happy to have stepped down as Watchtower Conductor and as an Elder and Pioneer. The teachings on major issues, the ones that really matter, are wrong such as their authority and the 144,000 being all that gets to be in heaven with Christ. When you think about the non-partial aspect of the Father’s love for his children, you can’t reason why would God want to only see out of billions of kids only want to see personally 144,000. And why would the Lord Jesus only want to be around a small number of brothers of his when all underwent the baptism into his death and suffered for righteousness sake? It’s not in harmony with their personality as we have come to learn. The other elders don't understand my decision, but I’m inviting them over to my home for dinner that will probably be the "last supper" literally with these group of men and the association with the [Jehovah’s Witnesses]. But in many ways I feel like I've been missing out on all the real fun my dear brothers are having in the outreach ministries. So even though my wife is not as zealous and excited about the future, she does wholeheartedly agree that taking a stand for what you believe and understand is more important than just blinding following man into a pit. So thank you friends for writing the information and for all the support and encouragement for the friends from all over. May the spirit thrive in the lives of all sons of God! You haven’t heard the last from me!!

December 11, 2014

AnointedJW, I've been with you for 22 months and my mom introduced me to the site after meeting a patient at [a Los Angeles hospital] who did so much for my mother with his kind words. And as a matter of fact, we believe it was his encouraging few words that gave us all the extra time she was able to spend on this earth. So I wanted to thank you and let you know that my hope and my two children's hope is so strong in the heavenly hope because let me tell you my mom became a changed person, not because she was terminal, but because she truly found Christ in a real way. And she would say to me and my brother that this patient is sick but you would never know it, he would laugh and speak so nicely about heaven that it changed her life forever. And now that mother and grandmother is the one my children will grow up remembering. I'm going to serve down at my church this weekend dedicating it to my mother, Christ's mercy and the "angel" patient whose few words have changed an entire family. So from [our family] in Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix, we thank you and appreciate the information and the experiences you provide. God bless you in big ways.

December 11, 2014

I am so happy to read everything on your website. It is really so heartwarming to know I am no longer alone. Thank you for all your advice in helping me to get my children out of the Watchtower. I am really very excited about the possibility of connecting with all our brothers and sisters in my area who are doing Christlike activities and are now truly in the "truth that sets us free". I always look forward to your emails on any updates in your website. Thank you again for your brotherly love! May God continue to bless your efforts!

December 11, 2014

[From brothers in a recovery mission] Hello Mama Fingers and [our brother], we wanted to let you both know that the "Witness of the Spirit" article has done wonders for the Kingdom increase, not only among the mission guys, but also with their family members and it answered a lot of questions for some church goers near by. It's funny how certain topic hit the right nerve and the floodgates open wide and people start testifying and giving praise not in some phony staged way but in a sincerely spontaneous spirit bearing witness way. 14 new sons woke up over the weekend and many others are stirring around like they are about to wake up, so thank you for allowing God to use you so you can help us help these once lost sons. Love you both forever!!

December 11, 2014

[From Our Fenway Brother] Dear Friends, I just read an email that was posted where someone said they had mixed feelings about my disfellowshipping and were sympathetic about the pain I must be going through. Let me say thank you for your kind consideration and the prayers of all who offered them in my behalf.

For the record let me state categorically that I have never been happier in all my life. I am actually having a ball with my new found freedom. My mood and optimism has never been so ebullient. It feels like a thousand pound weight has been lifted off my back. And this notwithstanding that my family and friends are abiding by the Watchtower’s disfellowshipping policy. Nevertheless several brothers and sister have told me they will never abandon me. They recognize the Biblical and spiritual blindness of the whole procedure and continue to be supportive, though secretly.

I have been attending other fellowships of Christians and have been embraced and showered with kindness and sympathy for having been subjected to the unkind, unloving shunning policy which is the weapon of the Watchtower Society. I am finding out most people have no idea of the lowly place Jesus Christ and his anointed brothers are regarded as [in the Watchtower organization]. The response has been shocking to many non-witnesses.

I have a newfound ministry and a new lease on life. And oh yes brothers, our celestial family is very real!!! I mean off the charts real! (Ponder that for a moment!)

Best wishes to all of you dear brothers and sisters.

December 10, 2014

Brothers & Sisters, I am so elated to hear that your health is improving and you continue to be in my prayers. With great anticipation I am looking forward to: “Those who have written us lamenting that they are alone in their communities will be especially encouraged by this new direction which we will unveil at the top of the year.” I have mixed emotion over “To those who have followed our Roxbury brother’s trials as explained in Apostasy in the Fenway Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roxbury, Massachusetts,” on one hand I share the pain our Brother is going through, however on the other hand I am so glad he is awake and is no longer under the influence of those hypocrites that pass judgment on him. Enjoyed your recent article “The Witness Of The Spirit,” keep up the fine work. With Brotherly Love.

December 9, 2014

[From a former Elder] Dear Family, I have little to say but one word comes to mind FANTASTIC with the articles, emails, posters and recordings. Everything tastes wonderful that you've faith sons have prepared. We are organizing our outreach possibilities that we will be implementing this weekend and since its roughly 65 of us, we’re going to set up in 3 different areas to reach more people with food, clothing and conversation. So we are indeed inspired to perform Christ like services. So thank you for your constant encouragement. We pray that your health has improved and that your spirits are soaring. God bless.

December 9, 2014

[From a group of brothers in Texas] Hello family, love it, love it. Oh did I tell I just love it! "The Witness of the Spirit" moved all of us all because we could all relate. This is a keeper for sure. Love you both and everyone keep up the outreach programs!!

December 8, 2014

[From a former Circuit Overseer] Greetings Dear Brother and Sister, [Regarding The Witness of the Spirit.] Outstanding Article! It's amazing how on point with no wasted words, this one touched me personally because of my own experience in partaking, but also the stories I used to hear when I was in the circuit traveling work. It brings me now to tears wishing I had been more loving, compassionate and accepting of these dear ones pouring their hearts out. And I'm sitting there talking them out of these beautiful expressions of union with Christ. I remembered the Apostle Paul's prior attitude before becoming a follower of Christ and how he was a persecutor of the children of God but we all know how that story ended.

So while I can't forget what I've done, I can surely for as long as I am blessed to live do all I can to encourage all to come into that covenant for a kingdom and find lodging in his body. I encourage all to examine the scriptures by themselves with no other material. Please friends, just try it for one week and you will discover something mind blowing about the scriptures, that they look different, they mean something different and they affect you in a totally different way. When it's just you and God’s spirit, you allow God’s spirit by means of his Son’s spirit to train and teach you.

As a small group of about 24 sons of various ages, we discussed the article and so many were brought to tears because we all had flashbacks of our own Awakening. So dear friends, this one has teeth and we appreciate this gift from the spirit. And may those in darkness and who have a fear or an unhealthy respect for men wake up to the true and only real hope for mankind and examine for yourself Jesus teachings.

December 8, 2014

[From wife of former Circuit Overseer]  Dear Brother and Sister, I so enjoy your site and the encouraging articles you write. I'm usually sitting by my husband who writes you but I wanted to let you know that girl, woman and female sons are growing faster than the guys! I'm kidding (partly) but seriously, I know of so many in the Midwest area of the United States who have either started partaking or trying to come to a decision whether to partake and your articles explain Jesus thinking and the Apostle’s line of thought better than I can even explain it, so it's really been of great help in the ministry of reconciliation. So thank you very much and we all look forward to upcoming exciting information from the spirit. May the spirit continue blessing your efforts to feed the many. God bless.

December 8, 2014

[From former Elder] [Regarding The Witness of the Spirit.] Excellent article. I intend reading this article with [my wife] when I get home from work this evening. LOL! I love the passage; there was now 144,002! This article inspires courage. I appreciate how in ending the article you encourage the reader not to delay in accepting the Father’s spirit borne witness. I am anxiously looking forward to reading this with [my wife] this evening. The experience was an enjoyable read. I am sure many will relate to all angles of the experience as it touches on the various personal feelings as well as the outside viewpoints that are generated around one accepting sonship. May your day be blessed and your spirit full today.

December 8, 2014

[From former Elder] [Regarding The Witness of the Spirit.] Absolutely wonderful. We got all the Russell books as well and read them all. And nearly all of Rutherford’s. Sometimes when [my wife] would mention little bits from them to some sisters, they would say that we should not be reading them and shake their heads at her.  You just can't win if you look outside the box. Well that just made us more inquisitive and ...... here we are.....

December 6, 2014

Hello my friends, I hope you remember me. If you don't, I work in the hospital where [your brother] was a patient and he introduced me to the plain and open teachings. I had the honor today with my family to serve down at the Rescue Mission downtown serving lunches to all and then we were blessed to hear a beautiful message of hope from one of the Pastors. It was so wonderful giving back in this way, we plan on doing more next weekend. Maybe we'll try the mini lunches to feed some homeless or do a clothing drive or something. My family and I keep up with every post and really enjoyedthe latest about the "anointing" and how it affects each person. My mother totally agrees with the "no cookie cutter theory" for how it happens. You may be interested to know that we are still growing in number where we as a family and extended family are up to 67 men, women and children in 3 states now. So God bless you from the bottom of our hearts and hope all is well with your health. I still tell the awesome stories of how you had such a never say die attitude. Love you all.

Note from Authors: Of course we remember you! We shall never forget your kindness to our brother, your keen and sincere spiritual interest, and especially your efforts to make sure he had hot meals when he went home. We wish you and your family (and the growing number of people you have touched) the very best. May the Father continue to bless all of you.

 December 5, 2014

[From former Ministerial Servant] [Regarding Apostasy in Fenway - Conclusion.] If these are the two reasons to disfellowship someone of apostasy, then I'm guilty as charged.

1. I do not believe the Governing Body is the Faithful and Discreet Slave. In fact, they have been lying to Jehovah Witnesses for almost 100 years... telling them that they had Jesus' belongings and since Jesus trust them with this, then [Jehovah’s Witnesses] should trust them as well. But in July 15, 2013 they openly admit: Oh wait... no... we don't have Jesus' belongings. That's won't happen until the Great Tribulation. LIARS! How can you TRUST such slave?

2. I don't understand how Watchtower can disfellowship someone for following Jesus' command. The invitation is so clear and so open. [The Governing Body] are truly the Pharisees of the 21st Century. No doubt about it. How dare you going against Jesus' plain and open teachings?

It is obvious the Watchtower thinks they are greater than the Bible itself... Outrageous! I'm glad me and my wife are no longer part of that Organization. We haven't been [disfellowshiped] yet... we just faded away and we have never been happier. Take care my brothers. May the Lord be with you always!

December 5, 2014

[From a former District Overseer] Good Day to all wherever you are in the world. This is just a note of thanks and appreciation for all of the hard work done by you friends throughout the year and years.  I strongly believe that change is inevitable in the individual religionists that will affect change in the whole. I for one see a big difference in those who have overcome their morbid fear of man rule and the belief that the “Slave” holds their salvation in their imperfect hands. As you once wrote about, becoming or leaving as Victors instead of Victims has changed one family I know forever, where a Father’s disfellowshipping for challenging the 144,000 doctrine and the 24 elders understanding lead to his inglorious expelling that open the eyes one by one in his immediate family. At first they sat trying to readjust the father's thinking, but what happened was a beautiful reversal of fortune for the entire family. It was as if tongues of fire came down and opened the minds of his family at the same time where a gasp was let out and the collectively said “wait a minute this makes no sense.” To shorten the story just a bit, the entire family is happily disfellowshipped and have never been closer to Christ Jesus and never been so close as a family. They are probably the most intense disciples for Christ I've encountered in my life. They have embraced being an "apostate for Jesus" and turned a potentially negative into the most beautiful positive. They promote the authentic teachings of Jesus with no apologies for leaving error behind. So they and many like them thank you friends for encouraging us to "just think." May the God of undeserved kindness bless your efforts.

December 3, 2014

[From a former Elder] Dear Friends, Please express my great appreciation and admiration for these physicians who have freely contributed their time and skills to not only helping our brother but others who were in critical need of their specialized attention. We so rarely hear of the heroic and self-sacrificing love many of these anonymous donors do for the family of mankind. Our perception about our world is skewed negatively which leads people to have a bleak pessimistic outlook about our future.

By your conveying this deed as well as the many deeds of friends giving up their time to help the homeless and unfortunate of our brothers and sisters in the world gives one a reason to pause and reflect on the beauty of our Heavenly Father, his Christ and how they are blessing mankind through the acts of these physicians and many others, which is a display of their love for us. There are many others besides these who are also working to ease the suffering of distressed humanity as well as minister to their spiritual needs. May our Fathers blessings be with them all.

You have given me a feeling of tranquility and confidence in the possibility that the nobility of man made in God's image can and will change our world. This, along with our invisible celestial family should inspire optimism, confidence and joy of heart. May God's blessings be with one and all.

December 3, 2014

[From two Physicians] Good Morning, [we] have been inspired to volunteer and are trying to get others to volunteer at a mission or give of our time to give back to our community. So thank you for the motivation and thank God for the spirit of giving because it's so true that there is much more happiness in giving than in receiving! We propose a challenge to all professionals and artists to give freely to any and all you can before the year is over and then starting in 2015 make it a way of Life!!

Note from Authors: We want to acknowledge these doctors who were the treating physicians for our brother’s cancer and related matters. Our brother had a 12% chance of survival from 4th stage lung cancer, and his insurance company decided he was terminal and canceled his insurance. But because of the sheer determination and faith of our brother that he had more work to do, these doctors volunteered their services and encouraged other physicians who were brought in to consult on our brother’s case to also volunteer their time. They even arranged for a cancer foundation to cover the hospital costs. And not only our brother, but several other patients received free care from these doctors who were moved by the plain and open teachings of Jesus to demonstrate their brotherly love according to their abilities. They have given so much and we want to openly acknowledge and thank them.

December 2, 2014

Hello Family, as my mom says, with love and soooo much joy of heart we write you with nothing but humility of heart because of our rendering sacred service to our brothers and sisters in our community over the last few days. You see, what started out as a Christgiving day of service has continued ever since. We started out by making 210 lunches with veggies, a sandwich and a small Apple juice with a danish for dessert. We couldn't find a location to do this so we just set up in front of our house and with only one night to nail up posters and notes in various places, to our surprise the turn out was beautiful with whole families coming and grabbing enough to fill their needs and then would insist on being able to help serve others. It's funny you start out attempting to be a blessing to others, but it always seems that it comes back to you, go figure!! Anyway after we were done all the sons who helped prepare the food helped clean up. Then the remaining lunches we took to the downtown area and passed out the rest. We're already planning for our next effort, this time it will be both clothes and food because it is cold here. Friends God is just too Good!

November 30, 2014

[From a former Circuit Overseer] Good Evening my dear brother and sister, I'm sorry to hear of your recent bout with health issue, but I pray you’re on the mend. I'm enjoying your recent posts and I've been meaning to comment on the need to be more active in our communities as lovers of people. It's also been so encouraging to hear that many are doing just that, SERVING others with their needs in mind and not trying to convert folks. I had the privilege along with 13 other brothers and sisters to do some food packaging at a food bank and the feeling and smiles that were in abundance you just can't beat and I would strongly suggest everyone try serving in some way. Keep the faith and get well dear friends.

November 30, 2014

Hello fellow brother and sister. I'm not much of a typist so please bear with me. Today we handed out umbrellas and plastic pullover jackets to homeless children of God and we were able to get some into shelters. It is such a joy doing for others in ways that benefits then now and will have lasting effects in their lives. I was a Pioneer [a full time preacher with Jehovah’s Witnesses] for 22 years and I must be honest, this feels more like service and ministry than all those years combined. It's been a sort of trade off of joy that we’re experiencing and in talking to these unfortunate brothers and sisters we've gained an appreciation of people and a respect for people no matter the circumstances, and in turn we see Jesus words about there being more happiness in giving coming true right before our eyes.

[Responding to the request in Happy ChristGiving] It's also been quite refreshing to meet and associate with other churches in our community of Santa Cruz [California]. We've had Baptists and 7th Day Adventists working with us showing us how to introduce ourselves to missions and shelters, even battered women shelters. Basically you just say who you are and "how can we assist you to better serve those in your care?" and they do the rest. Then periodically make a call or two to make sure they know you’re serious and your intentions are pure wanting nothing in return and you’re not trying to teach a religion or convert anyone. We are still getting our feet wet but we're having a ball.

I would like to thank you friends for all the articles and letters to the [Governing Body] over the years that have been such a welcomed bit of fresh and promising air to us and many others that we know in various cities around the United States. So thank you and all those who are working so hard with you friends. [Two elders] and so many others send love and greetings and May Jehovah bless your continued work.

November 28, 2014

Dear Brothers, I have just read your posting of the labor of love that many have been doing today in this day of ChristGiving. Today I have had a part in a labor of love that has been going on 26 years here in the Mt. Shasta area. The first year that the dinner was given out which was sponsored by 4 family in the area, there was only about 40 meals given out which was in a church that has a full kitchen in it. It has grown over the last 26 years so that today there was given over 200 box meals that was all delivered in a 35 mile area. And over 600 meals served in the city parks senior center that has a full kitchen which is now used. Last year I meet some sisters that had been selling clothing in different parts of the area in the market parking lots to raise money to buy turkeys to  give out for Thanksgiving day and they were able to raise the money to give out 500+. I have not talked with them to know what was done this year.  A few months ago we had a city fire that burned up a few hundred home and it was great to see how every one seemed to be moved with compassion for the victims and wanted to do something to help. One business owner bought out all the food in the KFC to give out box meals to all in need. It was a joy to hear the tearful stories of love that many of the victims shared this last month at a meeting in one of the schools to inform the people as to how the progress was being made for the victims. When one finds themselves helping others in a way that really shows God in our life. We should review in our mind how our choices brought us to be in that place at that time to do this good for our brothers. I find it really helps on in feeling the present of God in what we are doing. Take care and looking forward for what you have to share with us in 2015.

November 27, 2014

The article [Happy ChristGiving] is a timely subject for those in your country.  We do not celebrate that where we live but people are thinking of giving for Christmas coming up and can use the same approach in helping ones in need.  It truly is an expression of Christlike love and an example of what our planet can accomplish every day to bring an uplifting to society on the course of our journey to the Eternal Father.

November 27, 2014

[From a former Elder] Good Morning Dear Friends, we are out in the neighborhood at a hand car wash feeding the homeless and offering clothing to those in need. We started with about 25 volunteers and have grown to 50 neighbors serving and bring food and clothing to help us. We planned this on the spur of the moment this past Monday and with a giant leap of faith we agreed this would be a great way of imitating Christgiving and we can see his spirit all around us and in us. We've met many who knew some of us from the door to door ministry and we explained that for us it was time to get off the sidelines and get in the game. It was so beautiful to hear that they wished more Witnesses got involved in the community, so we suggested that they make it a matter of prayer and the next time you see them out in service, make it a point to voice your feelings. This is probably the best time I've personally had this day because we are able to feed mind, body and spirit. If you claim to love your fellow man, I wholeheartedly recommend serving your community in new ways to show true Christgiving.

November 21, 2014

[From a former Elder] Dear brother and sister, I hope you are recovering nicely and Jehovah our Heavenly Father is blessing your continued efforts to bring light into a darkened world and a pitch black Organization that needs every known wattage of light possible to shine in that place. We are having our first clothing and food offering this week in partnership with a 7th Day Adventist Church so we can help those in our community to weather the cold nights with blankets and sweaters along with a hot meal and a lunch sack for later. We believe it is high time we stop being on the sidelines and get in the game. So we will be in touch to let you know the response. God be with all Sons all over the World!!

November 20, 2014

[From a former Elder] Hello dear brother and sister, I hope that you are both recovering from you illnesses and that your spirit is bursting at the seams. I enjoyed your scriptural take on 1Corinthians 5:1-5 and I pray with every fiber of my being that congregations and churches take heed to turn these fake Christians in, and let the law handle these matters of a serious nature. And let's not stop there, we also need to take a close look at mental health issues and turn some of these cases over to professionals. Unfortunately the [Governing Body] never promoted secular education. Who knows, if they had we might have had some of the specialized people in more congregations. Instead they read a book here and there and think they are qualified to handle abuse, addictions, ADD and other disabilities. But that's the reaping what they have sown rearing it ugly head with all of the recent lawsuits against them that they haven't been able to sweep under the rug and hide as they have in the past. So once again, great work and all of us here in Atlanta send love and greetings, along with all of the friends in Reno. Love you all!

November 19, 2014

Dear Friends, After having spent considerable time reading all four gospel accounts of Jesus life and teachings and being thoroughly familiar with the teachings and doctrines of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society, I believe, if Jesus were to re-incarnate as a human being wearing a traditional suit and tie and entered a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses as a baptized brother acting and teaching the things exactly as recorded in the gospel accounts, he would soon bump heads with the local body of elders and would ultimately be found to be in non-compliance with the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses leading to his being disfellowshipped as an apostate.
Think about it!

November 17, 2014

[From a former District Overseer] Dear Brothers and Sisters, I wanted to give an update on the continued fallout occurring quietly in some of the Branch Office Overseers and their wives. You see, the level of disrespect for Jesus’ rightful place and his God-given supremacy over the sheep has many running to the hills to get away from the idolatry and creature worship that's taking place within the Organization. Many long time elders and pioneer in Canada and in Europe say it's gotten out of control. It's one thing to put the emphasis in magazines and in talks, but it goes much deeper in some of the memos and letters sent to branches and some congregations to pay close attention to the comments in the meetings, especially in the Watchtower Study to discern the "seeds of apostasy" and those "drawing away" from the direction of the Slave. Dear friends, I have started to totally separate myself from these men because instead of loving truth and fearing God, they only want reverence and to be praised. So myself and a band of loyal sons of God are planting our own type of seed, the incorruptible kind, everywhere we go and let the chips fall where they may. So for all who still have positions or attend meetings, pay close attention to the expressions made by all, mainly the coordinating brothers. But please don't let the pressure from man subvert your faith in the promises made by the Heavenly Father through his Son Jesus Christ. Love the effort all you friends are putting forth and I really appreciate being able to listen to the articles.

November 9, 2014

Hi dear ones. I want to thank you for all the encouragement I receive reading my emails from you! I don't feel alone or as sad any more... I recently worked with a woman who after we spent three days together on the job in a conversation over a meal she said “I am a Jehovah's Witness!” We had quite a conversation after that!! But she didn't budge on the [Governing Body] being the source of food fed to them in [Watchtower] magazines ... So I told her she was worshipping men and not giving Jesus the HONOR and worship he deserved... And that next time the wine and bread are passed PARTAKE!!! Hey, I planted a seed (maybe)... Her ground may be a bit rocky now but it could take root.

November 9, 2014

NOTE FROM THE AUTHORS – We received a report that tremendous growth is occurring in Dubai and Iran where the minds of the young ones are being opened to the religion OF Jesus. So even though we may not hear from these children of inheritance, the plain and open teachings of Jesus are accomplishing its goal.

November 8, 2014

[Regarding Walking By Faith] Beautiful article, very timely under the circumstances of your own situation and many others will relate to this and experience a great uplifting of spirits.  The concept of ministry is superbly explained as even just giving a piece of clothing for another in need, so different than counting hours when knocking on doors of people who are not even home.  This is the work of the Spirit of Truth that Jesus expanded on while he was on earth and left with us.

November 8, 2014

[From a former Elder] [Regarding Walking by Faith] This is very well written. I found it encouraging and inspiring to myself and hope you too were pastured by these words. I think it will have a significant impact on our brother's facing adversity or just simple discouragement.  Especially our brothers in the middle East and Africa where there is so much war-torn strife. The spirit bore witness with you on this one.

November 5, 2014

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all the work you have done as I am forever grateful for your website in helping me recognize my sonship. May our Father and Savior Jesus Christ always bless you!

November 2, 2014

I wish I had someone in my area that I could share my beliefs with. I made the sad mistake of sharing a few of my feelings with my wife, big mistake. She ran to the elders who then banned me from talking with my wife about these matters and then removed my so-called privileges! Bless you both and thank you for this site.

November 2, 2014

[From a former Ministerial Servant] Dear AnointedJW, I’m a frequent reader of your articles and appreciate your efforts in trying to get Jehovah Witnesses to partake of Christ. Even though it’s a long shot that they will change, I believe it will affect some in the Organization. I say that because of my own experience. You see I wasn’t a partaker two years ago, but after reading the information and praying to the Father in heaven, I saw no other means for gaining salvation. Also the contemplations series opened my mind to the reality of what I and many others have been led to believe has been false teachings, that "other sort of good news." So myself and my wife and two children all partake and have withdrawn from the [Theocratic Ministry School] and stepped down as ministerial servant and as pioneers. I still love the brothers and sisters, but we can't stomach the hypocrisy and the stubbornness of the [Governing Body] not to change on matters as serious as partaking. But I can honestly say my family has never been happier than we are now. We all have a sense of peace and a stillness of heart never felt before and I guess these feelings fuel our desire to help our dear friends. So with appreciation and prayers we thank you friends and wish nothing but good results come from your efforts.

October 30, 2014

[From a former Elder and his wife] It has been a long day today, for in our business, we encountered quite a few Jehovah’s Witnesses and became saddened by their lack of response to us on our revealing that we were once of the same belief and mind set for most of our lives.  Instead of trying to help us, as they see it, when we mentioned our true hope of Sonship, there came a wall of resistance around them and silence.

We have seen it before from other religious groups who are dominated by a cult mentality, and they all think they are happy. But how sad it is, that the only ones they are keeping happy are themselves and their immediate families. For how would the heavens feel when they are rejecting the very one who came to this earth as our Savior and enlightened us to our heavenly destination.

For whatever reason the Governing Body has not come good with the truth of Sonship to their followers, it has become a very, very sad situation in the history of mankind when men and women have been denied the glorious heavenly hope.  When reflecting on this, it amazes us that the heavens have allowed, no doubt, with mercy, this deceit of errors to continue.  It could only be the reason of allowing true faith sons to escape from the clutches of such an Anti-Christ type organization.

There is a life outside the Watchtower organization and it is one of liberation, where you are free to think outside of the box of the Governing Body and express your true identity as an individual son of God and brother of Christ.  These are just our thoughts for this day as we pondered about our dear brothers and sisters and the dilemma they are confronted with.  May peace and the spirit of Truth be with each and everyone of us.

October 28, 2014

[From a former Elder] Hello and Good afternoon, what a wonderful last couple of days, 12 new sons –  7 men and 2 women and 3 outstanding young ones ages 11,12,14 – all bursting at the seams with joy. The children and their parents are all Witnesses and not just average publishers but ministerial servants and recent pioneers and what so interesting is that each of them keeps laughing that they didn't see the truth that's so plain. They call it the Jedi mind trick it just must be. So they are going out in service today with me and a few others to show how you can still have a ministry and have a wonderful time without trying to convert folks. And I'd like to give open support to the craziness that the Boston brother is being subjected to. It is absolutely ridiculous but I'm sure that our Great and Loving Heavenly Father will supply the power beyond what is normal. Great article on Unseen Realities so inspiring. We love you and [another brother] and many of the scattered Reno friends send love and greetings. God bless you both, you are definitely in our prayers.

October 26, 2014

[From a former District Overseer] Hello dear brother and sister, I've been so busy in ministry sharing the Kingdom Good News with brothers in various branches and having fairly good success in opening the eyes to what the Bible really teaches on the authentic hope of all of our 1st century brothers in Christ. Your latest article on Unseen Realitiesis quite moving and faith strengthening indeed, and we all need to get our minds right when it comes to angelic support under the direction of Christ, so beautiful work dear friends. Also I look forward to the outcome of the Brother’s ordeal in the Boston area and continue to pray for him and holdout hope though faint that one or two may take hold of the real life and ministry of Jesus. So to all partakers and lovers of Jehovah's children, keep your faith strong.

October 25, 2014

[From Sons ministering at a recovery mission] [Regarding Faith in Unseen Realities] OMG! Thank you soooooo much! We love it and the guys feel so special because they say God cares about them and this is a gift from our Lord. We have read it now 10 times and every time something new pops out where someone spots something that bears witness with their spirit. Tomorrow we will discuss it at Sunday worship where family and staff will be present so everybody will get on the same page. Mama fingers and [our brother], this is what the doctor ordered right here. I'm writing you this time because [another Son] is so overwhelmed not only because you came through which we never doubted, but it's the surprise of the subject matter being exactly what we needed. We love you both and thank you, thank you, thank you for just being you, oh this is a blessing! Will talk to you soon, God is more than Good, He's Grrrrrrreat!

October 25, 2014

[From a former Circuit Overseer] Dear Faith Sons, this article [Faith in Unseen Realities] is probably one of my favorites because of its importance in our getting the ministry done to the satisfaction of our Lord Jesus Christ. I agree with you assessment that we need to stop being so afraid of our spirit friends and we need to start realizing that Christ has power, real power, and we are on a winning team. I also want to give my love and prayers to the Boston brother undergoing persecution for Christ sake, and not only him but all sisters and brothers being questioned and interrogated in this Inquisition style pharisaic kangaroo court. We love you and we stand and shall rise as one faith, one body with one Lord. [Another former Circuit Overseer] has been a little sick lately but wanted me to send his full support and heartfelt zeal for what the Boston Son is doing as a witness. Take care dear friends and brothers in Christ.

October 25, 2014

Hello family, what a nice treat "Faith in Unseen Realities.”  It stirred our spirits in such a positive way that many of us take for granted and so this well written meal is indeed food at the proper time. The article makes Angels real and we need their wonderful support, so from all of us here in Texas, we say bravo and please keep it going. And our prayers continue for all going through persecutions, we are in this fight for life together. Love you both and keep fighting to get well.

October 23, 2014 - From San Paulo, Brazil

Dear brothers,

If anyone still inside the [Watchtower organization] like me and still not convinced about the crass idolatry, or rather, the crass "slaveolatry"  that reigns in our midst, please take a look at their recently opened broadcasting. The video I recommend is about the 137th Gilead Graduation Highlights.

Notice how many times the word "organization", "governing body" are mentioned. and also note how sweet and poetic words brother Orlando Cardoso from Angola (but I think he is Brazilian, by the name and the accent), how many times he addresses to the Governing Body to express his/their (because he speaks in the name of the class) deep love and admiration toward them as if the whole benefit coming from the facilities they had enjoyed had left from the pocket of those men!  A total delirium !!!!

I couldn't believe my ears. The whole speech is an idolatrous exaltation to "these examples to imitate" , "these gifts in men ", "these sweet men" and so on...and on.....!  Without speaking about Jesus Christ, who was completely ignored throughout the speech, even Jehovah wasn’t glorified as much as the Governing Body!!!

See how, in a subtle way throughout the speech the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is barely mentioned (just once!). The fervent exaltation doesn't allow time to refer to any text from the Greek Scriptures!  Only two texts from the Hebrew Scriptures are mentioned. A shame for a group supposedly trained to preach the good news of Christ and his Kingdom to the four corners of the planet!

Well my dear brothers, I tell you, it is impossible not to feel indignant with such a shameful flattery and complete disregard to the Master of the Work to which they "supposedly" are being assigned! At least they think so!!!

Christian greetings to all of you and don't give up. At the end our kind God Jehovah and our dear Lord Jesus Christ will recognize those who have not bowed the knee to Baal!

October 21, 2014

I have been making 11"x17" copies of The Glorious Heavenly Hope poster and been putting them up in the Christian Coffee shops and different gathering places as well as sharing them with some of the churches in town. It is a very good conversation peace. Also, the readings done by the sister are a very nice change.

October 16, 2014

NOTE FROM THE AUTHORS: We received a report yesterday that in the past 6 weeks, about 500 new sons of the Kingdom among Jehovah’s Witnesses have awaken and partaken of the Christ – 237 have openly partaken and the remaining partook in private.

October 16, 2014

[Regarding Apostasy in Fenway Congregation] Greetings to all at Anointedjw, I wanted to show support for the trials the brother is experiencing at this time. I've expressed to you in the past that I have relatives who are JWs and they express anger at the way he is being treated so although someone is going through hell it's opening my family in ways I tried to for years. It's amazing how Jehovah can take a situation that's suppose to frighten into a blessing. So thank you and May God bless your efforts.

October 15, 2014

About "Apostasy in Fenway Congregation" article, I wonder, why the Elders are thinking 'Organization always correct', while history show that many of their teachings are false? Something wrong with their mind.

October 14, 2014

May God bless your good work and continue blessing the hands who keep the website strong and growing.

October 14, 2014

My prayers go out for the Brother that is being persecuted in the Fenway Congregation. What disgusting behavior by people that profess to believe in the Bible. The Judicial Committee of Les Fashank, Anthony Aguirre and Peter Husbands will have much to answer for when they are judged. I guess this has to happen to fulfill (Matthew 23:13) “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you shut up the Kingdom of the heavens before men; for you yourselves do not go in, neither do you permit those on their way in to go in.”

October 12, 2014

In regard to the Apostasy article in the Fenway Congregation, we would like to add that this label of apostasy gets thrown around very easily among Jehovah's Witnesses. We ourselves have not been disfellowshipped from the local congregation for our belief in heavenly life and for uttering words against the teachings of the Governing Body. This no doubt is because of our absence for over a year now from any meetings, but the brothers and sisters have been alerted that we are apostates and so avoid us at every opportunity as if we were disfellowshipped. They follow blindly along never inquiring of our sudden change of thought, yet succumb to the Governing Body and their cohorts in bringing about an injustice within the congregations. Of utmost importance is the blatant disregard for our Sovereign ruler, Christ Jesus, and it personally disgusts us in what has been thrown at our dear brother in this Fenway Congregation kangaroo court. Shame on those who profess to be Christian for they are not followers of Christ, they are virtually killing any one who wishes to make claim on their right of destiny, the Glorious Heavenly Hope.

October 11, 2014

[From a former District Overseer] [Regarding Apostasy in the Fenway Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roxbury, Massachusetts] Dear friends, EPIC. Wait you might not have heard me, I said EPIC! This is the boldness and courage that makes me so proud of walking with Christ and the 1st century brothers and the modern day true followers of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.  Friends this example touched us in ways that resonated with our collective spirits as we ate dinner. A group of sons were in tears making a monumental scene in a restaurant but we didn't care. As a matter of fact, we took the opportunity to witness to the manager and waitress why these were tears of joy, and they being Christian felt the victory also, so much that dinner was picked up by the manager. We believe this is a huge well-conceived development by the spirit to expose the deception that has handicapped the Sons of God for years. Bravo, bravo, bravo, and may the spirit continue throughout every step of the way.

October 11, 2014

Dear Brothers, It is sad but true more so now than 30 years ago when a Elder told me what he was seeing in the congregation and this is his thoughts. “ I believe that when some in the congregation pray they see the Watchtower magazine or [Watchtower Bible & Tract Society] in front of them as Jehovah.” As your new article: Apostasy in the Fenway Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roxbury, Massachusetts so clearly brings out. Keep shining the light of truth on these dark souls. Take Care.

October 7, 2014

[From a former Elder] Hello good friends, I love how you explained what [Jehovah’s Witnesses] believe [Who Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?] But really more importantly, what they seem not to believe. I find it to be a very strong indictment against their claims of being Christian. I've recently stop attending meetings at the Kingdom Hall, but have continued the admonition given in Hebrews 10:23-25 by having sons over to the house weekly, sometimes it's for dinner or for lunch, where neighbors often join in for some Christ talk. And dear friends, it’s a wonderful thing to witness those of like faith speaking in full agreement on matters of salvation! Many say, “why didn't we do this years ago?” And the added bonus we have now is that we can listen to many of the articles now because of the audio presentations. So with deep sincere gratitude, us oldies but hopefully goodies thank all the volunteers who are assisting. We don't have the means or equipment to help in that area but we are out in the field and have found many "spots" to plant seeds of truth. So as the angels continue directing this work, we offer ourselves totally as Ambassadors and we will gladly substitute as long as we live.

October 7, 2014

[Regarding Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses?] Great article!

October 7, 2014

[Regarding Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses?] WOW! Well done! I couldn't have said it any better. You clearly described who Jehovah Witnesses are in less than 8 paragraphs, while the Watchtower wastes... I mean, publishes thousands of magazines and books excusing... I mean, teaching who they are and what they believe in. Excellent summary, brothers! Keep up the great work!

October 7, 2014

[From a former Elder] Good morning dear friends, I appreciate the vocal recordings because it allows me to be mobile and keep the good news ringing in my ears. Two brothers were re-baptized and partook and what adds to the joy is that they are current ministerial servants determined to make changes no matter the consequence. So keep these courageous brothers in your prayers.

October 7, 2014

[From a former Elder] Dear friends, I had an opportunity this morning to listen to our dear sisters reading of the introductory article to the "Ambassadors" series. What a wonderfully refreshing alternative to listening to male voices all the time. She did an excellent job and spoke with clarity. We hope you continue to supply us with many more offerings from our sisters.

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