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JANUARY 2015 - FEBRUARY 2015 - MARCH 2015

We have received several wonderful emails expressing appreciation for the site.  Those that are not too personal are published in this section for the encouragement of our visitors.

To those who have sent us emails in support of this work, we thank you, and we want you to know how important your emails are to our entire body of Christ. 


March 31, 2015

[From a former Elder] [Regarding Reflections on the Memorial Supper] Hello Faith Sons, count us in for the night under the stars or should I say looking at our ceiling lights gazing at our inheritance. What an inspiring suggestion and it will work out perfectly because 8 new sons will be getting baptized and then we're going to have a potluck meal then clear the stage for the remembrance communion. Both young and older friends have such a profoundly enthusiastic revival of spirit since we have become truly free from any oppressive leaders and doctrines. So approximately 80 smiling eternally appreciative sons of God will not be mourning but take this opportunity to be thankful for the gift of life and the gift that is Jesus Christ, he is indeed the gift that keeps on giving. Once again we send love and well wishes with all you hard working friends and we pray for any not yet convinced by the spirit that the heavenly hope is THE hope for all of mankind. May Jehovah bless you and keep you well.

March 29, 2015

[From a former Circuit Overseer] Good Afternoon Dear brothers and Sisters in Christ, I’m so very happy that more of [Jehovah’s Witnesses] are waking up to the Christ-hope such as two current [Circuit Overseers] in the metro area of Chicago. And what's outstanding to me is that these brothers are both in the late 30s early 40s, young enough to guide future generations into the Light of real Truth. We speak almost daily to strengthen one another and their wives are fully on board. As a matter of fact, they were the real motivators for their husbands to step up and do what's been in their hearts for some time now, remembering they had conversations about the heavenly hope for some 10 years ago while training to be in the circuit work. So this is not some emotional whim on their part. So it's experiences like these that answer the question "Why Sonship?" Well that's all for now, may the Father of our Lord guide us all into his marvelous eternal light.

March 28, 2015

Hello Family, the time is approaching rapidly and oh what a time we are looking forward to this year.  10 different homes of no less than 15-20 per home will be honoring the Christ. We are so excited and the article "Why Sonship?" Speaks volumes and right into our hearts. Guys we have been so busy and do so much to assist others so as the day draws closer I'll be in contact with you. Love you both!

March 26, 2015

[From a former Elder] Hello my dear brothers and sisters. All of us here wish you all the best as we keep plugging away at all those with a manmade nonexistent hope. We also look forward to a beautiful Memorial Remembrance Supper and we continue to hold out hope for any still on the proverbial fence and pray they make the right choice. Love you all!

March 26, 2015

[Regarding Why Sonship?] Hi:) just BEAUTIFUL amen.

March 26, 2015

[Regarding Why Sonship?] Absolutely beautiful article, we learnt a lot from it, so well written and we love the 'bitter winters of confusion' part, perfect.  "The Next Religious Frontier" is wonderful, very Star Trekky. Your writing has gone to another level of spirituality.  It is lifting the mind to higher levels and we are sure this will guide many to become Faith Sons and especially with the Memorial coming up so soon. We are rereading it again, it is excellent.

March 24, 2015

[From a current Circuit Overseer] Good afternoon, Brother and Sister, I've been doing more praying and studying than ever before and I'm sufficiently ready to enter the Kingdom of the Heavens the way Jesus Christ established in the 1st Century. So this Memorial will be special for me and maybe even my wife, so we shall see. It's now trying to find the balance in my ministry so that I don't scare off the friends with my zeal for the heavens. I owe this new personality to the Father in Heaven and his Son’s mighty spirit, but also to you fine persistent brothers that from a shepherding call to encourage you, my brother, to now my rebirth to life. So thank you for not backing down when I came over with the other brothers. Because of your reasoning and calm, the visit stayed with me long after I left that congregation. I'm looking forward to openly confessing Union with Christ and all the others who have been fortunate enough to have been transferred from death to life. This is just the beginning so thank you!!

March 18, 2015

I have never sent an e-mail before and I don't have an e-mail address but it has been 10 days since we have heard from you. I am hoping that everything is alright and that you are both in good health. My prayers are with you both and my love as your sister in Christ Jesus is always flowing. Please ease our concern and let us know how you both are if you can possibly do so at this time. We will all, everywhere, keep you both in our thoughts and prayers.

March 15, 2015

Regarding the Memorial Supper, if you know of anyone in the Phoenix Arizona area that would like to meet, feel free to give them my email. I live on the West side. Far West. Thanks.

March 14, 2015

I had to write you again. I have been reading your articles slowly. I read today Part 14 - God's Organization (February 11, 2013).  I am telling you the truth when I say that I have been saying this for years now! Not as eloquent as you but I have been. Almost word for word I have been saying this. I know in my heart that millions of my brothers feel the same. I hurt someone once because of my arrogance in believing we are the chosen ones. JW's are good at hiding it. I pray to God regularly for forgiveness because I know the pain one can inflict when you believe "only you have the truth." May God forgive me for my sin.

March 11, 2015

I just read A Sham in the Halls of Shame.  Since I moved out of town, I only sporadically go to the meetings of JW’s. "We need to talk to you." No you don't! Case in point, all my life I have been faithful to the law. In my teens, I spoke with conviction of my love for the Father and his Son. Everybody at school knew me. 25 years later at my high school reunion they all still knew me. Then I have to subject myself to a witch hunt from 3 Elders who have past lives that make a drunken sailor look like a saint. Good for them they changed their life. I never have because I refused that life style. Now they want to inquire about my personal life? I take offense. How many millions of people feel the same!? I just want to sit down and be left alone. I always control my anger in this regard but it takes so much out of me. So much that it makes it harder to go back again 7 or 77 times.? I have been beaten 777 times. Remember when the Pharisees told the blind man who was healed "who are you to talk to us about Moses?" Don't EVER talk to the Elders about Jehovah or Jesus, it only upsets them. I avoid them like the plague. My brothers, I don't I look for them and enjoy their company. But I sure do pray for all my brothers May our Father bless them while they are being hunted down.

March 8, 2015

[From a former Elder] Hello dear brother and sister, a sister just called me and said I wonder how many people take seriously the words and teachings of Jesus. It's seems at ever turn Christ Jesus made it easy to follow his instructions to do the Father's will to simply eat and drink. I mean what if each Christian had to make the wine and the bread. You'd think after all he did for us, to do something so easy yet so beneficial would be welcomed by all believers. I appreciate the need for this reminder to be HOT HOT HOT for Christ [Choosing to Be Hot, Not Lukewarm], and I pray that those who believe that the heavens is the hope for all of mankind Partake this year and become part of the precious Congregation of God and start belonging to the Lord.

March 6, 2015

[From a former Circuit Overseer] Dear brother and sister, this year’s Memorial should be a beautiful show of honor for the our Father's oldest Son and for the example he set for us all when it come to how deep our love for one another goes. A good number of attendees will be first timers and so far 39 brothers and sisters from 7 different congregations have had communion with us already to demonstrate just how seriously they are taking this special day. And for all those who don't know [Jehovah’s Witnesses], they would never do any drinking and eating representing the Memorial if they were not seriously going to go through with it, so that's good news. But our ultimate goal is to have 100 new sons in the Kingdom all having the Victor's mentality. Keep us in your prayers as you stay constantly in ours. Standing as One in Christ.

March 3, 2015

I just sent you another small donation, I hope many more small regulars follow. When I read the emails from your visitors I pray for my brothers. Please remind them to be "Happy / Blessed" "peace makers"  and whatever they do in deed or word, may they do it for Christ Jesus. (Col 3)   Now I will get back to work so I can relive the joy of sharing with you, My Brothers.

March 1, 2015

Dear Faith Sons, I'm a friend of [a former District Overseer’s wife] and we've been going over article after article and I'm convinced of the source of your inspiration behind your writing and it has to be our Dear Lord Jesus. And as a longtime Witness, I can see why the to lines of thought don't mix and it is simply the old wine vs. the new wine and I hope those in leadership roles come to an understanding of Jesus the real TRUTH, the real WAY and that he's the one who wants all those who delight in him and the One who sent him to enjoy the real LIFE.

February 18, 2015

I just sent you a small donation . I hope it will be one of many. I concentrate and rejoice on the things we have in common. As for the things we do not see eye to eye, I pray to the Father for wisdom. My only concern for you is this. In the last 100 plus years, Watchtower has been running their proverbial mouth non-stop thinking they are feeding people. The more they talk the bigger and deeper the hole. My advise is to remember Gandhi. Everything we need is found on the sermon on the mount. That is how I am living my life and plan to. KISS method. Keep it simple stupid. I remind myself to trust my brothers and to pray for them. I have no desires to make carbon copies of myself rather I enjoy talking about why I love my Father and his Son. Jesus. Perhaps I am wrong. If I am, like I said I will pray about the things I don't understand.

P.S. I don't have to meet you to know that I love you and that we are brothers.

February 14, 2015

[Regarding Who Should Partake of the Memorial Emblems?] Hello Family, another wonderful tribute to our Lord and for all lovers of Life! The guys in the missions need these types of articles because of the need to identify with someone greater than themselves and you can't do better than realizing Sonship with God and the recognition that they have more brothers and sisters than they could have ever imagined. 10 young men were baptized this morning and we will be sharing as a group communion tomorrow so the power of Sonship is alive and well. We send love to all those supporting the ministry and stay healthy you two because this is going to be a busy year!! God Bless.

February 14, 2015

Dear Brother and Sister, I am writing in response to your excellent article on the Memorial [Who Should Partake of the Memorial Emblems?], particularly to the Circuit Overseer and his wife and to the young brother’s reply. It is heartwarming to see the reaction of these ones to such moving words. No doubt there are many, many more feeling the same. It is commendable for their determination to stand up and be counted as a true Faith Son in the brotherhood of Christ Jesus, as this is 'storing up treasures in heaven.  Reactions from others may bring forth odd comments, good or bad, as this seems to be what humans will do to humans at the present moment. But keep in mind that this will pass in time and these very ones most likely will change for the better in the future. So continue in your resolve as we stand side by side with you in Christ.

February 13, 2015

[From a former Elder] In regards to our current Circuit Overseer brother. I will have you and your wife in my prayers. Having spent all of my childhood and adult life until a little more than a couple of years ago devoted to the organization I understand the mental challenge you face. However my dear brother if you take the giant leap of faith that we have taught others from the platform for decades to do I can tell you from my own personal experience, the Father and our living Lord Christ Jesus will support you every step of the way. You have nothing to fear. Allow yourself to experience first hand the experiences you have read the apostle Paul write about. Our celestial family is real!!! They are at the ready to assist you. We unshackle their ability to act in our behalf when we step out and move to the other side of faith which is trust! Your act of faith will empower and embolden others of the Father's children who are hiding in fear of man to also take a stand. It will be as Paul described in Philippians 1:14 "Now most of the brothers in the Lord have gained confidence because of my prison bonds, and they are showing all the more courage to speak the word of God fearlessly." A living vibrant spiritual life of a true faith son awaits you and your dear wife.

February 13, 2015

[From a former Elder] [Regarding Who Should Partake of the Memorial Emblems?] Dear Family, Let me begin by saying AMEN 3X's. After some three years of pampering, patiently reasoning and mildly admonishing it was time to speak to our brothers and sisters as adults. This article carries so much spirit power within, it pulsates with Christ voice! I pray that each one of our dear friends, young or old, single or married wherever you may be standing at this moment to make it your COURAGEOUS endeavor to stand up for the one who holds your everlasting life prospects in his hand. Our Father wants you! He loves and desires you to become his free children. May our beautiful planet light up like the aurora borealis on the night of the memorial with all the new faith sons and daughters partaking of the memorial supper. Let's make the Master's heart leap with joy. Any finally dear brother and sister who manages this website may our Father bless you beyond your wildest expectations for acting as true spiritual shepherds guiding the Father's sheep to the Christ.

February 13, 2015

Dear brothers, thank you for all of your information you so generously provide. I just got through reading "Who should Partake at the Memorial" for the fifth time just to make sure everything was in its proper context before I called the elders in my home congregation to let them know after prayerful consideration "I choose Life so I'll be partaking this year" and that “I'm informing you not because I'm in any way shape or form confused regarding the Christian Hope.” Dear beloved brothers, I've never felt so alive in my life. You see, I'm 32 years old and have thought about, prayed about following Jesus ever since I was a preteen, but could never articulate my feelings, the thoughts of my spirit, into words. But with the help you have given and others with experiences in all of those beautiful emails, they have empowered me so that I can express myself so that I can "go therefore and make disciples." So thank you very much and I love the other two websites [ and] as well, they really are for steak eaters, especially The Christ Experiment.  It has seated me into the heavenly places, opening my heart to the endless possibilities that only an Infinite Father could create. God Bless and I pray this ministry continues to grow.

February 12, 2015

[From an active Circuit Overseer] [Regarding Who Should Partake of the Memorial Emblems?] Greetings my dear brother and sister, in all my years of service as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I've never felt so cut to the heart with embarrassment as I feel this moment. After reading this article in its truthfulness and honesty, I'm going to have to consider making some bold choices and my wife feels exactly the same. And what makes it more convincing is the fact that we read the article at different times in different places, so it's not as if we influenced each other in any way but the spirit bore witness just the same. We are either Jehovah's children or Satan’s children, and it’s funny, the option is never a friend of God or a friend of Satan.  So as I stated, I've got some thinking to do and could use a prayer or two from you brothers, you know, from folks who aren't grieving the spirit. Beautiful article, my brother and sister. I apologize for writing so late but I couldn't sleep until I wrote and got these emotions out into the Universe, and now that I have I'll give it another try. May Jehovah keep you in his favor to do an ordained work.

February 12, 2015

[From a former Elder] Hello dear friends, [Who Should Partake of the Memorial Emblems?] is the best Memorial article ever! The Heavenly Father is truly patient in providing a life line for such wayward people at the head, and cowardice people under their thumb. O how happy I am to be in the bright light of truth!

February 3, 2015

[From a former Elder]  Regarding the Pastor who took the time to lovingly make an attempt to extend the hand of brotherly love but was rebuffed by the Jehovah's Witness elders, I would like to wholeheartedly commend you dear brother. As a former [Jehovah’s Witness] who spent nearly 50 years with this group and served as a congregation elder for nearly two decades I can tell you that the courage and love you displayed is something the average Witness would not even conceive of. The fact that many are leaving the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses and visiting other houses of worship indicates there is hope for many of those still remaining. Your extending the hand of hospitality to these former Witnesses whom you have accepted as your brothers in Christ is a beautiful example of the very ministry the Master sought to instill in all of his followers. So my dear brother while I have not met you personally I already feel a connection with you through the collective spirit of being part of the body of Christ. May our heavenly Fathers rich blessings be upon you and your congregation.

February 2, 2015

Hello Family, Bravo to this Pastor. We can't tell you how thrilling that email from Long Beach, California made us feel, both proud and sad at the same time. But it's such a real authentic testimony that after just one visit, he and the under shepherds were able to pinpoint the craziness happening in, not just that congregation, but in many, if not all, if you hang around long enough. But I'm extremely proud of those involved in the outreach efforts by both ex-Witnesses and from the Pastor’s church to [Jehovah’s Witnesses]. To the good folks in that church, add us to the "standing as One in Christ with you." Great email dear brother and sis. I'm so fired up right now ain't no tellin’ where the spirit will lead me, and trust me, I'm willing to go! Love ya all, oh yeah were rolling now!

February 2, 2015

[Regarding the new Harvest Ministry] Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, I write this blessed morning to thank you for all you do for the name of God and his Mighty Son Jesus Christ. Former members of Jehovah Witnesses have been visiting my church [in Long Beach, California] where I preside over the flock in my care. (Acts 20:28) And they came in bearing gifts of the spirit of every kind, letting the light of God shine in. And I declare, in the name of Jesus, it moved through every member of the church where they now, from the oldest to the youngest, proclaim with pride their hope of the heavens. (Hebrews 10:23) So I wanted to do something bold to show appreciation that would be felt.

So I and two under shepherds went to a Kingdom Hall and spoke to two of their Leaders and personally thanked them for being the wind behind their sails to be blown our way and how encouraging they've been for God's children. I thought they would have known what I was talking about, but they looked so puzzled. So then [a certain brother] said “If they where at your church you must be mistaken. They don't belong to Jehovah's people.”  I said “Jehovah's people? Aren't all believers God's people?” And instead of answering the question, they said “Now is not the time nor the place to discuss this. But if you would kindly give the names of the visitors, we will look into the matter further.” In my spirit something came over me and the men with me that there was something insincere going on, so we left shaking our heads, feeling saddened by the emptiness we felt.

Now in looking at your website, reading article after article, I know why have you chosen to help those people. We will be praying for them on Sunday, praying for a healing to be placed over them like the oil of anointing and pray it changes their blindness to the light of Heaven. I hope any Jehovah Witness who believes in the Love of God for all peoples go to any real Bible based church and take life's water free because there is plenty to go around!! God bless your work!

FROM THE AUTHORS: Dear Brother, we are very encouraged to hear of the positive effect the plain and open teachings of Jesus are having on your congregation of believers and children of God.  And we are further encouraged by your loving efforts to reach out to the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses as a show of appreciation and brotherly love. Unfortunately, as you and your fellow shepherds discovered, the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses can be a very hard hearted people who truly believe they are the modern day ‘chosen people,’ the only ones with the Father’s blessings. By means of this ministry, we have made significant inroads into the hearts of many of their leaders and we have absolute confidence in the power of the authentic teachings of Jesus to continue to effect such change. We pray that neither you nor your associates are discouraged by the cool reception you received, but that you continue in your efforts to reach out to other churches in your area, sharing your love and the hope of the divine and glorious heavenly career that awaits all who simply reach out and take it. With sincere brotherly love, we stand with you as One in Christ.

January 29, 2014

[From a former District Overseer] Hello Dear Faith Sons, please don't scare my wife like that again. She said “oh no they quit!”  Just kidding of course, but I’ve got to say with so many new ones coming on board we need all we can get and to our surprise, now we have a true "Faith Sons of God" website. It’s a beautiful thing living in this so called time of the end. We love you all and welcome back.

January 29, 2015

Hi. Is your site only down temporarily I hope by your hand? If not could you please let us know where you will be next?

FROM THE AUTHORS: Yes, we had to temporarily shut down the site in order to redirect the domain name and build a separate website for our new brothers and sisters who have not been associated with the Watchtower organization and for those among Jehovah's Witnesses who are entering into a new phase of ministry – Into His Harvest. The new site is called which is now up and running. In hindsight, we decided it would not be a good idea to take away the site for those among Jehovah’s Witnesses who are still searching for greater understanding of sonship. Thank you so much for your concern.

January 20, 2015

I love everything you put on the website. It is really refreshing and heartwarming to have brothers and sisters who are applying Christ's teachings. Thank you so much!

January 18, 2015

[From a former Elder] Dear Friends, I want to share an experience we had at my home yesterday. A couple of friends joined us for a late breakfast and some encouraging association. One of the sisters has not attended meetings for sometime and wanted to reignite her spiritual appetite. The conversation turned to accepting one’s sonship as being the foundation for developing a close relationship with our Father and Christ Jesus.

The sister was shocked to learn that Witnesses who are not of the anointed do not have Jesus as a mediator. We had to pull up the questions from readers [Watchtower] article which explicitly states that Christ Jesus is only the mediator for the 144,000. When this was written, there were less than 9,000 individual among Jehovah's Witnesses who were partakers. So he was only the mediator for those few thousands out of all the billions of people on earth.

To make matters crystal clear for her, I showed her a photograph of the members of the Governing Body. Based on the understanding of the Watchtower organization, the only way she could have a relationship with God if she is not of the anointed is by association with David Splane, Anthony Morris, Mark Sanderson, Geoffrey Jackson, Steve Lett, Samuel Herd and Gerrit Losch! These are the guys Jesus is using as the door to salvation.

Her immediate response was, "That's crazy, when did we start teaching that?" We had to take the time to show the sister from publications she has been reading for decades what is actually in print regarding the official beliefs. The sister was blown away! Out of all the years she has been a Witness, these doctrines as taught in the publications somehow went over her head. I gave her the article which you friends published last year entitled "Who Are Jehovah's Witnesses?" Again she was shocked to learn of her own beliefs regarding Jesus Christ. We had a wonderful afternoon. Our sister is now "not far off from the Kingdom of the Heavens."

May our Father continue to bless you richly for directing attention to the plain and open teachings of Jesus Christ as taught in the gospels to open the minds of many who have been blinded by religious authoritarians. Let me add that I am having the thrill of my life reading part IV of the Urantia Book, the Life and Teachings of Jesus! The Christ Experiment Website is off the charts wonderful!

January 16, 2015

Faith Sons hello, I'm a friend of [a former Elder] and I wanted to let you brothers know how much we here in Vegas enjoy your efforts to help the Organization and to also say the Harvest concept is really taking hold. For instance today we're having a clothing drive where we collect clothes from all the friends who wish to participate and sort them. Phase two will be tomorrow distributing them to those in need. So far today, 31 volunteers are here ready to serve with nothing but smiles. We made a large sign that simply says "In Jesus Name."  We felt that says it all! So thank you friends for your continued work in his name and we look forward to the entire year doing what we should have been doing all along.

January 14, 2015

Hello Faith Sons, I'm a sister and former pioneer loyally putting in over 90 hours a month but no more brothers. I couldn't stomach one more hour of preaching the lies of epic proportions to one more of my neighbors. But as for service I'm rolling in love for people, I just finished my first garage sale held in my living room where I gave away most of the things I once held on to knowing I didn't need these extra things. But after being inspired by you and others writing in with outreach ministries, I just had to have a share and it workout beautifully. As a matter of fact, more than a few people said they could feel God's presence in the room and I know what they meant because what was or started out being a give away turned into people who could afford items started offering money for things and then conversations started up one after the other. I then naturally took the opportunity to tell everyone where they could find more information on the love of the Christ and I gave the website info and said “Now that you know where I live don't be a stranger anymore, and if any of you have questions if I can I'll answer, but if not please use the Contact Us feature on the site.” So I just thought I'd share what will be a way for me to talk about Christ and the Heavens in a relaxed atmosphere. Jehovah is Good and what can I say about our wonderful Lord Jesus!! Thank you friends for your inspirational articles.

January 12, 2015

I am 72 years old and was baptized at the age of 9.  I am coming to terms with all that I have learned via your website in just a short time.  It is such a new way of thinking!!! Thank you for letting yourselves be used in such a wonderful way.  Good health to you both and please continue to assist those of us who are still trying to “break the chains” and serve Jehovah through His precious son as individuals.

January 12, 2015

[From a former District Overseer] Faith Sons hello and thank you for allowing the powerful spirit of truth to bear witness in the writing of this article [Reaching Out]. I was speaking to some members of the Bethel family this past weekend on this subject, namely what issues are of real concern, and the need for lovers of righteousness to stop micro-managing the lives of Jesus' sheep and allow them to graze in the entire field under cultivation. And then presto, an article that explains in more detail exactly what I'd been trying to convey. So once again 'food at the proper time.' The SOCIETY has become a shell of its former self. I can recall years ago the feeling of a well intended group of people truly loving Jehovah and his Son engaging in the field ministry out of love and having fun doing it. Now it's "the Slave this - the Slave that", a group of robots on that proverbial bridge to absolutely nowhere. So whatever it takes, we've got to snatch as many as possible out of the fire as we can. Let's get to work brothers! God bless your hands!

January 11, 2015

Greetings Faith Sons, we had a beautiful day of service. it was our first "Sunday Soup Day" and it was a great turn out of volunteers to serve hot chicken soup made from scratch by a few of our elderly sisters and it was delicious I must say. So we were able to serve roughly a few hundred bowls with oyster crackers. It was so much a blessing to be of real assistance to our neighbors and to pray with many of them who were so appreciative. And many volunteers came from a couple of storefront churches, one Baptist and the other Evangelical (Hispanic), and when we were serving food we stood as one with a united goal, and I believe it could be the start of something on a continual basis. Into His Harvest is definitely a way to represent our Lord in a tangible way, so we here in Orlando, Florida stand with any willing to let the Light of God shine.

January 9, 2014

Hi Faith Sons, I'm so very happy to have read your articles and your book. It's given me a new lease on life and an understanding of scriptures that frankly were like the thoughts I've had but too afraid to say out loud. But no more. No more will I be ashamed to stand on my own two feet and if I need assistance standing, I know I've got the Christ to lean on. I’ve been able to help my brother to wake up to the teachings of Jesus and he's a Ministerial Servant, but I don't think he'll be one for long because every week he finds more erroneous teachings of the Society. So it may take the rest of my life to wash my mind out with spiritual soap but that's alright.  I've got an eternity to get it right. God be with all the faith sons everywhere, and I hope we all say a little prayer for the brothers and sisters in Paris, France.

FROM THE AUTHORS: Yes, we pray for all of the Father’s children in Paris, France, and around the world, who have been subjected to violence at the hands of those who have not yet awakened to the glorious plan the Father has for all. We remain hopeful that Jesus’ plain and open teachings will soon spread throughout the world, for then will come the end to suffering, sorrow and injustice of all kinds.

 January 9, 2014

[From a former Elder] Hello brother and sister, just want you to know that all of us here are ready and waiting for your suggestions on the Into His Harvest campaign.

January 7, 2015

[From a former Circuit Overseer]  Greetings dear friends, love the new articles Into His Harvest and I want you to know there are about 63 of us ready to get started, so whenever you throw something our way to try, we will try. So far the fun were having serving at missions and food banks has been thrilling, so we can't wait to carry the Glad Tidings to churches. 2015 is going to be special!! We here in Chicago are ready and when I said 63 of us, that’s just in our area. There's 3 other groups, 1 a little smaller, the other 2 are larger. So let me say we're all excited and ready!!

January 7, 2015

Hello Dear Faith Sons, I've taken the last 3 weeks to read as much of the site as I could without interference from other less important matters. Mind you, I read the articles as they came out way back when, so I'm not a new reader. I took the time to read in this way so that I could get a stronger sense as to your ministry’s purpose and my discovery was so gratifying as well as satisfying because your overall message is to love one another because whether we know it or not we are brothers related by our faith, we are all children of One Universal Father, the heavens are open to all who reach for it, and do good works to make a better world now.

January 7, 2015

[Regarding Into His Harvest – A Bold Approach] I am very excited about this ministry you are going to expand to other churches and would really like to know how to do it methodically. If there is a group of people in Sacramento, I am willing to contact them. Please let me know and I will continue to read all your articles on this "into the harvest". Thank you for all the work that you do!

January 4, 2015

[From a former Circuit Overseer] Dear friends, I wanted to say I love the name change, it speaks more abundantly who we are in Christ. Love it brothers and the Experiment is a game changer!

January 1, 2015 - Reno, Nevada USA

It's a beautiful day! Hello brother and sister, we just had the most faith strengthening experience being re-baptized in the name of Jesus to be in Jesus. I guess [another brother] told you what was going to happen and you could just feel God's Spirit filling the air with tears of joy and hugs galore. I met you my brother a few years ago when you were visiting. My wife and I never forgot you because we often said ‘the brother is different, just different.’ You had back then a zeal and zest for life and people that was infectious and we didn't mind getting infected. In all seriousness, through Christ Jesus you helped us shake off fear and doubt and once that happened we grew and grew. Then brothers [from Bethel] came and attempted to break up the love fest and all that did was to make us stronger and grow faster. So I'd like to personally thank the [Governing Body] but let's get back to the living. Tonight we've going to break bread and commune with Christ so that too should be fantastic!! We are excited for the upcoming year because I'm sure we missed a spot or two in the field where we can plant seeds or make ready the soil for growth. So yes, this is a Happy New Year!

January 1, 2015 - Reno, Nevada USA

[From a former Elder] Good Morning Brother and Sister, Well 2015 will be getting off to a super start. In one hour, [a former Circuit Overseer] in Chicago and [a former Elder] in Santa Cruz [California] and the brothers here [in Reno, Nevada] will be baptizing brothers and sisters into the body of Christ. We are attempting to do it simultaneously and there will be approximately 36 taking part in the glorious privilege. We are excited about the possibilities of 2015 as we still anticipate being recipients of the "unexpected." Oh, and on a side note, we have a young brother here in Reno that's been a reader of the Urantia Book for about 5 years, so he's never been happier and will be assisting us to grow up in Christ and learn the origins and purposes and destinies. So yes I'd say 2015 will be filled with outreach and homework. May our beautiful Heavenly Father bless all the unfortunate wherever they may find themselves. – P.S. we love what's going on in China!

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