2015 July to September

AJW emails from visitors

September 30, 2015

Dear brother and sister,

I am very humbled by your new article as a response to the Pope's visit to the US [The Failure of the Cross and the End of Christianity?]. I agree with you completely on your insight to this man's character. His humility is remarkable and I hope I can apply that in my life. I read all his speeches and was in tears on how he can characterize certain issues without chastising anyone. He does not judge other religions or have ever said that the Catholics are better than any other religion. He has been quoted to say that we all are accountable to God for He is the only one who can judge. That is very heartwarming and is such an opposite of what the [Jehovah’s Witnesses] teaches. I thank you for your article and for keeping me and my family in your prayers.

September 30, 2015

[From a former elder] Dear Anointed JW,

All week I have watched the visit of the Pope to the USA and have been intrigued by this man and his efforts to encourage the world for the good. So today I had a strong desire to attend the local Catholic Church. Of course, I had trepidation at first, as having never attended a service by this mainstream religion and having had the continual association of my previous outlook as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, that all religions belong to Babylon the Great and headed for destruction, the Catholics being the head of such.

All this eased as I stepped inside and recognized many locals. We started with a song and to my surprise the music was upbeat and modern. There was a lot of ritual, which I expected, but I could see through this, and as the service progressed, I recognized a strong recognition of our Lord and Master through art and imagery and a sincere desire to adore this man who brought hope to a world long ago.

In looking around at these people in the church, many who I personally know, I came to a firm realization. We are after all, just mortals, humans, following the urgings of the Father and Jesus in wanting to have a true meaning to our existence, they were just like me. Throughout the service the priest mentioned the plight of others who are not in a good life situation. His emphasis of helping and caring for these ones seemed to be a leading influence from Pope Francis.

The church goers were very friendly, inviting me to coffee and cake after and there was a real spirit of acceptance in mingling with these folks and talking openly about changing the world with reintroducing Jesus into the world conversation.

The experience of going to mainstream religion, one I will take with me on my journey to the Father was refreshing. These were people who wanted to know and follow in the Master’s footsteps. It reminded me of Jesus’ intentions of reaching out to people, uplifting them in their striving to worship the Father.

And I ask, can we move out of our comfort zones and past closed thoughts, openly going about doing good for our neighbors, enlightening and uplifting people without discussion of manmade doctrines that cause divisions, encouraging spiritual conversations that uplift, not tear down and do our part in spreading the plain and open teachings of Jesus of Nazareth to all people of all religious beliefs?

I believe that we CAN, and we WILL change the world with Jesus simple words of love for one another as brothers. Your brother.

September 29, 2015

[From a former elder] Dear Friends,

I have given a lot of thought to Pope Francis visit to the United States. It is no secret that the Watchtower Organization has viewed the Catholic Church with a great deal of enmity. From their standpoint the C.C. is the foremost part of Christendom that is slated for God’s most concentrated judgement. This view is supported by reading the Watchtower Societies book “Revelation—Its Grand Climax!” and decades of articles and books.

I recall an illustration in the “Grand Climax” book showing a cartooned figure of a man with a mitered hat running away as someone is shooting an arrow aimed straight at his rear end. Obviously a disrespectful reference to the Pope of the time. For the record I once, was an advocate of these teachings and viewpoint. I have abandoned their corrupted viewpoint of these fellow brothers in Christ entirely.

The contrast between Pope Francis and the present Governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses makes for an interesting comparison. Who appears to be the greater advocate for the name and example of Christ Jesus?

During his recent visit Pope Francis frequently made references to the life and teachings of Jesus so much so that news commentators could not avoid describing his visit without invoking Jesus' name and the basic teachings the Master left for his disciples to follow. They frequently said he was not saying anything new, other than the things Jesus taught while on earth. His message and example were simple and comprehensible by all.

I kept hearing Jesus' name spoken so frequently it became interchangeable with the Pope’s visit. This is a humble man who anyone can see genuinely cares for people of all sorts. He is not afraid or ashamed to wash the feet of the lowliest of mankind or to take time to minister to criminals and those who are relegated to the invisible and forgotten fringe of society. He does not limit his care and personal concern to Catholics. He transcended all religious, racial, cultural, social and gender bias to minister to anyone looking for spiritual refreshment.

What I find is so shamefully sad is to listen to the many broadcasts given by the present Governing Body members and to note how rarely Christ Jesus name and example is ever invoked. Overwhelming attention is given to “the faithful and discreet slave” “the organization” which is nothing less than advocating obedience to the Governing body as demonstrated by the recent morning worship hosted by Anthony Morris.

The average Witness may criticize Pope Francis because his acts are done publicly however it is well known that this was the method of his ministry prior to becoming the Pope and continues to be so up to the present. This is not a showy one time display of caring for Christ sheep.

Each member of the Governing Body would do well to come down from their high perch of self-importance and take an example from this humble man. It would be a wonderful thing if they could become as much of a source of inspiration, refreshment and encouragement to those both inside and outside of the organization as this man is to millions throughout the world. Kind regards,

September 28, 2015 - Sweden

Brothers and Sisters in faith of Christ Jesus and his Father Jehovah.

First, I want to thank you for the very fine article about the Generation.

Another cornerstone as JW teach is about that all people except Jehovah's Witnesses will be executed forever in Armageddon without any resurrection. For me this is not logical when they teach that Jehovah and Jesus will use 2,000 years to anoint 144.000 persons who shall be kings and judges for thousand years, when all the mankind will be resurrected because JEHOVAH will have his judgment in a fair way and no one can say after the judgment that Jehovah is unjust. Because the anointed will be fair because they have lived as humans in every situation and know how it is to be a human and why it sometimes can go wrong. That is the whole thing why Jehovah anoint some persons for that job.

But if Jehovah and Jesus will kill the whole mankind except Jehovah's Witnesses in Armageddon before the thousand years kingdom without the judges/anointed/priests who not are in their places yet, then Jehovah do not need the anointed as judges in the thousand years kingdom either. Jehovah and Jesus show that they can do the judgment themselves without the anointed, and therefore Jehovah do not need the anointed in the thousand years kingdom because he can do the job himself.

For me this doctrine/dogma about Armageddon and all the killings is a logical somersault.

For as in Adam ALL die, even so in Christ shall ALL be made alive 1 Corinthians 15:22.

September 16, 2015

Hello, I am so grateful for the consideration you gave the brother's question, on Thinking For Ourselves, as it has also answered years of unsettled feelings and frustrations within the organization for myself. The words below immediately satisfied my confusion of past wonderings.

“This is why so many intelligent and spiritually hungry Jehovah’s Witnesses suffer from depression. Their God-given intelligence is being suppressed and even oppressed. They are like strong bulls being forced to plow alongside ignorant and less intelligent donkeys. (Deuteronomy 22:10) Nothing but frustration can come from such an uneven yoking.”

I found the only way to get true satisfaction in your search for truth and the freedom to worship unabated is to actually leave the Organization. The initial pain is eventually supplanted by Jesus words and his alone, that the Truth Shall Set You Free!

September 13, 2015 - Arlington, Texas

Dear sweet and wonderful family, you know how much respect and appreciation we have for you but let's make what could be a long story, let's condense things and get to the point. [Regarding “This Generation”] OMG! Bam, Boom, Kaplank! The Governing Body are down and we don't think they will get up off the canvas because this information hit'em where it hurts, my dear brother and sister. We've received phone calls, texts and emails from folks in Los Angeles and in New Mexico and Alaska asking what in the world's going on! We said “For all of you who keep hitting the snooze button, the wake up call just rang again, and as ones who care about your salvation, we suggest you without delay enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens by accepting your sonship with God.” Dear friends, as the expression goes "the doors of the church are wide open" and it's time to come on in!! This is one of the best articles on this site ever. We love you and all of our brothers all around the world. God Bless!!

September 13, 2015

[Regarding “This Generation”] Another Grand Slam!!! You knocked the ball out of the park so far it’s a true “bye, bye baby!” My wife told me this morning the pioneer sisters were discussing the video. They all came away confused and not quite sure what to make of it. [Another sister] said it did not make sense to her and she will have to watch it again.  So this topic is on many of the friends mind. All those who visit the site will smile and laugh out loud as I did when reading this article.  I am about to read it to my wife.

September 12, 2014 - Brooklyn, New York

[From a former Elder] Hello dear friends, it's so wonderful serving the Father as he intended! I'm concerned only with getting those who I know personally who love God and his Son Jesus. You know, the ones who study and give themselves willingly whenever called upon to do anything for their brothers. I would love to help honest hearted lovers to come to an accurate understanding of his will and purpose. The truth of bethel and the truth of what takes place at this place of dense darkness will soon, I believe, come to the light. I've found a true brotherhood and real fellowship of Sons of God all baptized into his death, so the idea that you lose everything you have, doesn't have to be the case if you’re willing to embrace "all sorts of believers in the faith." God bless the work your doing and as one big happy family under heaven as one we will "preach THE good news of the Kingdom.

August 31, 2015 - Los Angeles, California

[From a former Circuit Overseer] Hello Dear Friends, it late in the evening but my wife said please tell these brothers and sisters that the entire world needs to read the articles on the Australian Inquiry dealing with Child Abuse and read the commentarygiven in the latest release of yours and then it should say CASE CLOSED. And now Open is the opportunity for ALL to be the [Faithful and Discreet Slave]. Me and my wife can't stop laughing at the prospect of children applying, bible students applying. I mean, if I should lose my mind, I might even apply to "fill the role." Dear brothers, are you kidding me! That was the most cowardly display of leadership I've ever witnessed, a complete 180 degree about face from what is printed. Forgive me Father in Heaven for I was blind, but boy oh boy, do I now see!! My wife and two sisters did some witnessing today at a flea market spreading the love of the Christ around to any and all who'd listen to the plain and open teachings of Jesus. So before I get too charged up let me end by saying keep doing God's will and remain Humble!

August 26, 2015 - Brooklyn, New York

[From a former Elder] Greetings Dear Brother and Sister, I'm a recently removed Elder (by choice) and a close friend of [a former District Overseer], and I just wanted you forward thinking faith sons of God to know just how important your words have been not only for me and my entire family, but also a great many others in the New York area and its surrounding cities. The way you methodically shred the ‘earthly hope’ and build a solid foundation for the ‘heavenly hope’ being for ALL PEOPLES and not just for a 144,000 for all time invited to share in the Glorious Hope of Eternal Life is second to none. We also as a family enjoy the audio recordings because it gives us a chance to listen to the spiritual food while traveling. So thank the dear brother for his encouraging readings of the information. I'm not a skilled user of the internet but [a former District Overseer] thought you'd like to hear from us at least once, so "Hello everyone."

I awakened to sonship about 2 years ago but my spirit took flight when my wife and teenage daughters also awakened with such a conviction about their hope that it made me feel like a slacker, that I didn't have a choice really other than to finally step away so that we as a family could live our faith out loud without being "owned" by or at least "monitored" by the Society. Now we all are pioneers but for the Kingdom of Believers into the Harvesting work you talk about on your sister site Faith Sons of God. And we love the freedom to converse without converting people and it feels wonderful. If you ever want to have a really satisfying day without being judgmental, try sharing a scripture with someone and then being able to agree with them because it's actually the right understanding of the scripture instead of the arrogant response we'd normally give, but don't get me started. Anyway we love you all and look forward to an endless good time in the heavens. So keep us as we keep you in our prayers. Much Agape' love!!

August 23, 2015 - Chicago, Illinois

[From a former Elder] Greetings Faith Sons, Hey we're still here!! I know you brothers may have felt we've fallen of the rail but to the contrary we are very much on point and on track with our brothers all around the world. We would also like to extend our deepest sympathies to all victims of abuse in whatever form especially child abuse because of what it does to the mind and outlook on life and relationships, so our prayers remain heavily upon these precious souls. Your articles as usual express many of our same feelings concerning the shameful conduct on apart of the elders and the ridiculous two-faced testimony of Bro. Jackson of the Governing Body. When you listen to him, you wonder if he knows what he believes because it seem to be a case study in double talk. But anyway were happy that it's all on the record for the world to see. We are having a great deal of success with elders and pioneers awakening to their sonship and we suspect with the explanation of the anointing as explained by Bro. Jackson, many others will take a more prayerful disposition, one that includes them as a son and not just a friend. So remember us in your prayers dear fellow workers as we plow the field under cultivation. Bless you all, we can't wait for the glory ahead. One last thing a great big shout out to the Christ Experiment site with its vast communities, "wink-wink."

August 22, 2015 - Australia

The article [The Australian Inquiry - An Object Lesson for Self Governance] was well pointed, but I felt there was an important thought that seems to affect everybody in the world and that is MONEY. As we all know, money speaks volumes and I couldn't help but notice the Royal Commission has suggested to Mr. Jackson, that they could possibly have a pooling of resources for victims to receive help. This may be a real thorn in the flesh for the Governing Body in future days as we know they like to manage their own monetary affairs with no transparency and no accountability. I sit and wait for the developments of the final analysis of the Royal Commission, 'let the reader use discernment'.

August 22, 2015 - Reno, Nevada

[From a former Elder] [Regarding The Australian Inquiry - An Object Lesson in Self Governance] Dear brother and sister, what a treat this new article is for the soul of all lovers of righteousness. We pray that all those still in the Organization will read this information with an open mind. We continue strongly in support of this ministry of change because of its reflecting so beautifully on the purpose of Jesus’ life saving message. We are ever growing in numbers but more importantly the depth of understanding is what stands out in our minds. It's as if we were totally blind as Witnesses but thanks to our wonderful Father and His magnificent Son Jesus, we have a new lease on life. Keep the extraordinary work going because it aids us in dealing with various Witnesses and other church goers. Love you all God Bless.

August 22, 2015

[Regarding The Australian Inquiry - An Object Lesson in Self Governance] This article again is beautifully written with spirit. There was not too much force in the words, but you laid it out clearly and directly especially in regard to the comparison of the Roman intervention in the arrogant Jewish system.  We feel the dear ones within the organization are held there by FEAR, FAMILY and FRIENDS. And not until they overcome these feelings, will they be released and follow Jesus with freedom.  If Jehovah's Witnesses take the lead and make change, many other insidious "captive groups" could follow their lead. So many are trapped, even though individuals don't know it, in religions that take control of every part of their lives, such as Mormons, Bretheren, Scientologists and the like. What a world it would be without the shackles of religions. What we see today is not what Jesus preached and taught his followers, so much has been marred by humans and that is why we desperately need just the plain teachings of our Master.

August 20, 2015 - Reno, Nevada

[From a former Circuit Overseer] Hello dear friends and brothers in Christ, there is a great deal of movement in the spirit of our dear brothers in the Organization in a positive way because of the constant awakening because of their recognition of sonship. And to further confirm with a certainty the action many are taking to separate themselves from the false prophet is the recent Child Abuse Inquiry broadcasts aided bythe article review you so wonderfully provided. I don't have a full tabulated figure to give at this time, but I can say this, I've assisted 6 Witnesses this month alone and I'm the slow one of our group who daily are out in the Harvesting work. So without hesitation I can say with assurance that now is the time to get focused and strike with accuracy the spirit in these lost sons and gently guide them home to the body of Christ. So we here pray that the brothers and sisters all aiding in supporting this work or directly involved in the writings may the All Powerful Spirit of God the Father be with you all! We love you very sincerely as one flock and temple of God!!

August 11, 2015

The article [The Australia Inquiry - Review and Observations] was eloquently written. Very professional without soap boxing. I am hoping out loud and in my prayers that the Royal Commission gets their hands on this document prior to the final proceedings.

August 9, 2015 - Atlanta, Georgia

[From a former Elder] Hello dear friends, we hope this email finds you all in good health. Several of us as united faith sons watched in utter shock and disgust at theInquiry in Australia. It's indefensible, as much as a lover of Christ and worshipper of God the Father tries to give a person, group or Organization the benefit of the doubt, but the repeated dishonest statements from the Elders and Circuit Overseer and even those from the Branches just leaves no room for us in our hearts to see their point of view. It became increasingly obvious that sweeping changes need to be made from the top starting with the [Governing Body] down to every Elder and Ministerial Servant on how to do the right thing. The Society is in deep do-do because of their arrogance and many of their judgements against others is now staring them in the face. But that's them and this is us, and the "us" are the Faith Sons that are growing it seems daily so we are encouraged by this continual growth. [Two other Circuit Overseers] send their unwavering support and love for the brotherhood in Christ. May the Heavenly Father grant you peace and strength of spirit as we press on to the end of our days on Earth.

August 7, 2015 - Santa Cruz, California

[From a former Elder] [Regarding The Australian Inquiry] Hello dear brothers in Christ, we number in the hundreds and we only have a brief statement to make and that is: "Where's the humility and where's the spirit of God in the proceedings?" Dear friends we are simply disgusted with the lack of compassion, but more than that just the sheer absence of any fruit of the spirit shown by any member representing the Society. God bless the escapees of this soon to be desolate group of False Prophets and self serving egotistical wannabe Kings. Having said all of that, we still continue to pray for any honest hearted lover of Christ and our prayers go out to all the victims of any type of abuse or mishandling of any judicial hearing. And we ask with love in our hearts that none of you give up on the real hope, the only true Hope Jesus and his Apostles proclaimed and that's sonship with God and the promise of eternal life in the Kingdom of heaven.

August 6, 2015 - New York, New York

[From a former District Overseer] Dear Fellow Faith Sons, my wife and I are totally appalled and embarrassed at the straight forward telling of lie after lie. (See The Australian Inquiry.] It sickens us to believe we were once defenders of such behavior and a part of a really corrupt Organization. Our prayers go out to all victims of abuse in whatever form it rears its ugly head. Now is the time to stamp out the pesty bugs starting with the spraying of Bethel. Honestly brothers and sisters, the Governing Body did us all a huge service when they became the only members of the Faithful and Discreet Slave because now the entire planet can focus their attention on not me or you but solely on the Governing Body and everyone knows where to find them. We also found it quite extraordinary the use of a Catholic Expert Witness to defend the WB&TS. That's right brothers, there's an object lesson in that "when your back is against the wall who should you call "Christendom!" May the spirit truth speak in behalf of true sons when under trial and hardships, God bless brothers and sisters!! Let's band together in a spirit of unity like never before!

August 5, 2015 - Arlington, Texas

Hello family, we've been glued to the proceedings taking place in Australia, and it's been quite revealing to say the least. No love and consideration for the victims and a bunch of lying so called spiritual men who constantly misquote or misinterpret the scriptures. We here in Texas thank God the Father for getting us the heck out of the real Babylon that ain't so great!! Well we all look forward to your review and insights in an article of sorts. And on one final note I hope and pray the Geoffey Jackson is made to testify! Love and miss hearing from you, hope all is well with your health.

July 28, 2015 - Spain

I give thanks to our Father to find you and your webpage that both gives relief to us now and our conscience is clear and free of commands of men. Now we are happy in the spiritual sense. We want to reach out with the help from above and the blessing of the Father and Christ to help the whole inhabited earth, but with the pure teachings of Jesus. Thanks brothers, you are forging ahead with courage and with the spirit of the Father that is clear and obvious in you.

July 23, 2015

[From a former Elder] Your recent article "Jesus Declaration of Spiritual Independence" was a triumph of inspiration coming directly from Jesus Christ. The imprint of the spirit was all over that article. After I recognized how imprisoned I was by the spiritual chains that bound me as you so succinctly identified, it was as if I was suffocating through each day of life! Each meeting at the Kingdom Hall I attended was like going into a spiritual concentration camp. It's peculiar how for the previous four decades I did not experience how suffocated I was until accepting my sonship. The spirit could no longer bear being imprisoned. Allowing myself to be led by its power and influence the chains were snapped as if they were string. I stepped away from serving as an elder of many decades and now enjoy "the freedom of the sons of God."

This freedom includes a new found ministry. A new lease on life that never expires. An incomparable future that awaits when this temporal one ends. And the sublime satisfaction of knowing I am pleasing my brother Jesus and our Heavenly Father Jehovah. Please keep up the rescue work you are performing. Your brother,

July 22, 2015 - South Africa

Brothers, I am in my early 20's. I was baptized about 3 years ago.  Since then, I’ve always mentally struggled with the earthly hope, though I never saw it as an inferior hope. But deep down, I would try to fight with this intense desire of being in heaven with our Father and faithful siblings since I grew up being taught only a few ever will. I expected visible signs though I felt I was too young for Him to even acknowledge me. I have no experience as such to be called among those that have followed the Lamb.

On our last memorial after the emblems had passed, (though I did not acknowledge my sonship), I just had a feeling of disappointment. Months later I still fought the idea of being a son. I read every publication regarding adoption even though they stated that "One should not be judged" but I still felt the tone of the author judged me. I started reading the bible for answers including many commentaries. The night I decided to reject the whole 'stupid belief' I searched for the meaning 'anointed' on the internet and this site was first. How wonderful after reading and studying, a calm feeling of assurance that I also have a Father and Lord Jesus, and the heavenly hope is assured.

I no longer look for visible signs, neither do I expect my life to change by miracles. But I expect to be as common as anyone else. I expect the Spirit to lead me through this life. Though I haven’t taken from the emblems yet, the Spirit will lead me when the time comes. I'll never judge any of my brother [Jehovah’s Witnesses] including the [Governing Body]. I will leave that to Christ. Deep down I know they love God. Our Father will see us all through. How can a privilege which is open to All lead any man to think that he is better than his neighbor. I thank you brothers.

FROM THE AUTHORS: Dear Brother, you have truly gotten the sense of anointing. It is merely an awakening to who we are all meant to be. It is as natural as breathing. Thank you for sharing your experience. We hope others let go of the hype associated with being anointed, and simply confess union with Christ ... and breathe.

July 21, 2015 - Los Angeles, California USA

[From a former Circuit Overseer] Dear Faith Sons, this Independence article speaks to the truth of the mental and spiritual condition of most [Jehovah’s Witnesses] who will follow without question the sayings of the doings of the [Governing Body]. I speak to this issue with a heavy heart for I too was once enraptured by their words and honestly by my own self-imposed authority as a [Circuit Overseer] for many years, in the many cities around the country most recently in the Los Angeles area. And it wasn't until I awakened to my sonship with God the Father that I understood how much I was under the influence of the Organization headed by the Governing Body. Oh let me tell you, I could go on and on for days on my errors and shame. I just pray that honest hearted lovers of the Master Jesus Christ will prayerfully read the article and look up the scriptural texts and then meditate on their own Spiritual Independence. May the Father of All Goodness be with each of you in the Flock of God.

July 19, 2015 - Boston, Massachusetts USA

[From a former Elder] Dear Family, Today was a wonderfully rewarding day for the ministry Christ Jesus has sent us forth to accomplish. I met a man at the Kingdom Hall about 8 years ago who has been studying with an elder in the congregation up till now. The man has never submitted to baptism but has attended meetings regularly for all these years.

Approximately two months ago he saw me at [a restaurant] and asked about me since he had not seen me at the meetings due to my being disfellowshipped over the issue of partaking of the body of Christ at the memorial and my stance that all faith sons of God should follow the Master’s requirements. There are no restrictions as to the number invited to the Kingdom of the Heavens.

He said he missed me and wanted to come by my home to discuss what went down.  Over the past several weeks we have just read from the gospel accounts to see what the plain and open teachings of Jesus had to say about the invitation to the Kingdom of the Heavens. Two weeks ago he said he wanted to be baptized and celebrate the remembrance supper with me.

So today we went to the local YMCA swimming pool and I had the wonderful privilege of baptizing him. After the baptism we came back to my place and partook of the memorial supper of crackers and wine. The gospel account in Luke 22:20 indicated that Jesus had another cup of wine with his apostles after the evening meal to seal the new covenant. So we concluded with the covenant drink of wine.

With Christ Spirit of Truth at work, we accomplished in a few weeks of simply reading the gospel accounts without any other publications of the Watchtower Society what could not be accomplished with this brother having studied with a congregation elder for over 8 years and multiple books from the Society.

May the Father’s rich blessings be upon all Faith sons engaged in this authentic ministry.

July 16, 2015 - Spain

[Translated from Spanish] Hello brothers, thank you for this beautiful site. We love you and your work. The Lord and his son bless you for the good of all humanity.

July 15, 2015 - Beverly Hills, California USA

The ministry being conducted on the [TheChristExperiment site] has been encouraging and we hope and pray they take advantage of the wisdom and love you have for all peoples. We also enjoy all the experiences on the [FaithSonsofGod site]. But for us, this oldie but goodie first site is still very dear to our hearts so that why we reach out to you through this contact method. Our family and friends in India and in Germany have done a full 180 degree turn about from where they were years prior to our rebirth, and the plain and open teachings is sweeping through our neighborhoods and we couldn't be happier. So keep going if it be Gods will, love you both. As always, we will be in touch!

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