From an Elder - July 29, 2012

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On July 29, 2012, we received a letter from an elder of a congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the United States.  We asked him for permission to publish the contents of his email for the benefit of our association of brothers worldwide.  He gave his permission.  The contents of the email is below.

Dear Brothers,

I have derived much satisfaction from the recent series of articles you have posted. Foreordained from the Founding of the World was well written and insightful.  Your articles have unquestionably clarified the hope and aspirations that all Christians have a heavenly hope and adoption as sons of Jehovah.

The section of experiences of individual who are “non-witnesses” filled me with a sense of jealousy, as we have had opportunity to have borne this same fruit from our ministry if we only had the proper message.  While I am alone as an elder in the congregation who understands the implication of sonship and adoption, when I have sat on committee matters, particularly with young people who get involved with immorality, I have often felt these young ones might have a whole different outlook on moral cleanness if they truly understood their bodies are God’s temple, that Christ dwells within them, and that Jehovah is their father in the higher sense that Jesus taught.

I have read and re-read many of your articles multiple times attempting to memorize the scriptures.  Our publications, while good in many respects and are drawing people to God, seem to cease becoming fulfilling to the Christian who no longer desires milk.  So, for solid long-standing Christians who desire meat, I think our publications have become stagnate and cease to provide nourishment beyond the basics.  I believe this is why your articles have such an impact.

We will be having an elder's school at the end of the year.  I think if your letters to the Governing Body and Writing Department have had any impact whatsoever, it will be manifest then.  Sufficient enough time will have passed for them to have made an assessment about your site and how they will respond if they indeed decide to respond at all.

If they could actually take the giant step of correcting this matter of sonship and anointing, it could possibly provide a spurt of growth that we have not seen since the early 70’s when the book The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life was released.  At the same time, there would be significant fallout and even intense anger over this correction as I am sure you have contemplated.

Still if it doesn’t happen, I am confident our Lord Christ Jesus is well equipped to take care of all who are his own and not one of them will be lost.  I draw comfort from knowing this.

Continue to keep up your fine work, it is greatly appreciated.

Your brother,

We asked for permission to publish this letter because we believe there are many others in our association who have similar sentiments and perhaps they will agree to have their emails posted here for the encouragement of the others.  As we receive such permission, we will post them in this section.  We want to thank this brother for his courage and openness.  May the Father bless you, your family, and your congregation.


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