Discerning the Time of Inspection

who are led by spirit

“And when he got nearby, he viewed the city and wept over it, saying: ‘If you, even you, had discerned on this day the things having to do with peace—but now they have been hidden from your eyes. Because the days will come upon you when your enemies will build around you a fortification of pointed stakes and will encircle you and besiege you from every side. They will dash you and your children within you to the ground, and they will not leave a stone upon a stone in you, because you did not discern the time of your being inspected.”
– Luke 19:41-44

The above words were spoken by Jesus after he had delivered his farewell public address of mercy to mankind and his final denunciation of the false teachers and bigoted rulers of Israel. They had not comprehended that this ministry by Jesus of Nazareth was their opportunity to prove what sort of persons they really were. It was a ministry that ‘had to do with peace’ not war. So, were they truly God-oriented? Did they really want God’s will to be done on earth? If not, were they humble enough to accept correction and change the errors of their ways? Were their leaders kind shepherds or unyielding dictators? Were they really interested in truth or in power and position? Yes, this was ‘the time of their being inspected.’ And they failed because they had not discerned it.

In the same way, the ministry of Jesus continues to expose the true intent of those who claim to follow Jesus, especially the leaders who have taken on the responsibility as shepherds of the flock of God. Are they seeking peace or war?  Are they leading the sheep in their care to the Christ? Or are they corralling them in their own pens, taking stands against others for their own use and purposes? The plain and open teachings of Jesus reveal all:

“For the word of God is alive and exerts power and is sharper than any two-edged sword and pierces even to the dividing of soul and spirit, and of joints from the marrow, and is able to discern thoughts and intentions of the heart. And there is not a creation that is hidden from his sight, but all things are naked and openly exposed to the eyes of the one to whom we must give an account.”
– Hebrews 4:12-13

No one can escape this personal exposure, especially at this time in history when the true good news of peace is spreading across the globe and awakening the children of God at lightning speed.  This is indeed the Father’s Acceptable Year.  And it is correspondingly His Day of Inspection. Will those who are holding the Father’s children captive release them to enjoy their Jubilee?  (Luke 4:18-21) Will they ‘feed Jesus’ little sheep’ with the authentic teachings? (John 21:15-17) Will they be seeking peace, not war? Will they swing wide the doors to the Kingdom of the Heavens and let all those who wish to enter come in and take life’s waters free? (Revelation 22:17) Will they discern that this is ‘the time of their being inspected?’

A Pattern of Being Inspected

In the 1st century, Jesus had traveled throughout the land proclaiming the Father’s love for the children of men.  He preached the kingdom of the heavens as the goal toward which men must press. (Matthew 11:12) He had performed many miracles and wondrous works, even the resurrection of the dead. Many sick and afflicted had been made whole because they exercised faith in Jesus. But all of this proclamation of peace and truth and healing had not opened the eyes of those who refused to see light, those who were determined to reject the good news of the kingdom. They stubbornly held onto the erroneous idea, as taught by their scribes, that the Messiah was a warrior who would vanquish the enemies of the Jews, establish his kingdom on earth, and rule from the throne of David.

In every manner consistent with the Father’s will, Jesus and his apostles did their utmost to live in peace with their Jewish countrymen and to conform with the reasonable requirements of the laws of Moses and the traditions of Israel. They persistently sought peace, but the leaders of Israel would not have it. By rejecting the truth of the Father and the light of heaven, they aligned themselves on the side of error and darkness. But there cannot be peace between light and darkness, between life and death, between truth and error. (2 Corinthians 6:14)

Yet many dared to believe Jesus’ teachings and had already entered into the joy and liberty of the consciousness of sonship with the Father. (Colossians 1:13) This same sonship with the Father was offered to the entire Jewish nation, even to those very men who sought his destruction. And even up until Jesus’ death, the Father would have received these blinded teachers and these hypocritical leaders if they would have only humbled themselves, turned to Him and accepted His mercy. Even at that late date, it was not too late for them to receive the word of heaven and to welcome Jesus as the Son of God.

As Jesus explained in the 23rd chapter of Matthew, the Father had long dealt in mercy with this people. Generation after generation, He sent prophets to teach and warn them, and generation after generation, they killed these heaven-sent teachers. And after all that Jesus taught, their willful high priests and stubborn rulers went right on doing the same thing, this time seeking to kill, not just a prophet, but the prophet – the Son of God.

These leaders had heard the call to salvation and the invitation to unite with the heavenly kingdom as the sons of the living God. They had heard the offer of salvation and deliverance that had been offered even to them. But they slighted God’s mercy and rejected His messenger of truth.  They chose to ‘sit in the seat of Moses’ in stubborn obstinance of the Most High who rules in kingdoms of men. (Daniel 4:32) They laid heavy burdens on their brothers, burdens grievous to bear, but they would not lift as much as one finger to help them.  They oppressed the people with ceremonies and enslaved them by traditions. (Matthew 23:2-4)    

They delighted in proclaiming their works (not demonstrating their faith) so that they would be seen by men. They made elaborate garments and official robes to glorify themselves and sought the favorable places at the feasts and the chief seats in the synagogues. They wanted to hear the plaudits of men for their form of godly devotion, while at the same time, they took advantage of widows and took profit from the services of the sacred temple – they had become more merchants than ministers.  (Matthew 23:5-7)    

Their leaders professed to have a direct line to God, yet they rejected the very one who came in the Father’s name to reveal the true nature of God and His love and mercy to man.  And for these, and many more reasons, Jesus pronounced ‘woes’ against them in Matthew 23:13-37.

As long as there was a chance that the Jews would turn to the Father and seek salvation, the ‘God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’ would have kept His hands of mercy outstretched toward them; but when they had once filled up their cup of impenitence, and when they had finally rejected the Father’s mercy, the nation of Israel was left to its own counsels, and it speedily came to an inglorious end. The people who were called to become the light of the world, to show forth the spiritual glory of a God-knowing race, had so far departed from the fulfillment of their divine privileges that their leaders committed the supreme folly of all the ages in that they finally rejected the gift of God to all men and for all ages — the revelation of the love of the Father in heaven for all His creatures on earth and His long-standing purpose to adopt them as His sons into the heavens. (Ephesians 1:3-5)

The Father had long worked for their salvation, and sent Jesus to live among them and personally show them the way. Many of both the Jews and the Samaritans, and even the gentiles, believed the gospel of the kingdom. But those who should have been first to come forward and accept the light of heaven steadfastly refused to believe the revelation of the truth. And when they did reject this revelation of God to man, the kingdom of heaven was given to other peoples, to those who received it with joy and gladness.  The Jews lost their position in the world as the standard-bearers of eternal truth and the custodians of the divine law. As Jesus said:

“This is why I say to you, the Kingdom of God will be taken from you and be given to a nation producing its fruits.”
– Matthew 21:43

They had failed to discern their own time of inspection and now, their ‘house was abandoned’ by God. (Matthew 23:38)

The Status of the Individual Jew

The fact that the spiritual leaders and the religious teachers of the Jewish nation onetime rejected the teachings of Jesus and conspired to bring about his cruel death, does not in any manner affect the status of any individual Jew in his standing before God. And it should not cause those who profess to be followers of the Christ to be prejudiced against the Jew as a fellow human being. The Jews, as a nation, as a sociopolitical group, paid in full the terrible price of rejecting the Prince of Peace. Long since they ceased to be the spiritual torchbearers of divine truth to mankind, but this constitutes no valid reason why the individual descendants of these long-ago Jews should be made to suffer the persecutions which have been visited upon them by intolerant, unworthy, and bigoted professed followers of Jesus of Nazareth, who was, himself, a Jew by natural birth.

Many times has this unreasoning and un-Christlike hatred and persecution of modern Jews terminated in the suffering and death of some innocent and unoffending Jewish individual whose very ancestors, in the times of Jesus, quite likely accepted his gospel and died unflinchingly for that truth which they so wholeheartedly believed. What a shudder of horror must pass over our onlooking celestial family as they behold the professed followers of Jesus indulge themselves in persecuting, harassing, and even murdering the later-day descendants of Peter, Philip, Matthew, Paul and others of the Palestinian Jews who so gloriously yielded up their lives as the first martyrs of the gospel of the heavenly kingdom!

How cruel and unreasoning to compel innocent children to suffer for the sins of their progenitors, misdeeds of which they are wholly ignorant, and for which they could in no way be responsible. And to do such wicked deeds in the name of one who taught his disciples to love even their enemies! It was necessary, in the narratives of the life of Jesus, to portray the manner in which certain of his fellow Jews rejected him and conspired to bring about his ignominious death; but all should be cautioned that those narratives in no way justifies the unjust hatred, nor condones the unfair attitude of mind, which so many professed Christians have maintained toward individual Jews for many centuries. Sons of the Kingdom, those who follow the plain and open teachings of Jesus, must never mistreat the individual Jew as one who is guilty of the rejection and murder of Jesus. The Father and His Son have never ceased to love the Jews. God is not partial, and salvation is for the Jew as well as for the gentile.

A Self-Inflicted Inspection

In this 21st century, many Christians continue to look to the nation of Israel as a guide to serving God. But few have chosen so steadfastly to imitate the ancient nation as have Jehovah’s Witnesses, at the direction of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society and their Governing Body. The Witnesses recognize the divine position the Jews once held in the preservation of truth, and took upon themselves the role of being their modern day counterparts. By patterning themselves after a failed and disapproved nation who rejected the Christ and sought to murder the Son of God, they unwittingly brought upon themselves the same scrutiny, the same inspection, and the same judgment. But have Jehovah’s Witnesses really patterned themselves after the Jewish nation?  Let’s see. While these may be hard words for Jehovah’s Witnesses to hear, it is imperative that they open their eyes and see where they are in the stream of time. Sometimes an honest look at one's self can be hard to take, but the humble child-like believer will digest and reevaluate his stance and adjust himself accordingly.

In the beginning, when they were known as “Bible Students,” they viewed themselves as Christians, followers of Jesus Christ, and all of them as heirs to the heavenly kingdom. But with a changing of the guards in the 1930's, they turned away from Jesus as their leader, and returned to the leadership of Yahweh, or Jehovah, in spite of Jesus’ express words:

“Neither be called leaders, for your Leader is one, the Christ.”
– Matthew 23:10

They even took on the name “Jehovah’s Witnesses” in opposition to, or in defiance of, Jesus’ direct instructions that his followers were to be witnesses of him.

“But you will receive power when the holy spirit comes upon you, and you will be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the most distant part of the earth.”
– Acts 1:8 

Like the 1st century Jews, they are looking for the glorified Jesus to return to earth, vanquish his enemies and establish his kingdom on earth, ruling from ‘the throne of David.’ Never mind that the Bible repeatedly states that Jesus’ kingdom is no part of this world (John 18:36), that one must be born from spirit to enter it (John 3:5-6), and that flesh and blood cannot enter into it. (1 Corinthians 15:50)

About the same time, they turned away from the belief in a heavenly hope for all Christians, and returned to the Jewish hope of ‘a land of milk and honey’ on earth. Instead of being baptized into the death of Christ (Romans 6:3), they declared “Millions now living will never die!”  In support of that declaration, they fabricated a teaching that only 144,000 Christians will go to heaven, which is based on an erroneous reading of Revelation 5:10 and Revelation 7:4-10(See The Great Crowd of Partakers.) And from that point forward, they fashioned their teachings so that the number among them who professed union with Christ with the heavenly hope would slowly dwindle.  In fact, they taught that the faster the anointed sons of God would die off, the sooner the end would come.  This is in direct opposition to what was spoken by John the Baptist, namely that the anointed sons of God who follow Jesus ‘must keep on increasing’ while those who have not been anointed ‘must keep on decreasing.’ (John 3:30) For a detailed discussion of this development see That One Must Keep on Increasing.

Soon, they separated themselves from the Christian community whom they disdainfully labeled “Christendom,” and a major part of “Babylon the Great, the World Empire of False Religion.”  And they were determined that they would be no part of Christendom. To this day, they do not share in any interdenominational activities, and will, in fact, reprimand any who dare attend a Christian church, even if it is to attend the funeral of a loved one!  They are so beaten down in their avoidance of practically all Christian customs and associations, that most are uncomfortable with the use of the name “Jesus” unless it is quickly followed up by a proclamation of “Jehovah,” “Jehovah,” “Jehovah!”

In name, they profess to follow Jesus, but their teachings, by far, are founded on the ‘old wine’ of the Old Testament and the conduct of the Jews. One need only look at their scheduled meeting programs, and the topics in their books and magazines. Most Jehovah’s Witnesses are better versed in the Mosaic Law and the activities of the nation of Israel than they are in the life and ministry of Jesus and the apostles. And their actions – particularly their allegiance – demonstrates that their leader is not the Christ, but the Governing Body.  That is, with the exception of the few among them who are courageous enough to openly confess union with Christ as a son of God and heir to the heavenly kingdom.

Thus, it is not odd that they would find themselves with the same mindset and viewpoint as the 1st century Jewish nation. What began as a promising group of Christ-led, spirit-filled men and women existing as ‘anointed congregations’ has now degenerated into another oppressive religious organization modeled after the Jewish Sanhedrin of scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees. Now that the plain and open teachings of Jesus are being restored and again being preached around the world, Jehovah’s Witnesses find themselves under the same intense scrutiny as occurred in the 1st century, and are due an inspection by the Most High for their crimes against the Son of God and his brothers. (Matthew 25:40)  Let’s look at some of the similarities in the mindset of the 1st century Jewish religious leaders and the modern day Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In the article That One Must Keep on Increasing, we set forth several undeniable parallels between the baptisms of John the Baptist as a forerunner of Christ, and the baptisms of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Nearly every Jehovah’s Witness knows that their baptism is not the Christian baptism because they do not believe that their baptism is accompanied by a bestowal of the spirit; they do not believe their baptism places them in the covenant for a kingdom; they do not believe their baptism allows them to participate in the Memorial Supper; they do not believe their baptism makes them sons of God; and they do not believe their baptism places them on the path to the heavenly kingdom.  Their baptism is a complete rejection of everything Jesus lived and died for.

Here are some other similarities:

The Jewish leaders viewed their version of religion to be infallible and their rules superior to all other nations whom they considered contemptible. 

The Governing Body views their organization as the only approved religion on earth and all other religions as part of ‘Satan’s system.’

The Jewish leaders expected a warrior Messiah who would destroy the gentile nations and set up his kingdom on earth and rule from the throne of David.

The Governing Body views the Kingdom of God as an earthly government that will war with all those who oppose their teachings, and designate them as the rulers of the world;

The Jewish leaders rejected the message of a merciful Father and His Prince of Peace who are working for the salvation of the world, not the destruction of it.

The Governing Body rejects the idea that Christ Jesus is coming at the Father’s direction as a savior, and instead see, as the only solution, worldwide destruction of their enemies and opponents. 

The Jewish leaders added hundreds of burdensome rules that imposed on practically every private aspects of the personal lives and decisions of the people.

The Governing Body has established invasive rules that restrict the free will of its members including decisions about family, medical care, education, entertainment, and others.

The Jewish leaders fleeced the people of their resources, but showed no mercy to widows and orphans.

The Governing Body continually requests financial donations and free labor from the brothers to build up their storehouses, but offer no provision for caring for the material needs of those who fall on hard times.

The Jewish leaders viewed the claim of being a son of God as blasphemous.

The Governing Body view the claim of being a son of God as a ‘mental disease.’

The Jewish leaders ordered the Christians to stop speaking about their hope in Christ Jesus.

The Governing Body, though its minions, orders those with the heavenly hope to stop speaking about their hope in the congregations.

The Jewish leaders sought to exterminate the sons of God and expelled from the synagogues any who claimed union with Christ Jesus.

The Governing Body, through its minions, seek ways to spiritually kill any who claim to be anointed sons of God by way of disfellowshipping and labeling them as apostates worthy of destruction. 

The parallels are frightening! And for these and other reasons, the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is destined to suffer the same fate as the 1st century Jewish religious system when the time of their inspection arrives upon them.

The Proclamation of Woes

Early in his ministry, Jesus gave this simple rule:

“Stop judging that you may not be judged; for with the judgment you are judging, you will be judged, and with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you.”
– Matthew 7:1-2

Over the years, the Governing Body and its predecessors have proclaimed a multitude of judgments and indictments against others religions and religious peoples. They even condemn others for practicing the same things Jehovah’s Witnesses once practiced, such as celebrating Christmas and holidays, smoking, and for using Egyptian and pagan symbolisms in their publications.  It is like the parable of the Unforgiving Debtor, who was forgiven a great debt, but immediately turned around and exacted the full payment of a much lesser debt of his fellow countryman. (Matthew 18:21-34) The parable concludes:

“My heavenly Father will also deal with you in the same way if each of you does not forgive your brother from your heart.”
– Matthew 18:35

This is a lesson the Governing Body has not learned. Accordingly, the same measure of judgment that they measured out shall be meted out against them, and the same lack of mercy that they extended to others, shall be extended to them.  For the measure they continue to measure out shows the most arrogant of unrepentant leaders of all the religions on the earth. They have been warned of the repercussions of pride and so they shall fall with the sound of thunder as will all who dare trample upon the blood of Jesus and do injustice to his brothers. We know of no religion on the face of this earth that is more Anti-Christ than the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Since they choose to pattern themselves after a disapproved nation, they have been disapproved.

We, and many, many others over the years, have attempted to readjust the Governing Body through letters, personal meetings, various websites, and other methods. This website, in particular, has sought to help the Governing Body come to a better understanding of the seriousness of the need to show mercy, patience, and tolerance. We have sought to broaden their understanding of the responsibilities they have presumptively assumed, including the responsibilities associated with their claim of sonship with God, and the obligation to speak truth to others as to the true hope for mankind.

The evidence shows that with love, patience, kindness, mildness and deep respect, we repeatedly sent letters and wrote dozens of scripturally based articles on these matters. The Spirit of Truth has borne witness with hundreds of thousands within the Watchtower organization and millions around the world.  It has even borne witness with these men, but instead of opening their eyes and humbling themselves before the Father and His Christ, they were increasingly blinded by fear and prejudice. And their hearts were hardened by the continued rejection of the appealing truths of the good news of the kingdom. We do not know how they will justify themselves or their actions when their hour comes.  But we do know that when men shut off the appeal of the spirit that dwells within them, there is little that can be done to modify their attitude.  And so we declare:

Woe to you, Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You would shut the doors of the kingdom of heaven against sincere men and women because they happen to disagree with your teachings. You refuse to enter the kingdom and at the same time do everything within your power to prevent all others from entering. You stand with your backs to the doors of salvation and fight with all who would enter therein. You do the works of your father; you are not ‘Abraham’s children.’

Woe to you, Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. For you are scrupulous to cleanse the ‘outside of the cup’ so that your numbers and annual reports flatter you, but within those numbers are the filth of extortion and deception. You are spiritually blind. Do you not recognize how much better it would be first to cleanse the inside of the congregation, and then what spills out would be honorable reports? You make the outward performances of your religion to conform with the letter of your interpretation of Moses’ law while your souls are steeped in iniquity as you trample on the teachings and the blood of the Christ and impale him anew.

Woe to you, Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You do indeed take your proselytizing across land and sea to make one Witness, and when you have succeeded, you are not content until you have either made him into one of your blind footstep soldiers or turned him against God completely. But the very ones you have trampled on will proceed ahead of you into the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Woe to you, Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. False teachers, blind guides! You have infected the entire organization with your lies and deceit. What can be expected of a nation when the blind lead the blind? They both shall stumble into the pit of destruction.

Woe to you Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You imprison the faith of the flock in your care and dare them to try to escape.  You inhibit their freedom of speech, their freedom of worship, their freedom of association, their freedom of movement. Where the spirit of the Father is there is freedom.  Clearly, the Father’s spirit does not pervade your Bethel headquarters.  Your Bethel has lived up to its namesake of being renowned as a center of false worship and an idolatrous sanctuary, as you acknowledge in your own publications. (Insight Book, Volume 1, page 296 “Bethel”)

Woe to you Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Cowards! You know full well the error of your teachings and the errors of your predecessors, yet you continue to promote those death-dealing ideas without concern for the spiritual health of the flock.

We have up until this time supported the Governing Body in hopes that they would see the errors of their ways and turn to the righteous ways of the Son of God. We addressed them as brothers and we would continue to do so if they had shone even an inkling of humility and mercy toward Christ’s brothers.  But they would not have it that way. They continue their Anti-Christian attitude, their vigorous disdain for the sons of God and the Kingdom of the Heavens, their blood-guilty ministry and their ceaseless actions of disrespect to the place and purpose of the Spirit of Truth. If only they had discerned the time of their being inspected!

Unless and until they repent as did the Ninevites (Matthew 12:41), and return to true worship, we shall have no further dealings with them.  We wash our hands and shake the dust off our feet!

Status of the Individual Jehovah’s Witness

It would be error to lay upon the heads of each individual Jehovah’s Witness the sins of the Governing Body. They are victims of a shrewd and calculated business enterprise that has long since lost its way.  These sheep developed the art of faith, though it is misplaced. They demonstrated a love of study and research, though it is inhibited. And they developed the skill of a dedicated ministry, though it is the wrong message. These abilities are valuable in the eyes of the Father and can be used for his glory if these sheep would ‘pick up their torture stakes’ and follow the Christ, not men.

The time has come for each of Jehovah’s Witnesses to turn away from the error of men and join themselves to the Christ and the true brotherhood of the sons of God. Now is the time to abandon and flee from the Anti-Christian group of blind guides. You are not destined to go down with the ship unless you stay on the ship.

Remember the cry to flee Jerusalem in the 1st century. (Matthew 24:15-16) Only those who heeded the call survived to continue a ministry of glad tidings. Whereas, all who remained, for whatever reason, found themselves victims of unimaginable tragedy from which they did not recover. Remember, too, the Jews believed God would crush their enemies and vindicate the nation of Israel.  Instead, it was the Jewish system that was crushed, while there enemies were allowed to continue on.  We will see this same development occurring in this ‘time of inspection’ in connection with the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.

Prior to this time, our brothers had nowhere to go.  They had been skinned and thrown about by their shepherds and saw only isolation, pain and anger if they were to ever leave.  But now there has developed a worldwide brotherhood of the sons of the kingdom of the heaven who will help you and support you in your flight to safety. We have published on our website over 200 articles of hearty spiritual food to sustain you.

The appointed time for a spiritualized season is upon us. We all must be willing to stand on the side of Christ Jesus and recognize the rulership of the Most High in the Kingdoms of Men. The appointed time for freedom’s trumpet approaches due to the efforts of faithful sons of God worldwide who have awakened this world to the true good news.  At the rate of growth in the sons of God, perhaps we are only a generation away from a golden age of enlightenment! It will require impartial brotherly love and consecrated service to experience it personally. So now is the time for serious contemplation by all lovers of righteousness to stand up!  Not  with miliary might but with spiritual strength and unshakable faith in the promises of the One who cannot lie.

Dear brothers, this is your Jubilee – you have been set free so flee to safety. The Father’s spirit is upon you so you will never be alone! Remember:

“And what agreement does God’s temple have with idols? For we are a temple of a living God; just as God said: “I will reside among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.” “‘Therefore, get out from among them, and separate yourselves,’ says Jehovah, ‘and quit touching the unclean thing’”; “‘and I will take you in.’” “‘And I will become a father to you, and you will become sons and daughters to me,’ says Jehovah, the Almighty.”
– 2 Corinthians 6:15-18

You have heard the good news of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man as Jesus taught it. You have recovered your spiritual vision. You have been released, and sent away free.  As Jesus said:

“Jehovah’s spirit is upon me, because he anointed me to declare good news to the poor. He sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and a recovery of sight to the blind, to send the crushed ones away free, to preach Jehovah’s acceptable year.” With that he rolled up the scroll, handed it back to the attendant, and sat down; and the eyes of all in the synagogue were intently fixed on him. Then he began to say to them: “Today this scripture that you just heard is fulfilled.”
– Luke 4:18-21

Today, this scripture is fulfilled – once for all time!  Where will you, the individual, stand when the Governing Body undergoes its time of inspection? They cannot escape it. They brought it upon themselves by foolishly patterning themselves after a failed nation. They cast the first stone.  Now it is up to the Most High to respond. To whom do you belong? The next article in this series will help our brothers to stand up against religious tyranny and enjoy ‘the glorious freedom of the children of God.’ (Romans 8:21-22)

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