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    It was a triumphant entry into Jerusalem; people lined the roads, singing with great joy, proclaiming the arrival of Jesus of Nazareth, the King. Yet the Pharisees began grumbling and wanted the enthusiasm of the disciples hushed. 

“As he moved along they kept spreading their outer garments on the road. As soon as he got near the road down the Mount of Olives all the multitude of the disciples started to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice concerning all the powerful works they had seen, saying: ‘Blessed is the One coming as the King in Jehovah’s name! Peace in heaven, and glory in the highest places!’ However, some of the Pharisees from the crowd said to him: ‘Teacher, rebuke your disciples.’  But in reply he said: ‘I tell you, if these remained silent, the stones would cry out.”

– Luke 19:36-40

    Our Lord could have called on his Heavenly Father and had these inanimate objects, these very stones men walked upon, to call out if no human voice could be heard on this important occasion. Yet, it was not necessary.  His disciples willingly and joyfully cried out! We also wanted to cry out and introduce people in Tasmania, Australia, to Jesus of Nazareth and his plain and open teachings.

    Recently, we ceased attending the meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we stopped preaching ‘another sort of good news’ (Galatians 1:6), and we were released from the hold of the Governing Body.  As one of us was ‘anointed’ in the organization, we were seeking answers that would help us understand the heavenly realms and our heavenly Father. It was limited within the Watchtower organization, and we had utilized the Watchtower Library to its fullest. 

    In search of answers, we contacted many other ‘anointed’ ones, but were not able to talk deeply about heavenly things. We still found some of the conversations led to more frustration, as there was confusion in the ranks.  With so many different viewpoints, and the belief of a paradise earth, nothing seemed to fit.  We wanted to know more as Paul wrote:

“Keep your minds fixed on the things above, not on the things upon the earth.”

– Colossians 3:2

Spirit Directed

    Frustrated by the Watchtower Society focusing mainly on the ‘great crowd,’ one day we typed in ‘anointed Jehovah’s Witnesses’ on the internet and this site,, came up.  Examining this carefully, we read and read, many times into the early hours of the morning.  At last, our questions were being answered. In ourselves, we knew we had been spirit directed to this amazing information as we had been seeking. Jesus words had come true for us.

“Accordingly I say to you, Keep on asking, and it will be given you; keep on seeking, and you will find; keep on knocking, and it will be opened to you. For everyone asking receives, and everyone seeking finds, and to everyone knocking it will be opened.”

– Luke 11:9-10

    Answers poured forth. It was a lot to take in, but at last we felt the true freedom of truth. (John 8:32)

    We believe with complete faith that this was the path we were directed to. Hence, from that time on, it has consumed our lives.  Our Lord Christ Jesus waited to use this 21st century, with its many instant tools of communication and information, to spread his message to mankind again, and to revitalize his plain and open teachings as people are enlightened and awakened to the message of sonship.

    For our ministry, we were basically encouraged by the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses to always look for opportunities and avenues to spread the message in our preaching work.  And we are grateful for this training. We believe their intentions were good.  A few years ago, while in the organization, we saw that a brother, who was a pioneer, had cards printed directing people to contact him for a Bible Study. No doubt, he left it with people he thought would be interested. Seeing this, we had cards printed with the address of the local Kingdom Hall and our phone number on it.  Unbeknown to us, this was a prelude to a greater message.  

    Convinced of the importance of this website, we went about printing a new lot of cards directing people to this site. No phone numbers, no names, just the site and a short message. The results have been wonderful.

Our Ministry

    Our employment circumstances are no doubt different from many others, as we run our own shop, making our own products.  People browse for a long time in our store since they are on holiday and are relaxed and friendly. We are in a tourist town and have people from all over the world come to it.  Following the example of Jesus of Nazareth, we sought to inquire of the people, to learn their thoughts and show genuine interest. Hence our conversations led to him and his wonderful life and purpose of uniting mankind to sonship.  We have placed our cards in little card-size gift bags and present it to them as a little gift, relating a better world of people truly loving one another and having the opportunity to change the world.

   So many delightful spiritual conversations have arisen by following Jesus example and interest in his creation. They reaffirm our faith and also the faith of those we talk with. Taking the card out of the bag and reading the comments, they gratefully thank us and promise to go to the website.  Here is a list of just some of the countries this message has been taken home to – Brazil, New Zealand, Iran, Bermuda, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Uruguay, Russia, Sri Lanka, Columbia and many others.  Our aim is to give people the opportunity to read this website where they can browse contentedly on subjects that will ignite their indwelling spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16), as we personally have experienced.

    When we are out of the shop, we carry the packaged cards with us and in our interactions with people while shopping or at restaurants, we take notice of ones who are pleasant, and we smile and start a conversation, offering them the card. We remember:

“Whether you are eating or drinking or doing anything else, do all things for God’s glory.”

– 1 Corinthians 10:31

    Of the 250 cards we have given out, not one was refused. It is a little gift for them, and people respond pleasantly. As Jesus did, we look for the good in people, never the evil. “They will change, and they will accept him” is the outlook we try to have.  We all need to be encouraged to have faith in the heavenly journey waiting for mankind.

“Let us hold fast the public declaration of our hope without wavering, for he is faithful that promised.”

– Hebrews 10:23

    Our next project is to place an ad in the local and city newspapers.  We see everybody else’s ads in there. “What would stop us?” we thought.  Being in business, we tend to think of advertising, but we are not selling anything. It is just a good way to bring people’s attention to a website that can give them the truth of their existence.

    All our efforts, whatever we put into practice, actually speeds the prospect of bringing heaven down. We cannot always wait until people come to us so if we use the avenues of technology, it will be faster. We also thought of text messages to acquaintances, radio programs, and billboards.  Remember the huge billboard in New York.  The Watchtower buildings had plastered on their building, ‘READ GOD’S WORD DAILY’ and ‘THE WATCHTOWER’.   Were they bringing that idea to people’s minds?  Yes, indeed.

    Though, printing cards and putting ads in newspapers costs money, we came to this conclusion: For most of our lives, our family donated time and money into a society propagating lies and going against our spirit, a society that inhibited Jesus’ teaching of sonship with God.  But no more!  We now use our resources to support the plain and open teachings of Jesus.  We are not content to just say how wonderful the words are and speak these spirited words. We know there are expenses associated with keeping the ministry going. That is a fact of life.


    Our ministry in Tasmania is going well.  Amazingly, it is reaching out from this little island at the end of the world. We seek to touch people with the message of Jesus’ plain and open teachings. With no human entrenchments of worship, no organization to control them, just the magnificent words of our Master who gave of himself completely for his brothers so all could reach the Father and attain the adoption as sons. (Ephesians 1:3-5)

    There is so much more to learn of our dear Lord Christ Jesus, the son of God/son of man, who experienced all human emotions, hardships and feelings, who lived a genuine human life in the short years he was on earth in a way that we can imitate. So we follow his footsteps in helping people of our modern age to awaken to their sonship with God. That is our mission now.

    Jesus said:

“Look! I am coming quickly, and the reward I give is with me, to render to each one as his work is.”

– Revelation 22:12

    We ‘down under,’ are determined to continue the ministry of Jesus and his desire to ‘bring heaven down’ quickly so that the Father’s will may be done on earth as it is in heaven.’  (Matthew 6:10)  We pray that all will take measures in doing this as we join unitedly in a worldwide brotherhood.

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