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Throughout the world, within homes, Kingdom Halls, conventions, Branch Offices and even the Watchtower Headquarters, the words ‘Sonship with God for all mankind’ is a topic being discussed. Recognizing this one teaching is causing a great upheaval within the Watchtower organization, but it will bring spiritual refreshment to millions.

But how are the individual brothers and sisters reacting to this? What are their thoughts and concerns when they hear of the upheaval and discord among brothers holding positions of oversight, along with the strange ideas coming from their Governing Body? Let us look in on some possibilities.

SCENE ONE:  The scene opens in a well-furnished bedsitter with modern clean line furnishings located near the Bethel complexes in Brooklyn, New York. Adorning the shelves are photos of family members and longtime friends. The distinct aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeates the room. A small tray containing 2 cups and saucers and assorted condiments is sitting on the small table in front of the couch where a contemplative sister, a Bethel worker, sits awaiting her invited guest.     

As Sister Perplexed waits for the arrival of her dear friend, she ponders last night's meeting at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. What was announced shocked and perplexed her, and reawakened old thoughts and doubts she had managed to suppress for years. Another Elder had stepped down from his responsibilities! Last month, she had heard of a congregation that lost two longtime Elders, and beyond belief was the resignation of three District Overseers.  It was unbelievable!      

She felt an undercurrent of discontent throughout the Bethel Headquarters that were furthering her suspicions.  She had overheard a few heated arguments within the Writing Department and nearby areas. Even the Governing Body members had shown downcast demeanors and flashed disturbing glances at some prominent ones with whom they were having in depth discussions. There was much talk, and even criticism, of the organization’s long-standing, as well as the newly minted, teachings.    

Her thoughts were interrupted by a quiet tap on the door. It was Sister Excited. After sharing greetings, Sister Perplexed poured the coffee and each settled on the comfortable couch. Although they were a little fearful of what might be said, they trusted their love for each other and truly believed all would turn out well. The Spirit of Truth was with these two dear sisters who had long served the Father and were gathering together in Jesus name. They were slowly abandoning their fear of men and cautiously delving into the scriptures, searching for answers.    

Almost immediately, the conversation changed from light banter to the more serious matters that drew these two sisters together. Sister Excited boldly turned the conversation:    

“I just cannot believe Brother Dismayed gave up his position of eldership after so many years. What a shock!” She paused for an instant waiting for Sister Perplexed to respond and wondered whether to keep talking. Sister Perplexed smiled, dropped her head and took a deep breath.  Sister Excited continued “You know, there was talk of him saying there is only one hope. He was promoting sonship with God for ALL, not just 144,000. Can you believe that?”     

“I heard that too,” chimed in Sister Perplexed, holding back her own opinion that she agreed with Brother DismayedSister Perplexed continued: “But what do you suppose would change the thinking of a brother who is so strong in his faith and so loyal to the organization? And to hear of the District Overseers – Brother Unsettled, Brother Ruffled and don't forget Brother Reborn! They are all admirable brothers, and that has got me thinking. For these faithful men and their wives to change 180 degrees in their beliefs ... I don’t know, you can’t just shrug that off.  And to tell you the truth ...” Sister Perplexed paused for a second to gather her thoughts.  Was she ready to reveal the confidential matters of her heart? How would her longtime friend react? After taking a short breath, she continued: “I did a lot of looking into that very subject. Could it be true that ALL are sons of God with the heavenly hope?”    

“Don’t worry, I did a bit of searching myself,” confessed Sister Excited, “I read up on every scripture, every word, and it seems as if a veil has been lifted before my very eyes. Frankly, it is unbelievable how clear it is! Especially this scripture . . .”

She opened the Bible that was sitting on the coffee table and read:  

“You are all, in fact, sons of God through your faith in Christ Jesus. For all of you who were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor freeman, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in union with Christ Jesus.” 
- Galatians 3:26-28

“That’s pretty clear” said Sister Perplexed. Feeling more confident, Sister Excited continued: “You know, there’s a website that explains all this.  I’ve heard others mention it often. I know we are not supposed to look at other sites, but apparently many are looking at it.  So many of the friends are feeling that things are not right in the organization and many brothers in positions of oversight are convinced of the need to change and are directing ones to the site.” Hesitatingly she asked, “umm ... would you like to see the website?”    

Sister Perplexed rested back on the couch and laughed, “I know which one. I’ve seen it already!” They both giggled, knowing each had done the unthinkable – reading other websites!    

“Girl, I just had to look!” Sister Perplexed bubbled forth. “I figured, what am I afraid of?  We tell other people to examine their religious teachings, so why shouldn’t we do the same.  Remember Jesus said: “keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking” [Matthew 7:7-8] and Paul wrote “Keep testing whether you are in the faith.” [2 Corinthians 13:5]. We’re just doing some testing!”  They both laughed again.    

Relieved that the conversation was going well, Sister Perplexed poured another cup of coffee. Now with fear out of the way, they both shared scriptures and articles and openly confessed their union with Christ Jesus. Here they were, revealing the very things that had consumed their thinking in the last few months. What a relief!  A closeness was growing within each one to God as their Heavenly Father and to the glorious Christ Jesus as their only leader, savior and sovereign.      

The feeling of relief was exhilarating. The opportunity to speak openly and have an honest and open examination of the teachings of the organization was freeing – mentally, emotionally and of course spiritually! The Spirit of Truth was definitely in their midst that afternoon and for the first time, each of them felt at peace in their beliefs and their relationship with Jehovah. And the freedom to speak openly drew these sisters closer together as true sisters in Christ.    

As the visit neared the end, the two sisters wondered what the Governing Body intended do about this. What changes could be made and how might their friends and family react?  Only time would tell, but as far as they were concerned, this was no time to keep the plain and open teachings of Jesus bottled up! Their next challenge was, How do we share this information?

SCENE TWO:  The scene opens in an adjoining room off the main auditorium of a Kingdom Hall. Bookshelves line the end wall with Watchtower publications, and an oval timber table and half a dozen chairs are situated in the middle of the room. To the side of the table stand two men, both Elders within the congregation, engaged in an obviously serious discussion. The meeting has recently concluded and by the time we join the conversation, the Hall was practically empty.     

“I don’t think this is a wise idea,” said Brother Companyman, “Think of your family and what your stepping down will do to the congregation. Take time to reconsider what you are saying. Those ideas of yours are not what the Slave teaches!”    

“Look I have thought about this enough,” said Brother Christian. “I can see without a shadow of a doubt that the two hope teaching is wrong. The Apostle Paul only taught one hope – the heavenly hope.  Remember ‘one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of ALL!’ [Ephesians 4:4-6] Paul repeatedly encouraged all to reach out for the heavenly hope. He never said anything about any other destination for man. And think of what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount – the Kingdom of the Heavens belong to those conscious of their spiritual need, the pure in heart will see God, the peacemakers will be called sons of God, those who are persecuted will have a great reward in the heavens.’ [Matthew 5:3-11]    

“We all know these Scriptures,” continued Brother Christian, “yet we have always been told they apply only to the 144,000.  Brother, they belong to all of us. There is nothing in the whole Christian record that tells us otherwise or that divides the congregation into an earthly and a heavenly class. All mankind has the same opportunity to strive for and achieve everlasting life in heaven. In this conversation alone, I have shown you several scriptures that prove the one hope. I don’t know what else I can tell you. Besides, my family is waiting. And by the way, they are all in agreement with my decision. They understand that I can no longer go on teaching untruths from the platform, or taking the lead in a ministry of ‘another sort of good news,’” alluding to Galatians 1:6-9 and 2 Corinthians 11:4.    

“Okay, okay,” said Brother Companyman. “I see where you are coming from. But what difference does one person stepping down as an Elder make to an organization like ours? We need you here with us. You still believe this is Jehovah’s organization, don’t you?”     

Brother Christian sighed. “Brother, look at the Biblical record of Jehovah’s people. They were often misled. They were often disobedient.They apostatized. And in the final analysis, they were disapproved.  So whether this is Jehovah’s organization or not does not mean the teachings can’t be wrong.”  He paused for a second and then continued: 

“And, yes, one brother and his family can make a big difference. For one, it goes well with our spirit. We are at peace. It fits, Brother Companyman, it just fits. And we know that following the teachings of Jesus will please the Father. That’s what’s most important. It makes a difference in US. And our stand might move others to take a closer look at what they are being taught and what Jesus actually taught. Someone has to take a stand to honor Christ Jesus’ words and his authority over the earth. The Governing Body has just gone too far. The ‘new light’ that only the Governing Body is authorized to teach, and that we must follow their directions ‘whether they are sound from a human standpoint or not’ was just too much! It’s wrong, just wrong.”     

“Hold on there,” retorted Brother Companyman, “you are treading on dangerous ground now, talking against the Governing Body like that. Remember the sons of Korah!” “The sons of Korah?” replied Brother Christian. “The sons of Korah murmured against Moses. Are you saying the Governing Body is sitting in the seat of Moses? [Matthew 23:2] If so, where does Jesus stand? Brother, you’ve got to get your analogies correct!”  

“Besides,” he continued, “I don’t serve the Governing Body. If they are in error, they need to be corrected.  Men like you and me, those with ‘spiritual qualification’ are commanded to readjust them. [Galatians 6:1] But we are not living up to our spiritual obligations.  Elders like us just remain silent in fear of losing our position or being marked or disfellowshiped. I’m tired of living like that. I’m going to live my truth OUT LOUD.” Gathering his bookbag, he continued, “No, it’s not me that is on dangerous ground, it’s the Governing Body. I have prayed with my family that they see their error. If they could only humble themselves and make the correction, so many brothers will be refreshed and uplifted like my family has been. But until then, I can’t be a part of this, certainly not in a leadership role.”    

“Listen” said Brother Companyman, “I understand why you’re doing this, I just don’t think your timing is right.  Why not wait on Jehovah to correct things?”

“Wait on Jehovah?” said Brother Christian, “wait for what? Jesus already made it clear – there is only one hope for Christians. ‘From the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of the heavens is the goal toward which men press, and those pressing forward are seizing it.’ [Matthew 11:12] My family is seizing it!” Walking to the door, he continues:    

“You know I’m not alone in this, brother.  You must have heard of other Elders, Circuit Overseers and even District Overseers stepping down. There is a lot going on in the organization now. The Spirit of Truth is working overtime causing agitation in the spirit in an attempt to wake us up. There are great changes afoot and my family is going to be a part of that.”    

Brother Companyman gathers his briefcase and follows Brother Christian out saying “I will arrange a meeting with the other Elders and talk this over. Wait for my call.” Brother Christian smiles and walks to his car while Brother Companyman locks the doors. Ringing in Brother Christian’s ears is the scripture at 

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” He finally felt free!
- John 8:32  

He approaches his car and his waiting family.  He gives his wife a hug and they drive away silently.  Brother Christian reflects on his time as an Elder. For the most part, he enjoyed it – helping the brothers, the preaching work and even his assistance in building Kingdom Halls. But deep down there were things troubling him for quite some time, things he could no longer brush aside. But instead of looking back, he looked forward with both excitement and, dare he admit, a little fear. What will the future hold now that he has taken his stand on the side of Christ? Will the other Elders understand? Will he be disfellowshiped as an apostate?     

His wife, knowing her husband as she does, simply reached out to his hand that was resting on his lap. “You did the right thing, honey. We will be fine. We have each other. We have the Father. We have Christ Jesus.  And we have a glorious future ahead of us.”

SCENE THREE:  The scene opens in the backyard of a Jehovah's Witness family. The father, Brother Determined, tends a well-built barbeque, tossing the grilled meat. His wife, daughter and son are at the table, serving vegetables and salad, and drinking homemade lemonade under the shade of their beautiful oak tree. It had been an enjoyable day in the garden and now they were reaping the rewards of their bounteous crop. Brother Determined knew the subject had to be raised and he thought this would be the right time – they were relaxed and enjoying the cool evening. So, taking the cooked meat to the table, he offered a silent prayer and took his seat.   

“I wanted to talk to you all this evening about a serious matter.” The wife and children looked at each other wondering what dad had to say this time. Over the past few months, he had been a little distant. Although he was the congregation’s Watchtower Study Conductor, lately another brother would often handle that responsibility. But he was not spiritually weak. For long hours in the evening, they would find him at the kitchen table pouring over publication after publication, writing copious notes and praying. When he wasn’t studying, he had his head buried in the Bible, not jumping from scripture to scripture, but actually reading it cover to cover! His wife forced a smile for the sake of the children. She had dreaded this conversation, but she knew it was coming sooner or later.

Brother Determined smiled at his family and began. “After careful thought and prayerful consideration, I will be informing the brothers that I can no longer serve in the congregation.” “What?” said the son in disbelief, “you mean you are not going to be the Watchtower Conductor or you are not going to be an Elder?” “I’m not going to be either,” replied the father. “Are you okay, daddy? Are you getting disfellowshiped or something?” asked the daughter. “No, no, nothing like that. I’m having a kind of crisis of conscience, a kind of spiritual awakening,” said Brother Determined, “and I think it’s best for me to step down rather than be a hypocrite.”     

“What do you mean, John? Crisis of conscience. That sounds like the A word,” said the wife, alluding to apostasy. Brother Determined looked at his wife in disbelief. Then remembering the children were at the table, he continued. “You each know that I have been unsettled in spirit and unsure of some teachings by the organization. We have discussed some of these subjects before, so you know my viewpoint on things. Well, I’ve come to the point that I cannot continue to preach and teach errors. Until the Governing Body corrects its teachings, I can’t be a part of it.”  “Why can’t you just wait on Jehovah?” asserted the wife. “I AM waiting on Jehovah to correct the organization,” the father said. “But I can correct myself right now!”

“Well,” huffed his wife, “this really is no surprise to me, but I am not happy with it.  What’s everyone going to think?” “Yeah Dad,” said the son. “How are we going to answer all the questions of why you stepped down? First you start partaking and now you’re stepping down? They’re gonna think your mentally unbalanced!”

Brother Determined chuckled.  “Let me show you a scripture. Brittany, pass me that Bible over there.” The daughter grabs the Bible and hands it to her father.  He opens it up to Philippians and reads:

“I am pressing on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God by means of Christ Jesus. Therefore, let those of us who are mature be of this mental attitude, and if you are mentally inclined otherwise in any respect, God will reveal the above attitude to you.”
– Philippians 3:14-15

“Here Paul is telling the Philippians that he is reaching out for the upward call, the heavenly hope. And who does he say are the ones who need a mental adjustment?”  “Ha, ha!” laughed the daughter. “Those who are NOT seeking the heavenly hope!” “Right!” said the father.

“Well, does that mean that me, mom and Anthony should also be reaching out for the heavenly hope?” asked Brittany. “Looks that way,” said the father. “But it’s up to you to decide that you want it.” 

“Wait a minute,” said Anthony. “All my life, you’ve told us we had the earthly hope. We always talked about living forever in paradise on earth. We even had long discussions about what we were going to do in paradise. Now you’re saying you were wrong?”

Brother Determined, acknowledging the son’s frustration, said: “I’m afraid so, son. I was wrong. As the family head, I should have made sure of what I was being taught before teaching those things to you. I wish I could change that, but I can’t. What I can do is from now on, make sure that what we discuss in the way of spiritual things is accurate to the best of my understanding. And if you disagree with anything, I want you to speak up. We can find the answers together. This is your life as well as mine.”

“That all sounds well and good,” said the wife. “But I don’t want to move ahead of Jehovah’s organization. When the Governing Body says we all have the heavenly hope, then I’ll believe it!”  “Really?” asked the father“You think the right thing to do is wait for men when the Bible is so clear about one hope for all?”  “It’s not that clear to me,” said the wife. “I’m gonna wait on Jehovah!”

“Okay,” said Brother Determined. “Well, think about this.  Jesus said, as husband and wife, you and I are one flesh and no man should put us apart. [Matthew 19:6] Paul wrote that we are to subject ourselves to one another in fear of Christ. [Ephesians 5:21] So doesn’t that mean that when in doubt, we should be on the same side? I’m not in doubt at all. The scriptures are very clear to me. But you admit that you are not sure.” “I didn’t say that!” replied the wife“Well,” said the father, “if you are willing to change your mind if the Governing Body changes their mind, then you must not be sure. Otherwise, you would not change.  My point is this: why not stick with me, your husband, or at least be open to me – the person who is your own flesh?  I’m not saying you have to agree with me, but can’t you listen with an open mind?” 

The wife, not knowing quite how to respond, sat quietly as the children looked on in utter silence. The father, realizing the awkwardness of the conversation in front of the children said: “Perhaps we can finish this conversation later tonight. But I want you all to know that I’m not going anywhere. This is my family and I love my family. I just want to be honest with you about my thinking and intentions.”  Then he leaned over and kissed his wife tenderly on the forehead.    

“Now,” he said, “pass the salad!”  The kids laughed as the wife tried to hold back a smile. “And pass me a steak!” said the son.

SCENE FOUR:  The scene opens in the lobby of a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses after a Sunday meeting.  Several of the friends are engaged in lively conversations, especially a certain group of sisters. Nearby are two Elders, Brother Bossy and Brother Follower, covertly listening to their conversation. Brother Bossy shakes his head in disapproval. Again, Sister Courageous is talking about her hope! And right in the Kingdom Hall!  He nods to Brother Follower, who approaches Sister Courageous and asks if she will join Brother Bossy and himself in the library for a brief conversation.  The other sisters quickly disperse. But Sister Courageous, knowing exactly what is about transpire, is well prepared. She says a quiet prayer and enters the library. She takes a seat not too far from the door, and the two brothers pull up two chairs in front of her. Then the inquisition begins.   

“Sister Courageous” begins Brother Bossy, “we have asked you here to talk about the comment you made during the meeting about your hope of being in heaven with Jesus. We were surprised that you partook of the emblems at the Memorial this year, but you know the Slave teaches that only a small remnant today are anointed and going to heaven. The likelihood that you are one of them is rather remote, don’t you think?  It seems like you may have fallen victim to apostate thinking, and we fear you will confuse others in the congregation.” “That’s right,” chimed in Brother Follower. “And after the meeting, we find you in private conversation with other weak sisters who might be misled by someone such as yourself who speaks so boldly. But before we take any action, we want to hear from you, Why are you so determined to cause division in the congregation?”    

“Speaking about the heavenly hope, the hope Jesus taught, the hope the apostles taught, causes divisions? How can you say that?” asked Sister Courageous. Brother Follower made a shift in his seat. He knew Sister Courageous would speak her mind, but he hadn’t been prepared to answer any questions himself. So he turned to Brother Bossy for a response.    

“Sister Courageous, you know full well the Slave teaches that the hope for obedient mankind is everlasting life on earth. Your comments are going against the Governing Body. Remember, they are the only ones who are authorized to feed the sheep. Only the Governing Body is the ‘Faithful and Discreet Slave’ who has been appointed over the domestics. They are the channel God is using on earth today. If you hope to have God’s approval and survive Armageddon, you will have to submit to the direction of the channel God is using, whether it makes sense to you or not.”  Brother Follower cringed as he heard those words roll off Brother Bossy’s tongue.  Brother Follower was a loyal footstep follower of the Slave, but even that phrase from the November 15, 2013 Watchtower made him uncomfortable.    

“So are you saying that no one on earth today has the heavenly hope?” asked Sister Courageous. “Of course not,” said Brother Bossy, “but what makes you so sure you are one of them?”  “Well, brother” replied the sister, “what makes you so sure I am not? Remember ‘the Slave’ said one’s hope is between them and Jehovah alone.  I have a Watchtower in my bag that I want to show you.  It’s the June 15, 2009 issue.” She reached into her bookbag for the magazine. It was already opened to page 22.  “Here it is, paragraph 15” she says and begins reading:

“On the other hand, how should other Christians view a person who claims to have received this anointing and begins to partake of the emblems at the Memorial? He or she should not be judged. The matter is between this person and Jehovah. (Rom. 14:12)

She paused for emphasis. Then continued: “So, according to this, do you think ‘the Slave’ would approve of you questioning me about my hope?”     

Brother Bossy was stunned. He looked at Brother Follower as if to say ‘who does she think she is to say something like that to us.’  But Brother Follower just shrugged his shoulders.  He knew what they were in for before they even called Sister Courageous into the library.     

“Brothers, Paul said we should ‘hold firmly the public declaration of our hope without wavering.’ [Hebrews 10:23] I’m only following his counsel by making public declaration of MY hope. Are you saying I should not follow Paul’s counsel?” Again, Brother Follower shifted in his seat and looked to Brother Bossy to respond.

 “It is not so much that you talk about YOUR hope, Sister Courageous,” said Brother Bossy. “It’s more the fact that you are misleading others into believing they have the heavenly hope, too. After the Memorial, do you know how many brothers and sisters approached us asking about the heavenly hope? Even the Circuit Overseer said that the talk of sonship is growing like gangrene in the congregations around the world. We have to get a handle on this before it gets out of control. We have to keep the congregation clean from Babylon’s teachings. Until the Slave changes a teaching, we must wait on Jehovah.  Remember, sister, listen, obey and be blessed.”

Sister Courageous looked at Brother Bossy with a look of utter disbelief. She thought ‘Was he actually parroting Watchtower slogans? Did he even have an original thought?’ Brother Bossy sat there stoically as if he had just given the counsel of the year! Sister Courageous then turned her attention to Brother Follower who had his head down with his eyebrows raised. Even he was embarrassed at Brother Bossy’s response. Sister Courageous wanted so much to take these brothers verse by verse through the scriptures.  So many scriptures went through her mind such as Matthew 23:8-9, John 1:12, John 6:53, John 14:2-3, Galatians 3:26, Philippians 3:14-15. But she knew it would be fruitless. These brothers had an objective – to stop the talk of sonship in the congregation. They were not interested in truth. Beside, they already view her as too outspoken. ‘What if a sister actually tried to teach them something’ she thought to herself, chuckling inside. ‘They would go off the rails!’ Instead, she said:    

“Brothers, I respect the Governing Body as men who have taken on a responsibility to lead an organization.  But I serve Jehovah and I follow Christ Jesus. If that’s a problem, then you will have to work that out for yourselves. I have to be at peace with my own conscience and respond to the Spirit’s bearing witness with ME. And with all due respect, brothers, when I stand before the judgment seat, I will be standing alone. I will have to answer for my own actions. The Governing Body will not be there advocating for me, or providing an excuse for me. So I will live my life in the flesh based on what I believe to be true as a result of me training my ‘powers of discernment’ to distinguish both right and wrong. [Hebrews 5:14] So, no, I will not abdicate my salvation into the hands of men.”     

She paused for a second, and then continued: “I can’t turn my back on the spirit’s undeniable witness. But what I can do, brothers, is show you from the Bible why I believe that I am a child of God with the heavenly hope, and why I believe you, too, are sons of God with the heavenly hope.” 

Brother Follower raised his eyebrows again, looking straight at Sister Courageous. He seemed to be silently encouraging her to say more. Seeing his response, Brother Bossy quickly interjected, “That’s not necessary, sister. We are very aware of what the Bible teaches.” He then turned to Brother Follower, “I think we’ve made our point here. Don’t you think so?”  Brother Follower said “Ah ... yes, yes, we’ve made our point.”

“Well okay then,” said Brother Bossy, as he stood up. “You remember what we said.” “Will do, brothers,” said Sister Courageous with a confused look. As she rose, she noticed Brother Follower staring again. ‘Uh-oh,’ she thought with excitement, ‘the spirit is working with him!’ So she turned to shake Brother Follower’s hand and looking him straight in the eyes said: “If you brothers want to chat again, let me know.” “Yes, yes, of course, we will,” said Brother Bossy as he ushered Brother Follower to the door.

As Sister Courageous exited the room, she saw her friends waiting near the front door. She approached them and they all walked together to her car. “Let’s meet at the coffee shop and talk some more,” said Sister Curious. “Sure,” said Sister Courageous, “I’m always ready to talk about the kingdom.”  As she closed her car door, she saw Brother Bossy in the distance looking her way. She knew that wasn’t the end of it.  More meetings will follow. ‘But,’ she thought, ‘I’ll talk about the kingdom for as long as I can.’ She had the insight to know that her days as a member of the congregation was numbered. But as long as her relationship with the Father was in tact, she was fine with whatever was to come.

Unbeknownst to the brothers and sisters in the dramas, the Spirit of Truth was subtly guiding their responses. Many angels hovered above supporting these loyal ones as they engaged in these encouraging conversations of spiritual insight. They rejoiced that mankind was finally coming out of the archaic teachings and authoritative religions of men and are ushering in a new era of courageous worship of their Heavenly Father with spirit and truth.     

These dramatic excerpts demonstrate what standing for truth looks like. They each show in a simple way how one can speak the truth, take a stand for truth, and live the truth, even in the midst of error. The simple message of sonship has tremendous power to lift the hearts and minds of those who accept this free gift. But will the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses support these sons, the least of Christ’s brothers? Or will they stubbornly reject and persecute them? Will they humble themselves and ‘kiss the Son?’ Or will they go the way of 1st century Jerusalem?     

What could they be thinking? What is going on in the secret world of the Governing Body?  What is happening behind the closed doors of their meetings?  We will ponder those possibilities in the next dramatic presentation. 

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