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In the article, Leadership by Example and the drama A Prelude to Leadership, we proposed the possibility of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses making a humble statement, confessing the errors of their teachings and making a bold commitment to rejuvenate the faith of our brothers and sisters by allowing the formation and development of a true Christian fellowship right within the Kingdom Halls.

Could such a thing actually occur? Could men who have so long believed and taught error, men who had turned their backs on the Master Christ Jesus, really make a humble confession and a complete about-face? Could they change their ways? If so, how could it be accomplished? And how might the organization respond?

We will consider this possibility in our third drama, a fictitious Annual General Meeting of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, entitled, The Announcement!

“The Announcement!”

The Jersey Assembly Hall, USA. The program is streaming to over 2,000 locations in English speaking territories of seven branches. The Annual General Meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses is underway.    

The scene opens to a packed auditorium about mid-morning. Brother Hurt has just completed his announcement and was walking off the stage holding several pages and a Bible in his hand. Offstage stood the remaining members of the Governing Body, each one looking a little nervous, not knowing quite what to expect.   

The audience sits in absolute silence, almost in shock. We see many of the friends looking around with their mouths open, making eye contact with one another, but not knowing what to say. Some had been taking notes, but now their pens were perfectly still. Clearly, some are agitated, but their curiosity holds them captive. They simply cannot believe what they had heard, but they want to know more.     

After about 30 seconds – that seemed like 30 minutes – Brother Splaining-to-do walked to the podium. He stood there looking out over the audience, almost with a look of fear as if this was his very first talk. In the front row were several familiar faces, including Brother and Sister AwakerSon, Brother and Sister NewSon, Brother and Sister SonChose, and Brother and Sister McGrateful. Although they knew what was going to transpire, the words of Brother Hurt continued to ring in their ears. As if lost in a dream, Brother AwakerSon closed his eyes and relived the announcement by Brother Hurt, practically word for word  . . . 

The Announcement

[By Brother Sorely Hurt]

“As many of you may know, there have been many developments within our organization, some favorable, but many not so favorable. We are discovering that many of the unfavorable developments have arisen due to a failure on our part to truly discern the will of the Master Christ Jesus at this time in history. While we deeply appreciate the tireless and well-intended efforts of our predecessors in teaching truth to the best of their ability, we can no longer assent to those teachings that are not in harmony with what we have discovered are the original, actual, authentic, plain and open teachings of Christ Jesus.     

“We are not placing the error solely on our past leadership, as we have knowingly promoted and furthered those teachings ourselves. Though it may very well appear that we continued with these errors due to an improper motive, the truth is that we simply did not know how to right the wrongs in a way that would not completely destroy the faith of so many of our brothers and sisters who have trusted us over the years.  We had hoped that if we could somehow establish a clear channel of authority, we could gradually turn the organization toward the light.  But these efforts backfired and had the opposite effect of what was intended. It has now become clear that the only way to right matters is to openly acknowledge our errors and start anew.     

"Our most egregious error is that we have attempted to shut the doors to the kingdom of the heavens to the vast majority of our brothers and sisters.  We picked up and perpetuated the teaching that Jesus only prepared places in the heavens for a little flock of 144,000 Christians, while the remaining millions or billions would live on earth for an eternity, never to experience the unfathomable joys of the heavenly universe, never to be with Jesus, and never to meet their Father face to face.     

“But the truth is that Jesus has prepared places for ALL of those who accept him as their savior and follow in his footsteps, Yes, we are ALL sons of God as the Apostle Paul wrote:

You are all, in fact, sons of God through your faith in Christ Jesus. For all of you who were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor freeman, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in union with Christ Jesus.”
– Galatians 3:26-28

“Now, many in this audience already know this to be true, but you have patiently awaited our acknowledgment. We sincerely apologize for our slothfulness and for instilling in you brothers the idea that you had to wait for us before you could accept the invitation Jesus held out to you.  We admire the courage of so many who chose not to wait on us, but who openly confessed their union with Christ Jesus in spite of any opposition. This Annual General Meeting program is our effort to try to rise to your level of courage and consecration.     

“So, to all who have not understood the true Christian hope, and to those who knew but chose to wait on us, here is our open acknowledgment:    

“Brothers, there is only one hope that leads to everlasting life, and that is the heavenly hope.  The teaching that the vast majority of mankind only have the hope of everlasting life on earth IS WRONG. It is not what Jesus or the apostles taught, therefore it should not have been taught by us. 

“We acknowledge this error and we are sorry for our failure to correct this sooner. We sincerely ask for your forgiveness, but more importantly we ask that you not attribute our error to the Father or Christ Jesus and that you not turn aside from your faith in God because of the errors of men.    

“As Jesus said at Matthew 23:8-9, we are ALL brothers, we ALL have one leader, Christ Jesus and we ALL have one Father, the Great and Awesome Heavenly One.  As such, we are ALL brothers who ALL have the hope of eternal life in heaven as sons of God and heirs with Christ Jesus. [Romans 8:15-17] We humble ourselves before our one Father in the hope that in due time, He will accept our offer of corrected and humble service and bless us once again as Witnesses, but this time of His appointed sovereign, Christ Jesus, even as Jesus himself said:

“But you will receive power when the holy spirit comes upon you, and you will be witnesses of me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the most distant part of the earth.”
– Acts 1:8

“This one truth effects so many of our teachings and publications that mere revisions are not possible or proper.  What is now needed is a fresh start – a new era of truth and light – beginning with a new education program to teach the plain and open teachings of Jesus, first in our congregations, and then for use in the ministry. Yes, dear brothers, it is time for our entire organization to be ‘born again.’ [John 3:3]     

“We recognize that the greater number of our brothers and sisters do not consider themselves qualified as sons of God with the heavenly hope and therefore may have strong misgivings about this announcement. Our hope is that such brothers and sisters apply themselves to the education program and remain open to the possibility that our Grand Father has greater things in store for them.   

“We know this announcement will come as a shock to many.  Please know that it was equally shocking to those of us who had to formulate the announcement. But we also know that for those who truly love God, there is no stumbling block that we cannot overcome. [Psalms 119:165]    

“We also know there will be many, many questions.  We hope to answer some of them this morning. Please bear with us and in the meantime, we ask for your prayers and for forgiveness for the terrible errors in our leadership, even as we humble ourselves before our Great God and Father, and His Christ.    

“We wish peace to the entire association of our brothers and ask for your attentiveness to this program and your continued support.”

Although Brother AwakerSon could vividly remember the announcement, he still could hardly believe it had taken place. Sister AwakerSon, believing her husband had fallen asleep, nudged him slightly with her elbow. Brother AwakerSon opened his eyes just as Brother Splaining-to-do began to speak:    

[Brother Splaining-to-do] “Brothers, the announcement you just heard is being streamed to over 2,000 English speaking locations and has been translated and sent to all congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world. As you can imagine, this was a very difficult decision for us, but we know this is the right thing to do.” He paused for a moment, then continued: “We have often told the friends of the need to humbly confess their wrongs and do what they can to correct the situation. Well, we are finally taking our own advice.” Reaching down under the podium, he brought up a bottle of water, twisted off the cap and took a couple sips and continued:     

“We know that not all will be happy with this announcement – it took us a little time to just get our Legal Department on board.” He smiled slightly and continued: “And we know that many may deride us, mock us, and maybe worse. But we also know this is what Jehovah God expects of us if we are to regain His favor and blessing.” He looked down at the supportive faces in the front row, and continued:    

“Many of you have questions so, as Brother Hurt mentioned, we will be providing some answers this morning by way of a three-part symposium. We ask that our brothers be patient and open minded, as we strongly believe you will be well pleased with the new direction.” Brother Splaining-to-do flipped through his notes, took another sip of water, and continued:     

“So, Brother Letting-go is going to get things started with Part I of the symposium – A Lesson Learned.” Brother Splaining-to-do gathered his notes and his water bottle, and exited the stage, nodding to Brother Letting-go who was on his way to the microphone.    

Normally, there would be applause as the brothers exit the stage, but this time, there was silence. The audience was still in shock.  The showy display of excitement and the mindless clapping was replaced with a sincere and keen interest in what was next. Brother Letting-go smiled to the audience and began:

Symposium Part I  - A Lesson Learned

[By Brother Steadily Letting-Go]

“Brothers and sisters, as Brother Hurt stressed in the announcement, there is only one hope for Christians – the heavenly hope – and all are invited.” He paused for emphasis. Then continued, “There is nothing in all that Jesus or the apostles taught that could lead us to reasonably conclude anything different.  In fact, we have long acknowledged that the entire Christian writings are written to anointed Christians, those with the heavenly destiny.    

“So how did our predecessors come up with this other doctrine?  How did we get so far off track? And is there a lesson to be learned here so that we can avoid falling victim to another major doctrinal errors in our teachings?  Let’s take a brief look back at our history.  If we can pinpoint our error, perhaps we can avoid repeating it as we go forward.”     

“In the small beginnings of our association, our predecessors understood that Jesus and the apostles taught that all who picked up their torture stakes and followed Jesus [Matthew 16:24] would be with him in the heavens. Every member of the early association accepted their sonship with God and looked forward to a glorious heavenly career. But as they delved deeper into prophesies, that changed.     

“The teaching of two different hopes was developed in the early 1900's in response to what appeared to be an honest interest in the prophecies in the book of Revelation. In particular, there was curiosity as to who were the two groups identified in Revelation, chapter 7. It was believed that the 144,000 referred to in verses 4-8, represent the literal number of faithful Christians who would be taken to heaven with Jesus. So who, they wondered, was the ‘great crowd which no man was able to number’ referred to in verses 9 and 10?

“Since it seemed the ‘great crowd’ was also approved by God, it was initially assumed that they must be a secondary heavenly class. But in time, that interpretation changed. Our predecessors focused more and more on interpreting Bible prophecies, especially the prophecies in the Hebrew scriptures, such as Psalms 46:7 and 72:16, and Isaiah 33:25, 25:3-7 and 65:21-23. And they began to believe that it was God’s purpose for man to live forever on earth. At that time, they failed to understand Paul’s words to the Christians in Ephesus that from the very beginning, God wanted us to be with Him in heaven as His adopted sons:

“Praised be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for he has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in union with Christ, he chose us to be in union with him before the founding of the world, that we should be holy and unblemished before him in love. For he foreordained us to be adopted as his own sons through Jesus Christ, according to his good pleasure and will.”
– Ephesians 1:3-5

“Nevertheless, as articles were published interpreting the Hebrew prophecies, an interest in an ‘earthly hope’ was cultivated among the association. As a result, many of our brothers began to focus on earthly things and eventually abandoned the hope of life in heaven. Subsequently, the heavenly hope was mentioned less and less in our publications.

“By 1935, the identity of the ‘great crowd’ had reached its completion and it was announced at that year’s District Convention.  In a talk entitled “The Great Multitude,” the then-president of the Watch Tower Society unfolded the doctrine of the ‘earthly hope.’ According to our history books, at first there was silence, then thunderous cheering. All those brothers who had developed an interest in living forever on earth readily accepted that the ‘great crowd’ must picture them.  Thus, the two-hope doctrine was born.

“From that point on, our publications and our preaching and teaching work were directed toward gathering members of the ‘great crowd.’ So it is not surprising that the number of those who professed a ‘heavenly hope’ steadily declined. And how did our predecessors respond to the declining number of anointed ‘heavenly hopers?’ They looked again to prophecies and interpreted them to mean that as the number of anointed Christians declined, the closer we were to the end of this system of things. Consequently, we became so deeply invested in the two-hope doctrine and the declining number of anointed Christians, that we have found ourselves, down to this day, unwittingly persecuting our brothers and sisters who would profess the heavenly hope. Unfortunately, brothers, we have been desperately trying to ‘make a vision come true.’ [Daniel 11:14]

“So,” he paused. “Do you see our error, brothers? Do you see where we got off track?” He paused for a moment, and scanned the crowd. “Our error is that we left the plain teachings of Jesus and the apostles and gave more attention to our own prophetic interpretations. We were ‘scrupulously observing days and months and seasons and years’ instead of accepting what was already at hand. [Galatians 4:10] We have learned the hard way that no matter how well intentioned, once one leaves the ‘saying of Jesus,’ he is building on a shaky foundation and the collapse will be great! [Matthew 7:24-27]

“We have been slow to learn this lesson, but now that we have, we are moving quickly to do all that we can to minimize the damage and bring our brothers to safety before the collapse is complete!” He paused again to allow his words to sink into the hearts of his listeners. Then he continued: “These words may be hard to hear, but believe me, they are even harder to speak. Yet they had to be spoken clearly and unambiguously.” He paused again, relieved that he had completed his part. He continued:  

“And now that we have identified the problem, let’s move on to the solution.  Brother Hijack-a-son will be handling Part II of this symposium – A Jubilee.”     

As Brother Letting-go collected his notes, the audience began to applaud. There was still great apprehension but there was also a clear appreciation for the honesty of the presentation. He smiled to himself and walked offstage, nodding to Brother Hijack-a-son who was on his way to the microphone.

Symposium Part II  - A Jubilee

[By Brother Goingto Hijack-a-son]

“Good morning, brothers and sisters. Thank you for your attention. Brother Hurt and Brother Letting-go had hard messages to deliver, and we certainly needed to hear them. But I have the privilege of bringing refreshing good news to so many of our brothers and sisters who have been suffering under a heavy burden that MUST be lifted.  

“The first significant change we are making going forward is in the way we handle disfellowshipped persons. We are inspired by Jesus’ words at the beginning of his ministry on a Sabbath morning in the synagogue. Quoting from the prophet Isaiah, he said:

“Jehovah’s spirit is upon me, because he anointed me to declare good news to the poor. He sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and a recovery of sight to the blind, to send the crushed ones away free, to preach Jehovah’s acceptable year.”
- Luke 4:18-19

“This reminds us of the Jewish Jubilee where every 50th year was a year of liberty and freedom.  Not only was the land to rest, but all those who had been sold into slavery were to be released. We believe it is time for Jehovah’s Witnesses to have a jubilee!  It is time to release the captives and send the crushed ones away free!”     

The audience was on the edge of their seats, hardly believing what appeared to be coming next.  He continued:    

“Accordingly, effective immediately, the obligation for family members to shun disfellowshipped and disassociated ones is released! As Moses told the Israelites: 

“You must sanctify the 50th year and proclaim liberty in the land to all its inhabitants. It will become a Jubilee for you, and each of you will return to his property and each of you should return to his family.”
– Leviticus 25:10

Immediately there were audible gasps from the audience. Both brothers and sisters covered their mouths with looks of surprise. And before Brother Hijack-a-son could continue, applause broke out. Loud, sustained applause. As he looked out into the audience, he could see sisters and brothers crying, and couples hugging one another. He noticed in the rear, a number of brothers exited and returned quickly with tissues that they handed out to the audience.  As other brothers noticed this, they, too, got up to get tissues. The emotion was so high that Brother Hijack-a-son started to tear up as well. He knew this would be good news, but he had no idea the reaction would be so immediate, so intense and so profound! He was too choked up to speak so he bowed his head and said a quick silent prayer of thanksgiving to Jehovah. All the while, the applause continued.    

After what seemed to be the longest 60 seconds in history, Brother Hijack-a-son cleared his throat and continued: “This jubilee for family members is not just for this year. From this point forward, there will be no interference into the relationships between family members. No elder has any authority to prevent or discourage the free association between family members. And for our part, we are so sorry for the pain this policy has caused so many families.” Again, there was loud applause.    

“Now. How are the congregations to deal with disfellowshipped persons? This is a matter that we, the Governing Body, cannot interfere with.  The local bodies of elders are in a far better position to determine which persons are a threat to the congregations. But we can offer these guidelines.    

  1. Be merciful whenever possible. If you are going to err, err on the side of mercy. 
  2. If a person has voluntarily sought reinstatement, that can be taken as a sign of repentance.
  3. Consider the reason for the disfellowshipping.  If the sin did not cause direct harm to another person, mercy can be extended.  If the sin was a doctrinal disagreement, mercy can be extended. But when the sin was criminal or directly harmed another person, more scrutiny is required.

“We offer these guidelines and direct the elder bodies to seriously consider their actions. Remember, these are Jesus’ sheep in your care. [1 Peter 5:1-3] Treat them with the respect they deserve so that your own prayers are not hindered.

“It is our hope that by making this change in policy, our families can move forward together with this heavy burden lifted. Again, we apologize for not seeing the need to make this change sooner, but we are doing so now. And I can tell from the reaction of you brothers and sisters in this audience that this was long overdue!”

Again, the audience erupted in applause.  Some were just shaking their heads in disbelief.  And many could be seen texting and sending emails from their mobile devices . . . and no one stopped them!

Brother Hijack-a-son gathered his notes and continued: “Brother Sadson will be handling the final part of this symposium. He’s bringing more good news brothers, more refreshing good news in Part III – A New Fellowship!”

He smiled to the audience as they applauded, and walked offstage, nodding to Brother Sadson who was on his way to the microphone. As Brother Hijack-a-son approached the remaining members of the Governing Body, he noticed they were all tearing. And to his absolute surprise, Brother Hijack-a-son folded down to his knee in prayer and thanksgiving. His power had left him as he emptied himself to Jehovah. He had long questioned his sonship, but the outpouring of emotion had opened his heart and now he KNEW he was found!

Symposium Part III  - A New Fellowship

[By Brother Markedly Sadson]

“Brothers and sisters, that was certainly welcomed good news! I can tell you that each and every member of the Governing Body was moved to tears as we heard your applause from back stage. We are moving quickly to do all that we can to correct our errors and move forward in faith.    

“The second significant change that I have the privilege to announce is the formation and development of a new fellowship of anointed sons of God! The new fellowship will be called ‘Anointed Witnesses of Christ!’ Yes, Anointed Witnesses of CHRIST, in harmony with Acts 1:8 where Jesus said we will be witnesses of HIM to the most distant parts of the earth!” Brother Sadson could hear gasps from the audience.  He continued:  

“This change in no way minimizes the love we have for Jehovah, but we cannot expect to have His favor if we circumvent His divine will “that in the name of Jesus every knee should bend—of those in heaven and those on earth and those under the ground” [Philippians 2:10], nor His divine command that we “listen to him.” [Matthew 17:5]  Therefore, in true obedience to Jehovah, it is necessary that the name of the new fellowship be a reflection of the true ministry we will be engaging in.     

“And as those with the earthly hope begin to realize and accept the true Christian hope, it will be as John the Baptist stated: Those belonging to the old organization will keep on decreasing, while those belong to the new fellowship will keep on increasing [John 3:30] until there is a complete transition and we all become Anointed Witnesses of Christ.”      

At first there was a pause and then, to his surprise, the audience broke out in applause again. He continued:     

“We believe that establishing a new fellowship is better than trying to reform the old one.  There is simply too much baggage associated with the Watchtower organization. Too much doctrinal error, too many unnecessary policies, too many outdated publications, too many inaccurate expectations, and too many legal entanglements.  The Watchtower companies will deal with these issues, but there is no need to require the brothers and sisters to carry these burdens.  We want to give the friends a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning with a new fellowship that is committed to following the Lamb wherever he goes!” The audience applauded again!    

“The new fellowship will be a self-governing group, meaning that they will not be under the direction of the current Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They will develop their own education program and teaching materials, and they will establish their own policies in harmony with the plain and open teachings of Jesus.  We authorize them to organize and hold their meetings at the local Kingdom Halls according to availability. And all who want to attend their meetings are welcomed, both Jehovah’s Witnesses and the public at large. And it is our hope that in time, all of our brothers take advantage of the education program provided by the new fellowship and discover for themselves their true relationship with Jehovah and the true Christian hope.” The audience applauded again! Brother Sadson was taken aback by the overwhelming support. He continued now with more boldness and more gestures:    

“We want you to know, brothers, that we, the Governing Body, have offered our support and the resources of the Watchtower companies to help them establish and grow the new fellowship. And we encourage all bodies of elders to accommodate these meetings and do what they can to make them a success.” This time Brother Sadson purposely paused, and sure enough, the audience applauded again!    

“More information about the new fellowship will be provided to each congregation very soon. And we understand that a website will be set up where our brothers can ask questions and get answers about the transition to the new fellowship. Now, the current organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses will continue to operate for as long as it takes to help our brothers transition to the new fellowship. Those in special and full-time service will be provided with specific information about how to handle their unique circumstances.   

“Brothers, we are excited about this new fellowship! And it seems you are, too.  So, let us all take advantage of this opportunity for a fresh start in honor of our Great God, Jehovah, and his son Christ Jesus!” The audience broke out in applause again.   

“Now, we are going to hear from Brother Mourning with our concluding remarks.” He smiled to the audience with a look of relief on his face, and walked offstage, nodding to Brother Mourning who was on his way to the microphone. 

Concluding Remarks

[By Brother Always Mourning]

“Brothers, what a powerful Annual Meeting! I can tell you that the Governing Body was quite apprehensive as to how you friends would respond to this unprecedented announcement and to our efforts to move forward in a new direction, making sure we are following the Lamb. And I can also tell you that we are all greatly relieved! It is our hope that as this information is spread throughout the organization, those friends respond as positively as you have here today.     

“We are not so naive as to believe that the proposed transition will go smoothly without any problems. But we have faith in the faith of our brothers that despite the errors of men, they will not leave Jehovah nor turn their back on His Son, our reigning King, Christ Jesus.  

“And what joy there will be when the good news of the jubilee is spread throughout the organization!  We encourage all who have disfellowshipped relatives to reach out to them, and let them know what transpired here today. And to the elders, we likewise encourage you to be ready to receive those who approach you with a desire to be reinstated. Be loving, be merciful and live up to your title as ambassadors substituting for Christ. Deal with your brothers as Christ would deal with them.   

“And how about the new fellowship! We are excited for them and eager to see what they develop. We, as a body, will not be involved in its development. But we can assure you that we WILL be taking advantage of their education program and we WILL be member of the new fellowship, but not a leaders. As simply your brothers and fellow workers in Christ.”

The audience broke out in spontaneous applause again. They were overwhelmed by the humility being shown. Brother Mourning continued:    

“So now, all that remains in the announcement of the year’s text.  What else could it be, brothers, but Galatians 3:26

"You are all, in fact, sons of God through your faith in Christ Jesus.” 

Again, there was thunderous applause. He continued:    

“In conclusion, I’d like to invite the entire Governing Body to the stage as a show of solidarity in these matters that were discussed today.” The remaining 6 members of the Governing Body walked onto the stage and stood behind Brother Mourning in a semi circle as he continued: “And not only the Governing Body, but also the Writing Department, the Legal Department and the Service Department.

“We want you brothers to know that we are united in the new direction we will be taking. As a body, we again ask for your forgiveness for our errors and our slothfulness. And we promise that we will move forward in whole-souled reliance on the plain teachings of the Master Christ Jesus. Let us all be reborn into a new fellowship, all to the glory of the Heavenly Father of us all, Jehovah God!”

The audience began to applaud again, and then spontaneously they began to stand, not in an attempt to glorify these brothers, but to give glory to the Father who can forgive in a large way all men who truly humble themselves. For the first time, the brothers and sisters felt a closeness, a commonality with these brothers. They appreciated and respected their honesty, their humility and their determination to right their wrongs.   

Each member of the Governing Body was overwhelmed with the response. Not one of them expected the Annual General Meeting to go so well or to be received so completely. All of their hesitation and doubts as to whether this was the right course of action were instantly dissolved. They KNEW this was the right thing to do and they were glad that they had the courage to do it.

After about 30 seconds, Brother Gotten Lost approached the microphone to give the closing prayer.  All in attendance bowed their heads and as they heard the sincere words from Brother Lost, many began to cry. Many were crying tears of thanksgiving, others were crying tears of relief, and still others were crying out of the sheer emotion of the words.

After Brother Lost completed the prayer, the entire body exited the stage. The audience applauded again. Many were hugging and still crying. And most were texting and emailing. Brothers and Sisters AwakerSon, SonChose, NewSon and McGrateful sat back in their seats taking in the moment.    

The Annual General Meeting was finally concluded and the Jubilee had begun. The Spirit of Truth had its day, and the angels rejoiced.

This fictitious Annual General Meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses demonstrates one of the ways Jehovah’s Witnesses can make the transition to a God-oriented, Christ-following, Spirit-directed fellowship. Of course, there are many other things to work out, but remember, this drama is the creation of two hopeful minds. Imagine if many more bright minds came together to work out a way to get Jehovah’s Witnesses on the path to the real life!     

Such men and women exist. Men and women with brilliant ideas, a great love for the Father and Christ Jesus, and a willingness to do what they can to help their brothers. We encourage the Governing Body to search them out, engage them, and find solutions. This is not rocket science. And there is no legal, religious, or ethical reason why this cannot be done. The only roadblock is pride, stubbornness and the hardheartedness of men.    

It is inevitable that the organization will collapse. The two-hope doctrine is a house divided. But there is no need to wait until there is a total collapse. If the Governing Body stubbornly remains on the current course, they will be proving themselves unworthy leaders, certainly unworthy of the loyalty they seek. In their stead, other brothers in responsible positions can take the suggestions in these dramas and do what they can do to move forward, free themselves and, as Jesus said, shake the dust off their feet and let the dead bury the dead.   

Of course, the best result is that the Governing Body humble themselves in ways similar to those described in these dramas. We will, as always, continue in hopeful anticipation. And we welcome your comments.

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