Multi-ethnic, mixed age group of people involved in Christian bible study meeting at local church.

The primary purpose of this website is to assist Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society to transition from an earth-dominated two-hope organization to a heaven-seeking spirit led brotherhood.

We know that for most of its existence, the Society has taught that the vast majority of mankind has the hope of living forever on earth, and that only a small minority, 144,000 counting from 33 C.E. to date, have the hope of going to heaven. This unique doctrine was arrived at as the Society attempted to understand the book of Revelation. The doctrine has been taught for less than 80 years. Thus, in the overall scheme of history, it is in its infancy.

Likewise, the Society itself is in its infancy, compared with Christianity as a whole, in that it has only been in existence about 100 years. As with all babes, there will be growing pains, missteps, and a need for readjustment. Over the 100 years of its history, the Society has suffered many such adjustments, including its frequent miscalculation of end-time related dates – a matter that should properly be left to the Father.

The time has come for the doctrine of the earthly hope to be re-examined in light of what Jesus and the early Christians actually taught, and abandoned as non-scriptural. The articles posted in this series will provide suggestions on how to make the transition to a spirit-led brotherhood. It is our hope that Jehovah’s Witnesses and their leadership, the Governing Body, take a serious look at these articles and align themselves more closely to the scriptures.

“Transitioning to the Kingdom of the Heavens”
  1. Searching for Lost Sons
    Three parables on how to search for lost sons
  2. Comfort for Those Spiritually Grieving
    Encouragement for those who taught the earthly hope
  3. Proving Ourselves Worthy of the Christ
    Maintaining Loyalty to Jesus and the Father
  4. Turning of the Titanic
    Why transition is necessary
  5. Does This Stumble You?
    How to React to New Truths
  6. Sons of the Kingdom, Stand Up!
    Encouragement to Make your Hope Known
  7. Love Hopes All Things
    Possibilities about "New Light"
  8. The Governing Body Myth
    Scriptural Consideration of the first century congregations
  9. Feeding the Many
    How the Good News of the Kingdom is spread
  10. Conducting A Ministry
    How to preach the true good news of the kingdom
  11. The 'Other Sheep' Become One Flock
    Further developments from 'new light'
  12. 1914 and the Coming of our Lord Christ Jesus
    Examination of the 1914 doctrine
  13. Let the Dead Bury the Dead
    Follow up to "1914" article, and what to do now
  14. Faith Sons and the Heavenly Hope
    An explanation of what faith sons are and a new understanding of the Pre-Christian heavenly hope
  15. Lastly He Sent His Son
    Clarification of Jesus as the Only Channel of God
  16. The Other Side of Faith
    The need for courage to face congregation struggles with sonship
  17. Defending Our Living Hope
    An experience of standing for the living hope in the 21st century
  18. Publicly Declaring Our Hope
    How to make a declaration of our hope in a judicial action
  19. That One Must Keep On Increasing
    Striking parallel that advances 21st century Christianity
  20. The Destiny of Man
    Comprehensive discussion of the future of the earth and man
  21. Fleeing From Hypocrisy
    Response to visitor who questions our cry to flee oppressive religions
  22. Waiting On Jehovah
    A discussion of what the phrase 'wait on Jehovah' means
  23. Messages from Overseers
    Follow up comments from Overseers regarding Waiting On Jehovah
  24. Leaving As Victors, Not Victims
  25. Entering With One Eye
    Healing from spiritual abuse
  26. Beyond a Friend
    Knowing that God is our Father
  27. Bloodguilt!
    Article directed to the Governing Body confronting them with their death dealing works
  28. “I Still Love My Wife”
  29. Fighting the Fine Fight
    A revealing of the escalation of 'witch hunts' in the Watchtower organization
  30. Who Are Jehovah’s Witnesses?
    A description of the salvation related beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses
  31. The Australian Inquiry (Child Sexual Abuse)
  32. The Australian Inquiry - Review and Observations
  33. The Australian Inquiry - An Object Lesson for Self Governance
  34. "Guardians of Doctrine" and Other Strange Sayings
  35. “This Generation” – The September 2015 JW Broadcast
    Dismantling the new interpretation and showing the new light
  36. The Walking Dead
  37. "Insight" into the Earthly Resurrection
  38. Sexual Uncleanness and the Heavenly Hope
  39. Moving Beyond the Primary Doctrine
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