Multi-ethnic, mixed age group of people involved in Christian bible study meeting at local church.

Every since we published the article Waiting On Jehovah, we received very favorable and encouraging emails from various Overseers who are profoundly effected by this information. These are emails from certain Overseers who, though most having stepped down from their congregational responsibilities, continue very active in the ministry and in the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses, helping their brothers to see the plain and open teachings of Jesus.  For example, here are a few we received to date:

February 20, 2014 - [From a former Elder] Dear brother and sister, thank you for setting forth truth once again in the gem Waiting On Jehovah.  It bears constant reminder that we as CHRISTIANS have an obligation to act without hesitation when the spirit of God bears witness with our spirit. The only organizational part is how do I, as an individual, get what's been given me into the minds and hearts of those I meet in my day to day activities. So thank you for your bold presentation of a biblical truth. Yes Jesus has spoken and that we have been given instructions to wait is to disrespect and or disobey those commands handed down over 2,000 years ago. Bless you friends and many brothers and sisters around the world appreciate the time and effort you give to the ministry of awakening and reconciliation to the plain and open teachings of Jesus.

February 21, 2014 - [From a former Circuit Overseer] Greetings to All, I just wanted to let you know briefly how much I enjoyed the Waiting on Jehovah article to the point where I started making calls to branches all over the world posing the question to these overseers and coordinators just what it means the expression to ‘Wait on Jehovah.' So far it's been, to a man, to wait means to wait for the [Faithful and Discreet Slave] and that type loyalty is dangerous. But I left them something to ponder from now on, that's for sure! Anyway, thank you friends for your empowering as well as unifying spirited information. True Sons of the Kingdom know that the kingdom doors are wide open and there is plenty room for more. God bless your work and all who are invested in the preaching and saving message.

February 22, 2014 - [From a current Circuit Overseer] Good Afternoon, I wanted to sincerely congratulate you two friends for your display of courage in the latest article Waiting on Jehovah. I believe it speaks to the heart of every publisher’s level of maturity and calls into question to whom are you really serving. As I speak to the coordinating brothers and to the publishers out in the ministry, my personal message I sound down is to let no man be the master over your faith because faith is a gift of the spirit, let no other human snatch it from you to dominate you and ultimately usurp your free will. I believe if we want to, we can change the overall thinking in the Organization, I see signs of change in almost every Congregation I serve,  the attitude of both young and advanced in age, the relationship of having a Father who happens to be God makes them feel more responsible thus becoming more fearless than in recent memory, not rebellious just more assertive. As you have stated brothers, Jehovah has spoken through his Son, need Jehovah say more? Remember our Father is not to be mocked!! I encourage all if you have not yet read the latest article, read it please and then meditate on its message and the duty we have if we honor both our Father and His glorious Son Christ Jesus. Love the spirit you show.

But on February 21, 2014, we received a special email from a District Overseer who serves in the United States, and who has a message for all Overseers who serve in any capacity within the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses. We withhold the brother’s name consistent with our policy to keep the focus on the message not the messengers. However, we are certain that those who serve within the District covered by this brother will recognize him.  Here is his email:

Dear brother and sister of boldness in faith and extraordinary love for the congregation of God. I write you to inform you that due to the pressure to coordinate many of this year’s District Convention parts and to give the keynote address and other talks, I'm compelled by the spirit of truth to do the pleasing thing according to accurate knowledge, and that is to relinquish my duties as District Overseer.  And it's funny or ironic in that the various convention overseers were expecting it and wondered how I lasted this long.

But what I want to encourage, if I may, is that all remaining elders on any and every level of oversight give attention to whom they are obeying. Is it God or is it men and do you as one looking for eternal life truly believe what's being taught or are you going along with the ‘chosen view of a selected few.’ I strongly suggest, dear brothers, to take a close and careful look with fresh eyes at the plain and open teachings of our true leader and if what Jesus plainly stated is different from what imperfect men write, always and without fear trust Jesus no matter the consequences of contrary talk or the threat of expulsion. 

My head is being held high not by my own strength but by the power of the spirit and putting my confidence in the comforter, I for one brothers, can no longer waste another second by the so-called ‘Waiting on Jehovah’ technique of worship. It's time for me and my wife and my children to live Christ out loud. Now do I still love my sleeping brothers? Of course I do, but the best way to show my true desire for these misguided ones to have eternal life, and find hope in the pursuit of the real life, is by setting the example and truly drinking the cup of our Lord to the full. I'm on a mission also dear friends and that is to Bring Heaven Down.

We sincerely hope our brothers who serve in positions of oversight will take to heart these brothers’ admonitions. And we hope the same for those who are not serving in such capacities.  We strongly believe that unless our brothers and sisters take a firm stand on the side of Jesus, the entire organization will be destroyed. But we can save ourselves by wholehearted devotion to Christ Jesus as Jehovah specifically and expressly requires.  If you have not read the article, Waiting on Jehovah, we strongly encourage you to do so.

And, of course, we welcome your comments whether favorable or not so favorable.


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