Regarding Prophecy

03/05/12 | Can you explain Mark 8:38? (When the Son of Man arrives)

03/04/12 | How can a Christian avoid mark of the beast?”

03/09/12 | What about Revelation 7 and 21, does it tell of an earthly hope?

03/29/12 | What do you think of Luke 21:8, it is incorrect to say that the end is near?

01/14/14 | Have we changed our position on who is Babylon the Great? Do we think it is time to formally leave Jehovah’s Witnesses.

02/26/14 | Who is left on earth after the separating of the sheep and the goat?

10/14/15 | When can we see the fulfillment of Revelation 21:3-4?

10/20/15 | How does one apply “this generation” during personal bible reading?

01/07/19 | What is your opinion of Robert King and e-watchtower?

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