Regarding Spirit

02/23/12 | Can you explain how one is born of the spirit?

04/07/12b | Does the spirit bear witness the same way to all sons? And does it make it known to others?

04/07/12a | Does it take time for the holy spirit to convince us we are sons?

09/17/12 | Visitor does not agree that the Divine Spirit Fragment and the Spirit of Truth are the two witnesses that bear witness that we are sons of God,pursuant to Romans 8:16.

12/11/14 | What is the difference between the spirit of truth and holy spirit?

05/07/15 | Can you what “the spirit of slavery” is? (Romans 8:14)

05/12/15c | How are people or a person baptized with the Holy Spirit?

05/16/15 | In Question and Response 5/12/15, are we promising freedom without moral restraint?

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