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03/11/12 | Visitor is concerned that the teachings on this website may be apostate.

03/13/12 | Does the Governing Body approve of this website?

04/28/12a | Who are you? Does it matter that I have a learning disability?

11/12/12 | Correction to article “ A Turning of the Shadow”

12/04/12 | Why is our identity obscure?

02/24/13 | Does the Watchtower reply to your letters?

08/05/13 | Visitor ask a few questions about the authors’ status in the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

09/06/13 | Are we a breakaway group? Are these new scrolls? Who is Elaia Luchnia?

10/03/13 | How did we know the details of the experience in Nairobi in Gaining Perspective?

10/23/13 | Visitor offers a correction to Question and Response 10/3/13.

11/20/13 | Who writes and reviews the articles on this site? Isn’t this the feeding of many through the hands of a few?

04/11/14 | Over whom do the ‘kings-priests’ rule?

08/02/14 | Visitor intends to report us to the Governing Body if we do not close down this website and stop publishing Bible-based material.

08/29/14d | (1) Is our only grievance with the two-tiered Christian Hope? (2) Are we seeking to reform the organization or start a new religion? (3) Why did we demand the Governing Body acknowledge our site? (4) Shouldn’t we reconsider using the title “Elaia Luchnia”?

09/23/14 | Why don’t I hear about the numbers of Elders and traveling overseers stepping down on other blogs and why do you have such a low count of activity on your site?

10/22/14 | Why did you change your policy about naming names? Has that scared the overseers who send you emails?

10/24/14 | Visitor complains that our site is full of hate and vitriol.

12/06/14 | Do the writer of the website have special insight?

12/27/14 | Visitor finds our website disturbing

12/31/14 | Visitor who had lost faith in God questions the growth as stated in Kingdom Update - December 2014.

05/12/15b | Visitor complains that we are trying to invent a new religion.

02/21/16 | Visitor suggests correction to article "Is The Good News From God?"

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