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  • Obeying God as Ruler
  • Observing the Growth of Partakers
  • The Royal Priesthood and the Holy Nation
  • The Seven Letters to the Seven Congregations
  • The Spirit Bears Witness (5 part commentary)
  • The Witness of the Spirit
  • The Unexpected Witness of the Spirit
  • We Want to Go With You (6 part commentary)

Questions from Readers

  1. Discussing what "anointing" is.
  2. When are the anointed retrieved to the sky?
  3. Are some anointed live on earth for a thousand years?
  4. Should they stay in the camp of Revelation 20:9?
  5. I’ve sinned so much. Could I really be a son?
  6. What are the anointed sisters’ role in the congregation? Is the anointed like elders in the congregation?
  7. Who are you? Does it matter that I have a learning disability?
  8. If you are unsure about your anointing, doesn’t that mean you are not anointed?
  9. Does having a mental illness disqualify a person from being anointed?
  10. Why does the Watchtower depict the anointed as only old people?
  11. How many people in history have already partaken of the emblems?
  12. Does anointing need to be validated by baptism or reinstatement if a person has been disfellowshipped? And author’s follow up comment.
  13. Are you sure Daniel will be resurrected to the heaven? I don’t believe I am anointed.
  14. Visitor torn between the two conflicting visions of eternal life. [ Is the heavenly calling supernatural? ]
  15. Visitor asked how young can a person partake and what if one partakes and they are not anointed.
  16. Response to a visitor to rejects the heavenly hope.
  17. The February 15, 2014 Watchtower’s ‘new light’ of a rapture for the Anointed.
  18. What do you think about the number of Memorial partakers in 2013?
  19. Are those who are not anointed under the authority of the darkness? (WT 1/15/14 - Colossians 1:13)
  20. Visitor is confused about the 2 classes of anointed Christians as stated in the WT 1/15/14
  21. Do ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses have the special overwhelming feeling of anointing
  22. Visitor does not believe Jehovah’s Witnesses have unusual spiritual experiences.
  23. How are people or a person baptized with the Holy Spirit?
  24. In QR 5/12/15, are we promising freedom without moral restraint?
  25. What was the “new light” in the September 2015 JW Broadcast?

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