Obeying God as Ruler

The Memorial season is upon us! Jehovah’s Witnesses will be observing the Memorial of Christ’s Death. Millions will join them to listen to a lecture and observe what happens. Most, by far, will refuse to participate in the Supper and will reject the bread and wine as it is passed. But in among them will be those who are ambivalent. They are not sure whether they should follow the crowd, or whether they should obey Christ.

The uncertain ones have come to understand that ‘unless they eat and drink of the Christ, they will not gain life, they will not be resurrected, and they will not be in union with Christ.’ (John 6:53-56) They know that there is only one Christian hope (the hope to be with Christ in heaven), one spirit (the anointing), one baptism (into Christ’s death), and one God who is Father of all of them. (Ephesians 4:4-6) Yet, the fear of men will challenge their faith. Some will overcome their fear and do what Jesus asked of them. (Matthew 26:26-28) Some will not.

What can we do to assist our brothers and sisters to act in faith, and not recoil in fear?  How can we help them to stand up as mature men and women who will 'obey God as ruler rather than men?' (Acts 5:29)

Reinforcing our Faith

One way to help is by reviewing our commentaries to the January 2016 Watchtower study articles, “The Spirit Bears Witness With Our Spirit” scheduled to be studied a few days before the Memorial, and the follow up article “We Want to Go With You.” Although these Watchtower articles were designed to discourage participation in the Memorial Supper, these commentaries show that the articles actually provide sound reasons why those who love God, who love Christ, and who love truth must participate and partake of the emblems. Specifically, in those articles, the Governing Body acknowledges that:

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