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  • Fitly United in the Same Mind - 1st Corinthians
  • Foreordained from the Founding of the World - Ephesians
  • Hold Fast to the Sacred Secret - Colossians
  • How Do Bible Principles Benefit Us?
  • Is the Good News Really From God?
  • Moving Forward in Faith - Galatians
  • Receiving Truth
  • Truth, Teaching Tools, and the Story of Jonah
  • Who Are Led By Spirit? - Romans 8

Questions from Readers

  1. Comment from a visitor who believes the Christian Greek Scriptures are primarily to only 144,000 people directed.
  2. Visitor asks why we refer to the Gospel Accounts as hearsay.
  3. Are we a breakaway group? Are these new scrolls?
  4. Was ‘obeisance’ the wrong word used by the Society at Acts 10:25-26?
  5. Visitor is worried that we might be going ‘beyond the things written.
  6. What version of the Bible do you use?
  7. Do you think there needs to be a reformation of Paul’s teachings?
  8. Should we not pay attention to Paul’s writings and are you encouraging us to read the apocryphal?
  9. Why does the Revised New World Translation omit John 8:1-11?
  10. Visitor asserts that the Bible is infallible.


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History & Expertise

  • Law School:

    J.D., 1991 – 1994, William Mitchell College of Law (Status: Excellent – Top 5 of School)
    B.S., 1995 – 2000, University of Wisconsin, Platteville (Status: Excellent)

  • Certificate:

    Environmental and Natural Resources Law Certificate (Status : Excellent)
    Business and Commercial Law Certificate (Status : Great)

  • Bar Admissions:

    NewYork 1983
    The State Bar of California
    US Court of Florida Claims

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