paradise earth
  • The Cherished Earthly Hope
  • The Destiny of Man
  • The Great Crowd of Partakers
  • Insight into the Earthly Resurrection
  • The Other Sheep Become One Flock
  • The Walking Dead
  • What is God’s Purpose for the Earth?

Questions from Readers

  1. What about Revelation 7 and 21, does it tell of an earthly hope?
  2. Visitor believes the article "The Reality of the Earthy Hope" contradicts with the Bible.
  3. Is one with an earthly mind set and hope also one of God’s sons?
  4. If the Christian congregation represents the priesthood, then wouldn’t the nations represent the earthly class with an earthly hope?
  5. Visitor is unclear as to who inherits the earth.
  6. Who is left on earth after the separating of the sheep and the goat?
  7. Didn’t the Jews believe in living forever on earth?
  8. If the earthly hope is false, how to you explain the number of people who were praying to God for help just when Jehovah’s Witnesses came to their door?
  9. If I have chosen to follow Jesus, can I partake even though I have an earthly hope?
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