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  • Bloodguilt!
  • Bringing Heaven Down - Discerning the Time of Inspection
  • Bringing Heaven Down - By Fleeing to Freedom
  • Feeding the Many
  • "This Generation" - The September 2015 JW Broadcast
  • The Governing Body Myth
  • Guardians of Doctrine and Other Strange Sayings
  • Love Hopes All Things
  • Lastly He Sent His Son
  • Relative Subjection to Religious Authority
  • A Sham in the Halls of Shame
  • Waiting on Jehovah

Questions from Readers

  1. Does the Governing Body approve of this website?
  2. How can you be confident in the Governing Body when you see a need for change?
  3. Does the Watchtower reply to your letters?
  4. Regarding the article The Governing Body Myth, a visitor asks why we characterize
  5. Isn’t it necessary to expose all of the errors of the Society’s teaching in order to make positive changes with Jehovah’s Witnesses?
  6. Why do we continue to support the Governing Body?
  7. How should Christians flee from the antichrist leadership of the Governing Body?
  8. Why don’t we just count ourselves since the Governing Body will not?
  9. Is the decision by the Governing Body to discontinue the role of District Overseers a theocratic move?
  10. Do we really consider the Governing Body as a group of rebels?
  11. Visitor believes we are trashing ‘Jehovah’s earthly organization’
  12. What do I do if the elders try to disfellowship me for partaking?
  13. Are you setting yourselves up to be a new governing body?
  14. What do you mean when you say the Governing Body will soon be defunct?
  15. Why did members of the Writing Department resign?
  16. Visitors is concerned at the sceptics about our report of the happenings at Bethel
  17. Why did the Watchtower Society remove the verse references from their online Bible?
  18. Why did the Society remove the statement in the Study Edition of the Watchtower that it adheres to the Bible as its authority?
  19. Follow up comment about the removal of verse references in the New World Translation on line.
  20. A Bible Student is at a crossroads about the Heavenly hope.
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