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  • Beyond What the Eye Can See
  • Bringing Heaven Down - Training Our Perceptive Powers
  • Bringing Heaven Down – An Historic Overview
  • Bringing Heaven Down – An Open and Candid Discussion
  • The Christian Revelations of Heaven
  • Faith Sons and the Heavenly Hope
  • The Glorious Heavenly Hope
  • Heavenly Contemplations, Anticipations and Hopes
  • Heavenly Contemplations - Part II
  • Heavenly Contemplations - Part III - Unfolding the Universe
  • The Kingdom of the Heaven
  • The Plain and Open Teachings of Jesus
  • That One Must Keep on Increasing
  • What is God's Kingdom?
  • What the Hebrews Knew About Heaven

Questions from Readers

  1. Matthew 24:30-31: What does heaven’s extremities mean? Aren’t the elect on earth when this happens?
  2. If we all have the heavenly hope, to whom does the 144,000 pertain?
  3. Visitor does not understand that all Christians have the heavenly hope.
  4. Did you err in saying that ALL Christians have the heavenly hope?
  5. I still have doubts about whether there is only one hope for Christians.
  6. Chastised for helping another accept the heavenly hope.
  7. Visitor does not believe Daniel or John the Baptizer will be in heaven because they were not born again.
  8. Response to a visitor to rejects the heavenly hope.
  9. Visitor is unclear as to who inherits the earth
  10. Does man have a heavenly spirit / does man have an immortal soul?
  11. Wife unites with husband in the one true hope.
  12. A Bible Student is at a crossroads about the Heavenly hope.
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