jesus christ Art by Brent Borup
  • An Intimate Evening With Jesus
  • The Bride of Christ
  • Christ's Relation to the Individual
  • "Do Not Tell Anyone"
  • The Faith and Religion of Jesus
  • Jesus' Declaration of Spiritual Independence
  • Jesus in Our Midst
  • Keep Doing This in Remembrance of Me
  • Lastly He Sent His Son
  • The Legacy of Christ
  • Obeying God as Ruler
  • Our Most Holy and Sacred Night
  • Plain and Open Teachings of Jesus
  • Remembering What?
  • What Jesus Really Meant!
  • ​Who is Jesus Christ?
  • You Will Be Witnesses of Me

Questions from Readers

  1. What happened to Jesus at his baptism?
  2. Is the Society correct that Jesus returned in the 1918 era and that Jesus decided they were the only true Christians?
  3. Visitor challenges explanation of ransom in Part 4 - Who is Jesus Christ?
  4. Visitor challenges the honor and glory we give to Jesus.
  5. Emails from visitors regarding whether we are to worship Jesus.
  6. Visitor asked about the difference between giving obeisance and/or worship to Jesus.
  7. We worship the Father, but do we pray to Jesus or the Father?
  8. Do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in Jesus? (WT 5/1/14)
  9. Where does the Watchtower say that Jesus is the mediator only for 144,000?
  10. Visitor disagrees with our view of the Bride of Christ.
  11. How do I show my JW friend that JW’s are not in union with Christ?
  12. Did Jesus die on a cross and is it appropriate to wear a cross?
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