spiritual growth
  • Bringing Heaven Down - Heaven in the Home
  • Bringing Heaven Down - Training Our Perceptive Powers
  • Bringing Heaven Down - The Perfect Will of God
  • Choosing to Be Hot, Not Lukewarm
  • Expanding Our Spiritual Vision
  • How Do Bible Principles Benefit Us?
  • Jesus Declaration of Spiritual Independence
  • Moving Beyond the Primary Doctrine
  • The Mustard Seed
  • Pressing on to Maturity
  • Truth, Teaching Tools, and the Story of Jonah

Questions from Readers

  1. Can you explain how one is born of the spirit?
  2. Does the spirit bear witness the same way to all sons? And does it make it known to others?
  3. Does it take time for the holy spirit to convince us we are sons?
  4. Visitor does not agree that the Divine Spirit Fragment and the Spirit of Truth are the two witnesses that bear witness that we are sons of God, pursuant to Romans 8:16.
  5. What is the difference between the spirit of truth and holy spirit?
  6. Can you what “the spirit of slavery” is? (Romans 8:14)
  7. How are people or a person baptized with the Holy Spirit?
  8. In QR 5/12/15, are we promising freedom without moral restraint?
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